• Big River (9/23/03) Broadway
  • Bright Lights, Big City (6/22/06) Philadelphia, PA
  • Bernarda Alba (3/14/06) Off Broadway

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    Bernarda Alba (3/14/06) Off Broadway

    Phylicia Rashad , Daphne Rubin-Vega , Nikki M. James , Sally Murphy , Saundra Santiago , Yolande Bavan , Judith Blazer , Candy Buckley , Nancy Ticotin , Laura Shoop. Great Video. A
    Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (1982) Broadway 

    One steady shot, zooms in at times. Major dropouts during the two opening songs, then again during the beginning of Act II. Includes the reprise of "Texas Has a Whorehouse in It" and the longer version of "The Sidestep" which were not on the cast recording. Complete show. Suffers from generational loss. C

    Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (2000) US Tour
    Cast: Ann Margaret, Gary Sandy B
    The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (2006) Actors Fund Benefit

    Emily Skinner. Staged benefit reading. This is a tape of rehearsal, and the cast stops to fix things. A

    Betty Buckley – An evening at Carnegie Hall (1996)

    1996 concert plus special guest star Linzi Hateley,inlc. two songs from “Carrie”, running time over 2 hours. B

    Big (1996) Broadway

    Daniel Jenkins, Crista Moore, Jon Cypher. Shot from 3rd row of orchestra to the right, so weird angle, and lots of heads in the way. Spotlight washout, and generation loss. Sound is slightly muffled, but understandable. D
    Big: The Musical (1996) Broadway Press Reels

    Daniel Jenkins, Crista Moore, Jon Cypher, Patrick Levis . Pro Shot video of unedited press reels; runs about 85 minutes long; includes Broadway Beat Spotlight A

    Big: The Musical - The Making of Documentary

    Interviews w/composer, cast, and Susan Stroman. Taped off TV, not bad, has commercials. A

    Big: The Musical (7/2/2003) Springfield Muni Opera

    High Quality community/regional theatre production. Soundboard audio with inhouse camera. A

    Big River (9/23/03) Broadway

    Tyrone Giordano, Michael McElroy, Daniel Jenkins, Troy Kotsur, Lyle Kanouse, Gina Ferrall, Michael Arden. Kind of a shotty video, lots of blackouts, some age. B-
    Billy Elliot (4/28/2006) London

    Cast: Leon Cooke (Billy), Brad Kavanagh (Michael), Emma Hudson (Debbie), Haydn Gwynne (Mrs. Wilkinson), Philip Whitchurch (Dad), Chris Lennon (Tony), Ann Emery (Grandma), Paul Broughton (George), Alex Delamare (Mr. Braithwaite), Stephanie Putson (Billy's Mum). 20 minutes coverups at the beginning, good shooting starts at 'Solidarity' number; minor coverups throughout the recording not affecting anything. A

    Billy Elliott (11/2/06) London

    Matthew Koon (Billy) Great capture of the show. A

    Billy Elliot (10/18/08) Broadway

    David Alvarez, Haydn Gwynne, Gregory Jbara, Carole Shelley, Santino Fontana, Frank Dolce, Stephen Hanna, Joel Hatch, Leah Hocking. A-

    Billy Elliot (11/15/08) Broadway

    Trent Kowalik, Haydn Gwynne, Gregory Jbara, Carole Shelley, Santino Fontana, Frank Dolce, Stephen Hanna, Joel Hatch, Leah Hocking. A-

    Billy Elliot (2/14/2009) Broadway
    Cast: Kiril Kulish, David Bologna, Haydn Gwynne, Gregory Jbara, Carole Shelley, Leah Hocking, Grant Turner (Older Billy u/s) A-
    Blackbird (6/10/2007)MCCFinal Performance

    Jeff Daniels, Allison Pill. Slight camera problem, as the first 8 minutes go from color to black and white and back again, but it gets fixed and it ends up being a great quality video.  Includes scanned Playbill information.  Filmed at the closing night of the show at the Manhattan Theatre Club.   A-

    Blithe Spirit (2009) Broadway Revival

    Rupert Everett (Charles), Jayne Atkinson (Ruth), Christine Ebersole (Elvira), Angela Lansbury (Madame Arcati), Susan Louise O'Connor (Edith), Simon Jones (Dr. Bradman), Deborah Rush (Mrs. Bradman).   A-

    The Blonde In The Thunderbird, A One Woman Show (7/2005) Broadway

    Suzanne Somers
Suzanne Somers' one-woman Broadway show, The Blonde in the Thunderbird, a collection of stories about her life and career. The show was supposed to run for at least 3 months, but negative publicity and disappointing ticket sales caused an early closing. The show reportedly took in only $5,000.00 in ticket sales, and played for just 9 performances; professionally filmed for video, but never officially released. A

    Blood Brothers (1995) US Tour
    Cast: Petula Clark (Mrs Johnstone) David Cassidy (Mickey). B
    Blood Brothers (1999)

    Cast: Lyn Paul, Keith Burns, Mark Hutchinson. Not much info on this video. B

    Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson (10/31/10) Broadway

    Benjamin Walker, Kristine Nielson, James Barry, Darren Goldstein, Greg Hildreth, Jeff Hiller, Lucas Near-Verbrugghe, Cameron Ocasio, Bryce Pinkham, Nadia Quinn, Maria Elena Ramirez, Kate Cullen Roberts, Ben Steinfeld, Emily Young, great capture of this show, high energy rock show based on Andrew Jackson's life, A

    Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson (11/10/10) Broadway

    Benjamin Walker, Kristine Nielson, James Barry, Darren Goldstein, Greg Hildreth, Jeff Hiller, Lucas Near-Verbrugghe, Cameron Ocasio, Bryce Pinkham, Nadia Quinn, Maria Elena Ramirez, Kate Cullen Roberts, Ben Steinfeld, Emily Young, great capture of this show, high energy rock show based on Andrew Jackson's life, A

    Boeing-Boeing (4/19/2008) Broadway Revival
    Christine Baranski, Bradley Whitford, Mark Rylance, Gina Gershon, Mary McCormack Kathryn Hahn. Great Capture of the Revival. A
    Bombay Dreams (9/15/02) London

    Original Cast. Video of the London Production which I liked a lot better than the Bway production. Generation Loss but not sure there is anything better out there. B

    Bombay Dreams 
(10/6/02) London, Apollo Victoria Theatre

    Digital video. A few head obstructions and mostly shot between two heads but full of zooms and great close-ups from the dress circle (mezzanine). A-

    Bombay Dreams (4/19/04) Broadway

    Manu Narayan, Madhur Jaffrey, Sriram Ganesan, Tanvir Gopal, Deep Katdare, Anisha Nagarajan, Ayesha Dharker Good quality video but because of battery problems, the taper only taped the musical numbers and the video ends during “Wedding Quawali”, nice otherwise;  Masters copy had battery die, so no end of show. B-

    Bonnie and Clyde (11/14/09) La Jolla, CA
    Starring: Laura Osnes, Stark Sands, Melissa van der Schyff, Claybourne Elder, Chris Peluso, Wayne Duvall, Mare Winningham, Michael Mulligan, Michael Lanning
    A very nice capture of this new show. This was only the fifth preview, so the show is sure to change in the future. The first couple minutes of each act are blacked out while everyone got settled, and then there's a couple very short blackouts throughout the show, but those are less than 30 seconds each. There's a little washout in some of the wide shots, and there's one head on the left that blocks the actors' legs occasionally. A
    Bonnie & Clyde (11/9/11) Broadway

    Laura Osnes, Jeremy Jordan, Claybourne Elder, Melissa Van Der Schyff, Louis Hobson, Joe Hart, Talon Ackerman, Leslie Becker, Mimi Bessette, Alison Cimmet, Daniel Cooney, Jon Fletcher, Kelsey Fowler, Victor Hernandez, Michael Lanning, Garrett Long, Matt Lutz, Marissa McGowan, Tad Wilson. Excellent quality and amazing show! A

    Boobs the Musical (2004) Off-Broadway

    A revue of numbers by Ruth Wallis who in an earlier era devised dirty ditties like "The Dinghy Song" and "Johny's Got a Yo-Yo" The raunchier the song gets, the more amusing things become. Mostly full stage with some washout, but great otherwise. A-

    The Book of Mormon (3/1/11) Broadway Preview

    Josh Gad (Elder Cunningham), Andrew Rannelss (Elder Price) Rory O’Malley (Elder McKinley), Michael Potts (Mafala Hatimbi), Nikki M James (Nablungi), Scott Barnhardt, Justin Bohon, Graham Bowen, Ta’Rea Campbell, Darlesia Cearcy, Lewis Cleale, Kevin Duda, Jared Gertner, Asmeret Ghebremichael, Tyson Jennett, Clark Johnsen, Mala Nkenge Wilson, John Eric Parker, Benjamin Schrader, Michael James Scott, Brian Sears, Jason Michael Snow, Lawrence Stallings, Brian Tyree Henry, Rema Webb, Tommar Wilson

    The Book of Mormon (3/7/11) Broadway

    Josh Gad, Andrew Rannells, Nikki M. James, Rory O'Malley, Michael Potts, Lewis Cleale. Excellent quality, some camera wandering at first, but once things settle down, an excellent capture. A

    Bounce (2003) Chicago   

    Howard McGillin, Richard Kind, Michelle Pawk. Chicago production of Sondheim musical. Not too bad. A- 

    Boy from Oz (9/21/03) Broadway

    Hugh Jackman, Stephanie J. Block, Beth Fowler, Isabel Keating, Jarrod Emick

    Audio is slightly fuzzy, but is barely noticeable most of the time.  Wonderful video of this wonderful show. A-
    Boy From Oz (10/6/03) Broadway Opening Night

    Hugh Jackman (Peter Allen), Stephanie J. Block (Liza Minnelli) , Jarrod Emick (Greg Connell), Mithcell David Federan (Young Peter), Beth Fowler (Peter’s Mom), Isabel Keating (Judy Garland). Great filming, clear close ups and color. Hugh and cast are at their peak. Some brief and sporadic blockage and ends before Curtain Call. A-

    The Boys in the Photograph
(2008) Winnipeg, Canada
- Press Reels

    Tony Le Page, Erica Peck, Richard McMillan, Kathryn Ballantine, Matthew Bradley, Caleb Cosman, Tracy Dawson, Tom Delbello, Kelly Fletcher, Jacquelyn French, Jeff Giles, Richard Harte, Allie Hughes, David Hurwitz, Joanna Keats, Cody Scott Lancaster, Brandon McGibbon, Adrienne Merrell, Shawn Meunier, Matt Murray, Carson Nattrass, Laura Olafson,Ange Pagano, Kristen Peace, Justin Stadnyk
Pro-shot press reels, highlights only. Formerly known as The Beautiful Game. A

    The Boyfriend (2006) US Tour

    Jessica Grove, Nancy Hass, Bethe Austin, Paul Carlin, Andrea Chamberlain, Sean Palmer. Directed by Broadway legend, Julie Andrews. Recorded through the house camera, so it's a stationary, full-stage shot. Amazing clarity with some minor spotlight washout. Wonderful show. A-

    Boys from Syracuse (8/3/02) BroadwayRevival

    Jackee Harry, Tom Hewitt, Lauren Mitchell, Chip Zien. Great Capture. A-

    Bright Lights, Big City (6/22/06) Philadelphia, PA

    Jeremy Kushnier (Jamie), Andy Karl (Tad), Orfeh (Clara). The first production of the new version of the script. Good Video with close-ups. Some little tape glitches, but still completely watchable. A-
    Bring Back Birdie (1981) Broadway

    Donald O'Connor, Chita Rivera, Maria Karnilova, Marcel Forestieri, Maurice Hines, Robin Morse. Camcorder video. Surprisingly good for its age. B

    Bring it On (12/4/11) Nathional Tour, LA

    PreBroadway, Taylor Louderman, Adrienne Warren, Jason Gotay, Elle McLemore, Ryann Redmond, Adriana DeBose, Gregory Haney, Neil Haskell, Janet Krupin, Kate Rockwell, Nicolas Womack. From the National Tour that would eventually lead to a run on Broadway. An excellent capture of this new musical that was surprisingly a great time. A

    Broadway Bares 11: A Strip Odyssey (6/17/01) New York

    Idina Menzel, Julia Murney, Alice Ripley, Tom Hewitt, Emily Skinner, Charles Busch, Michele Lee, Greg Butler, Daphne Rubin-Vega. Pro Shot. A

    Broadway Bares 12: A Comic Strip (2002) New York

    Pro-Shot A-

    Broadway Bares 14: Now Showing! (2004)  

    Aliane Baquerot, Laura Bell Bundy, Patrick Cassidy, Jennifer Cody, Mikala Frietas, Katy Grenfell, Gregg Goodbrod, Denis Jones, Jai Rodriguez, Christopher Sieber, John Tartaglia

    Broadway Bares 15: Doctor’s Orders (2005)

    Pro-Shot A

    Broadway Bares 18: Wonderland (2008)
    Mary Birdsong, Tituss Burgess, Christopher Sieber, Matthew Morrison, Tyler Maynard, Jennifer Cody, Nathan Lane, Andrea Martin. Pro Shot. A
    Broadway Bares 19: Click It! (6/21/09)

    Starring: Sutton Foster, Allison Janney, Kevin Chamberlin, Norm Lewis, Mo Rocca, Whitney Thompson, and Michael Urie. Internet themed show, including skits inspired by email, recipes, shopping, gambling, dating, crashing computers, YouTube, and much more.  Pro Shot A
    Broadway Bares 20: Strip-opoly (6/20/10)
    Nick Adams, Kevin Burrows, Charles Busch, Kevin Chamberlin, Kristin Chenoweth, Jennifer Cody, Alan Cumming, Diana DeGarmo, Lea DeLaria, Felicia Finley, Katie Finneran, Barrett Foa, Debbie Gravitte, Julie Halston, Jackie Hoffman, Denis Jones, Jane Krakowski, Sebastian LaCause, Reichen Lehmkuhl, Norm Lewis, Lucy Liu, Julia Murney, Christopher Sieber, Rachelle Rak, Andrew Rannells, Bruce Vilanch, Lillias White. Vanessa Williams. Pro Shot A
    Brooklyn (6/26/05) Final Broadway Performance.

    Eden Espinosa, Ramona Keller, Lee Morgan, Karen Olivia. Great performance, good capture. A-

    Brooklyn (6/13/06) Tour St. Paul

    Great filming, lots of close ups A

    Bug (3/6/04) Off-Broadway

    Reed Birney, Michael Cullen, Shannon Cochran, Amy Landecker, Michael Shannon. Not a bad video at all. A-

    By Jeeves (2001) Goodspeed Opera House

    John Scherer, Martin Jarvis, Donna Lynne Champlin, Heath Lamberts, Don Stephenson - pro-shot for TV. A

    By Jeeves (10/19/2001) Broadway

    John Scherer, Martin Jarvis, Donna Lynne Champlin, Don Stephenson, James Kall, Becky Watson. not the pro shot commercially released video; the cast and action slightly differ from official video version. A

    Bye Bye Birdie
(7/2008) North Shore Music Theatre, Beverly, MA

    Bianca Marroquin, James Patterson,Ari Butler, Madeleine Doherty, Mary-Pat Green, Alessa Neeck, Robert Saoud, Adam Piispanen, Edward M. Barker, Jeremy Benton, Joe Bowerman, Shavanna Calder, Elizabeth Clinard, Gina Duci, AJ Hughes, Laura Irion, Andy Jones, Charlie Logan, Paul Miller, Peter Mills, Mara Newbery, Ellen Peterson, Scott P. Sambuco, Dawn C.Tucker, Kirstin Tucker
Performed in the round; recorded during dress rehearsal with no audience; pro shot, nice video A

    Bye Bye Birdie (9/16/09) Broadway, Revival

    John Stamos, Gina Gershon, Dee Hoty, Bill Irwin, Jayne Houdyshell, Nolan Gerard Funk, Allie Trimm.    A

    Cabaret (1987) Broadway

    Joel Grey, Alyson Reed. Not a bad video for its age. Joel Grey is wonderful. B

    Cabaret (1993) London, Donmar Warehouse

    Alan Cummings (Emcee), Jane Horrocks (Sally Bowles), Adam Godley (Clifford Bradshow), Michael Gardiner (Ernst Ludwig), Sara Kestelman (Fraulein Schneider), George Raistrick (Herr Schultz). Pro-shot for TV. Good vid. A

    Cabaret (1996) NSMT

    Pro-shot archival tape. Great production in the round. A

    Cabaret (3/29/03) Broadway

    Neil Patrick Harris, Deborah Gibson. Not a bad video. A-

    Cabaret (1/4/04) Broadway

    Adam Pascal. Final Performance of the Show. Shot from 1st balcony it seems, some heads in the way at some points seems like only for the first ten minutes. Camera doesn't move around much. B

    Camelot (1982) Broadway

    Richard Harris. Pro-shot from HBO. A

    Camelot (5/8/07) US Nat'l tour, Philly

    Michael York, Rachel York, James Barbour, Daniel Guzman, Eric Anderson, Robert J. Townsend, beautiful production, very nicely filmed and crystal clear, a little shake for the first minute or two then the filmer settles down for an amazing video. A-

    Candide (1982) New York City Opera
    PBS Proshot. A-
    Candide (1997) Broadway Revival
    Jim Dale, Andrea Martin, Brent Barrett, Jason Danieley, Stacey Logan, Glenda Balkan.  Good picture and sound, nice zooms, follows the action well. Has some skips in the second act, not peferct. B-
    The Capeman (1998) Broadway
    Ruben Blades, Marc Anthony, Ednita Nazario. Paul Simon’s short-lived Broadway musical. The sound is great, but there is no zooming and there is some generation loss. Great music, great cast. A-
    Captain EO – A Musical Adventure. Disney Parks Attraction Video

    Starring the late Michael Jackson and Anjelica Houston, this 17-minute musical adventure as directed by Francis Ford Coppola, executive-produced by George Lucas and choreographed by Jeffrey Hornaday was a major attraction at Disneyland for 8 years. The attraction returned to the Disney theme parks in 2010. This DVD contains both Widescreen and Pan/Scan versions (the latter is of a much higher quality) as well as 'the Making Of'.

    Carnival (2/8/02) Encores

    Brian Stokes Mitchell, Douglas Sills, Anna Hathaway, Debbie Gravitt. Good picture, good video. B

    Carol and Chita (July 1998) North Shore Music Theatre Beverly, MA

    A North Shore Music Theater presentation of a musical revue in two acts starring Carol Channing and Chita Rivera. Each of these show-business legends does her own Vegas /summer-circuit act, appearing in alphabetical order. Performed "in-theround." The first act belongs to Carol, the second act is all Chita's. Channing's credits: musical director, Robert Wendel; choreography, Honi Coles; costumes, Bob Mackie. Rivera's credits: writer-director, Fred Ebb; musical director, Greg Dlugos; choreography, Chris Chadman,Wayne Cilento, Ron Field, Lisa Mordente, Chet Walker. Chita's Boys: Richard Amaro, Lloyd Culbreath, and Richard Montya. Filmed using multiple cameras with sound patched directly into the cameras from the soundboard. Has counter numbers on the bottom of the screen. A

    Caroline or Change (7/24/2004) Broadway
    Tonya Pinkins, Anika Noni Rose, Veanne Cox, Chandra Wilson, Chuck Cooper, Larry Keith, Alice Playten. Beautiful video; nice zooms and closeups and excellent sound; 1st generation from the master. A

    Carousel (1994)  Broadway Revival

    Audra McDonald. An Older video, some tracking issues. A-

    Carousel (2002) Carnegie Hall Concert

    Hugh Jackman, Audra McDonald. Some Generation Loss B

    Carrie the Musical (1988) Stratford England

    Original Cast. Full show from Stratford (thank god for the person who found this!!) Archival video of show, great view for age! A-

    Carrie the Musical (5/15/88) Broadway

    Press Reels, Some News Reviews, First act from Balcony of Last Performance B

    Carrie the Musical (1999) Stage door Manor

    Energetic Cast. Only group officially allowed to perform the show since it closed on Bway. Proshot. A-

    Carrie the Musical Emerson College

    Nicely filmed using one camera in the back of the house.  Some slight generational loss. Sound sometimes fades out. B

    Carrie (2/4/12) Off Broadway
    Marin Mazzie, Molly Ranson, Christy Altomare, Carmen Cusack, Jenanna De Waal, Derek Klena, Ben Thompson. Great capture of this beautifully retooled revival. The performances were astonishing and the whole cast was senstational. Marin and Molly are pure perfection! The campiness has been removed from the show and there is such a sad and powerful story that remains. A-
    Casper, The Musical (2000) Pittsburg

    Pittsburg Civic Light Opera World Premiere. Running time is 1:45 and looks like the entire show. Chita Rivera, Paul Tiesler, LaParee Young, Jamie Torcellini, and Tim Hartman. B

    Catch Me If You Can (8/15/09) 5th Avenue Theatre, Seattle

    Pre-Broadway Tryout: Aaron Tveit (Frank Abagnale, Jr.), Norbert Leo Butz (Carl Hanratty), Tom Wopat (Frank Abagnale, Sr.), Rachel de Benedet (Paula Abagnale), Felicia Finley (Cheryl Ann), Kerry Butler (Brenda Strong), Linda Hart (Carol Strong), Nick Wyman (Roger Strong), Timothy McCuen Piggee (FBI Agent Bill Cod, Railroad Agent, Bartender), Clarke Thorell (FBI Agent Todd Branton), Brandon Wardell (FBI Agent Johnny Dollar), Romelda Teron Benjamin (Stewardess, Next Available Teller, Pediatrics Nurse), Matt Wolfe (Jack Barnes, Hotel Clerk, Hotel Manager, Tailor, Motel Manager, Dr. Griffith, Bartender), Nick Wyman (Family Court Judge, Frank Taylor, Bank Officer, Mr. Collins), Angie Schworer (Pan Am Stewardess, Starlet #2, Apartment Manager), Jason Kappus (Pan Am Pilot, Dr. Slaughter), Shanna Marie Palmer (Lou Anne, Flight Attendant), Taryn Darr (Third Teller, Starlet #1), Karl Warden (Auctioneer, Dr. Feldman), Jillana Laufer (Starlet #3), Ensemble: Mo Brady, Anastacia McClesky, Kyle Vaughn

    Catch Me If You Can
(4/27/11) Broadway

    Aaron Tveit, Norbert Leo Butz, Tom Wopat, Kerry Butler, Joe Cassidy, Rachel deBenedit, Linda Hart, Timothy McCuen Piggee, Brandon Wardell, Nick Wyman, Alex Ellis, Jennifer Frankel, Lisa Gajda, Bob Gaynor, Kearran Giovanni, Grasan Kingsberry, Michael X. Martin, Aleks Pevec, Rachelle Rak, Joe Aaron Reid, Angie Schworer, Sabrina Sloan, Sarrah Strimel, Charlie Sutton, Katie Webber, Candice Marie Woods
A very brief blackout due to latecomers. Disc also includes around 100 minutes of interviews, B-Roll, behind the scenes, etc. Great video with nice picture and clear sound A

    A Catered Affair (3/26/08) Broadway
    Faith Prince, Harvey Fierstein, Leslie Kritzer, Tom Wopat, Matt Cavenaugh, Heather Mac Rae, Kristine Zbornik, Lori Wilner, Philip Hoffman, Katie Klaus. First 2 minutes are dark due to late seaters and a bar at the bottom of the screen when the action takes place all the way downstage; good close ups and sound A-
    Chess (1988) Broadway

    Judy Kuhn, David Carroll. Shot from the right side of the house. Clear picture but dark video. Great audio. shaky first 2min, outstanding overall. B

    Chess (1990) National Tour

    Carolee Carmello (Florence), Stephen Bogardus (Freddie), John Herrera (Anatoly), Ken Ard (Arbiter), David Hurst (Molokov), Gregory Jbara (Walter), Barbara Walsh (Svetlana). Not a lot else on this DVD, some generation loss. B-

    Chess (2001) Nyack, NY

    Concert version. Brian D'Arcy James, Lauren Kennedy, Rob Evan, Norm Lewis, Julia Murney. Great performances. B

    Chess (9/22/03) Actor's Fund BCEFA Concert Broadway

    Julia Murney, Adam Pascal, Josh Groban, Raul Esparza, Norm Lewis, Sutton Foster, Jonathan Dokuchitz. BCEFA Pro video of the Actors' Fund Benefit Concert at the New Amsterdam Theatre.

    Amsterdam Amsterdam - Niderlandiya poy-taxti. Amstel daryosining quyilish yeri-da joylashgan. A. mamlakatning muhim iqtisodiy markazi, aholisi soniga ko‘ra eng katta shahri, yirik dengiz porti (yuk oboroti 20 mln.t. dan ortiq)

      Lighting is a little dark; sound is shaky in some scenes. Mostly great. Pro-Shot.  A

    Chess (2009) PBS Concert, Royal Albert Hall
    PBS Concert Series with Idina Menzel, Adam Pascal, and Josh Groban.  Proshot. A
    Chicago (1978) Broadway Tour

    One of the only copies of the Bob Fosse staging instead of the concert presentation. Amazing cast. Very grainy from generation loss. Sound is great! C

    Chicago (1995) Broadway

    Anne Reinking, Bebe Neuwirth, Joel Grey and Original Revival Cast. Pro Shot w/Time Code - Press Reels and Whole Show. B

    Chicago (9/8/02) Broadway
    Amy Spanger, Stephanie Pope, Michael C. Hall, Roz Ryan. Shot from front row mezzanine; no obstructions at all, very clear with lots of closeups. One of the better Chicago’s I’ve seen. A
    Chicago (8/14/03) London

    Ruthie Henshall (Velma Kelly), Linzi Hatley (Roxie Hart), Rolf Saxon (Billy Flynn), Norman Pace (Amos Hart), Zee Asha (Mama), shot through heads. Ruthie and Linzi are an incredible pair.

    Chicago (11.23.05) Chicago, IL, Tour

    Paige Davis (Roxie Hart), Brenda Braxton (Velma Kelly), Tom Wopat (Billy Flynn), Carol Woods (Mama Morton), Kevin Carolan (Amos Hart). Amazing close-ups with very few obstructions and only short bouts of shakiness.  There are occasional blackouts so person filming can applaud. A

    Children of Eden (10/1998) North Shore Music Theatre

    Stephanie Mills, Adrien Zmed in COE. Press Reels, but over 45mins of footage of each show. Pro Shot. A

    Children of Eden (1999) Music Theatre of Wichita

    Nicholas F Saverine, Nedra Dixon, Seth Swoboda. Another amazing, professional production of The Music Theatre of Wichita. Includes footage shot backstage during a performance. Very well filmed using a tripod and soundboard. A

    Children Of Eden, In Concert (12/1/2003) Riverside Church, New York

    Jai Rodriguez, Darius de Haas, Norm Lewis, John Tartaglia, Kate Shindle, Jonathan Dokuchitz, Julia Murney. Very nicely filmed from a tripod. Jai sings "A World Without You" which was cut from the original score. Sound is a little low however.

    Chita Rivera – The Dancer’s Life (1/25/2006) Broadway

    with Special Guest Star Dick van Dyke. Great recording. A

    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (2002) London

    Michael Ball and OLC. Not a bad capture, from the side. B

    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (4/16/05) Broadway

    Raul Esparza, Philip Bosco, Erin Dilly, Chip Zien.  Filmed during previews.  Excellent video, shot from the balcony. A

    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, The Making of Pro Shot

    The Making of video that was make for the London Production. Interesting. A

    Cinderella (12/2000) Us Tour, Miami

    Deborah Gibson, Eartha Kitt, Paolo Montalban, Everett Quinton, Natasha Yvette Williams, Alexandra Kolb. Nicely shot. Picture is clear, colors are nice, sound is good. A-
    Cinderella (11/2004) Lincoln Center
    Dick Van Patten, Renee Taylor, Christopher Sieber, Eartha Kitt, Lypsinka, Lea DeLaria, Ana Gastayer, Sara Uriarte Berry. A-
    Cinderella (11/12/05) Papermill Playhouse
    Angela Gaylor, Paolo Montalban, Jen Cody, Janelle Anne Robinson, Nora Mae Lyng, Joy Franz, Larry Keith, Stanley Wayne Mathis
    The Civil War (2/25/2000) Palace Theatre, Chicago IL

    National Tour. Some generation loss, but you can get the gist of it. Some close ups. B

    Clue (9/00) Honeywell Foundation

    Carter, Melissa Tucker, Michelle Carter Pro-shot; great picture and sound; once in a while you can see some digital pixilation, but not bad; cuts out twice during Mrs. White's number. A-

    Cold as Ice (6/17/07) Gateway Playhouse

    Oksana Baiul, Stcie Bono, Dennis Kenney, Elizabeth Daniels, Steven Douglas Stewart, Tina Johnson. Musical about figure skating done on an ice rink. Intresteing show. Prot Shot. A

    The Color Purple (3/28/06) Broadway

    LaChanze, Felicia Fields, Elisabeth Withers-Mendes, Kingsley Leggs, Darlesia Cearcy, Krisha Marcano, Brandon Dixon. Beautiful capture of this show, crystal clear picture and sound. There is a 10 minute blackout towards the end of the first song thru Celie giving birth and Nista taking away the baby...like i said its 10 minutes of blackness, due to an out of control usher. Copy from the Master. A

    The Color Purple (4/17/07) Broadway

    Fantastia, Elisabeth Withers-Mendes, J.C. Montgomer, NaTasha Yvette Williams, Chaz Lamar Sheperd, Darlesia Cearcy, Krisha Marcano.  This replacement cast actually got reviewed better than the original cast.  Unfortunately at least 50% of this video is blacked out.  What is actually captured is pretty good though. B-

    The Color Purple (4/22/07) National Tour, Chicago

    Jeannette Bayardelle, Michelle Williams, LaToya London, Rufus Bonds, Jr., Stu James, Felicia Fields, Stephanie St. James, very nicely filmed and crystal clear. A

    The Color Purple (10/17/07) Broadway
    Montego Glover (u/s Celie), Elisabeth Withers-Mendes, Alton Fitzgerald White, Natasha Yvette Williams, Chaz Lamar Shepherd, Darlesia Cearcy, Latrisa A. Coleman (u/s Squeak). B
    Company (6/16/02) Kennedy Center, Sondheim Celebration

    John Barrowman, Alice Ripley, Emily Skinner, Matt Bogart, Lynn Redgrave & Walter Charles. Some Washout but great close ups. B

    Company (11/14/06) Broadway Revival

    Raul Esparza, Barbara Walsh and 2006 Revival cast. Crystal clear picture, great DVD. A

    Company (7/1/2007) Final Revival Performance
    Raul Esparza, Barbara Walsh, Keith Buterbaugh, Matt Castle, Robert Cunningham, Angel Desai, Kelly Jeanne Grant, Kristin Huffman, Amy Justman, Heather Laws, Leenya Rideout, Fred Rose, Bruce Sabath, Elizabeth Stanley. Includes speeches. A
    Company (PRO-SHOT PBS Official Release \ 2007)
    Raúl Esparza, Elizabeth Stanley, Barbara Walsh, Heather Laws, Keith Buterbaugh, Kelly Jeane Grant, Angel Desai, Matt Castle, Amy Justman, Fred Rose, Leenya Rideout, Kristin Huffman, Robert Cunnigman, Bruce Sabath. A
    The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (ABRIDGED) (2000)

    Pro-shot for commercial DVD release - Adam Long, Reed Martin A

    Contact (2002) Broadway

    Version Filmed for PBS, taped off TV. Pro-shot and not bad. A-

    Copacabana Florida, US Tour  

    Franc D’Ambrosio, Darcie Roberts, Philip Hernandez. Some crazy filming but can see most of the show. Clear at least. B

    Copperfield (4/81) Broadway
    RARE! Brian Matthews (Adult David), Evan Richards (Young David), George S. Irving (Mr. Micawber), Christian Slater (Billy Mowcher), Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio (Dora Spenlow). Based on the 1850 novel David Copperfield by Charles Dickens. Broadway flop with just 39 performances. Missing the first scene and song, as well as an occasional minute here and there in Act 1, Act 2 is complete. Well filmed, but some generational loss. The disc also includes about 5 minutes of TV reviews. B
    Coram Boy (5/26/07) Broadway

    Original Broadway Cast. Great Video and performance. A

    The Cradle Will Rock (1985) PBS

    Patti Lupone Pro-shot for PBS. Good picture (though slightly fuzzy)…near perfect audio a few buzzes in the very beginning. A

    Crazy For You (1999) Papermill Playhouse

    Jim Walton, Stacey Logan, Jane Connell, Bruce Adler, Larry Linville. Version filmed for PBS. Pro shot. A

    The Crucible (Act 1: 2/22/02 & Act 2: 2/27/02) Broadway
    Liam Neeson, Laura Linney, Angela Bettis, Brian Murray, John Benjamin Hickey, Christopher Evan Welch, Tom Aldredge, Stephen Lee Anderson, Kristen Bell, Laura Breckenridge, Jennifer Carpenter, Betsy Hogg, J.R. Horne, Patrice Johnson
    Digitally shot from the mezzanine, no heads.
    Cry Baby (3/15/2008) - Broadway, First Preview
    James Snyder (Cry Baby), Elizabeth Stanley (Allison), Harriet Harris (Mrs. Vernon Williams), Chester Gregory III (Dupree), Christopher J. Hanke (Baldwin), Alli Mauzey (Lenora), Courtney Balan (Mona), Tory Ross (Pepper u/s), Lacey Kohl (Wanda), Richard Poe (Judge Stone). Great Video. A
    Cry Baby (6/22/08) Broadway
    James Snyder, Elizabeth Stanley, Harriet Harris, Dwayne Clark, Christopher J. Hanke, Ali Mauzey, Carly Jibson, Lacey Kohl, Richard Poe and Tory Ross . Cast was on FIRE for their final B'way performance, wonderful video that includes bows, cast and producers hugging after the show, Final Show A
    Curtains (9/8/2006) Los Angeles

    David Hyde Pierce, Debra Monk, Karen Ziemba, Jason Danieley, Jill Paice, Noah Racey, Megan Sikora A bit shaky at times but still quite watchable. About 20 minutes of non-essential dialogue cut so not a complete show video but all of the musical numbers included in full. A fidgety woman seated in front blocks the picture occasionally, but only for a few seconds. Occasional spotlight washout, but nothing extreme. No curtain calls A-

    Curtains (3/27/07) Broadway

    David Hyde Pierce, Jill Paice, Debra Monk, Karen Ziemba, Jason Daniely, Edward Hibbert, nicely filmed.  An occasional head appears at the bottom of the screen.  Crystal clear, some minor spotlight washout in wide shots, DVD has opening menu, scanned playbill info. and production photos, A-

    Damn Yankes (5/11/08) Encores at City Center

    Sean Hayes (Applegate), Jane Krakowski (Lola), Cheyenne Jackson (Joe Hardy), Ana Gasteyer (Gloria Thorpe) Randy Graff (Meg Boyd), Veanne Cox (Sister Miller), Michael Mulheren (Benny Van Bure) P.J. Benjamin (Joe Boyd). Opening night performance, great quality and crystal clear. A

    Dance of the Vampires (1/24/03) Broadway

    Michael Crawford, Rene Auberjonois,Mandy Gonzalez, Max von Essen, Leah Hocking, Ron Orbach, Liz McCartney, Mark Price, Asa Somers. Great picture and sound. A little spotlight washout on the wide shots…but great. (2 DVDs) A

    Death of a Salesman (11/19/99) Broadway

    Brian Dennehy, Elizabeth Franz, Ron Eldard, Ted Koch, Howard Witt Pro-shot for tv. Decent picture, good sound. A-

    Death Takes a Holiday (8/2/2011) Laura Pels Theatre, Off Broadway
    Linda Balgord (Contessa Di San Danielli), Matt Cavenaugh (Major Eric Fenton), Mara Davi (Alice Lamberti), Joy Hermalyn (Corrado Montelli), Jay Jaski (Lorenzo), Simon Jones (Dr. Dario Albioni), Rebecca Luker (Duchess Stephanie Lamberti), Patricia Noonan (Sophia), Jill Paice (Grazia Lamberti), Max Von Essen (Corrado Montelli)
    Julian Ovenden's last show (he performed in the first scene after which the show was stopped and an announcement was made that his understudy Kevin Earley would resume the role in a moment); disc also includes cast/creative interviews, reviews and opening night footage. Good video A
    Debbie Does Dallas (11/6/02) Off Bway

    Sherie Rene Scott, Mary Catherine Garrison, Caitlin Miller, Tricia Paoluccio, Jama Williamson, Paul Fitzgerald, Del Pentecost. Shot from the front row…so a weird angle…but GREAT picture. The sound cuts in and out some for the first half…but you can still follow it easily. A-

    Der Glockner Von Notre Dame (Disney’s Hunchback Musical) (2/14/99) Germany

    German production of the Stage production of the Disney movie. Some generation loss but a beautiful piece. B

    Der Glockner Von Notre Dame (Disney’s Hunchback Musical) (2003) Germany

    Aaron Paul (Quasimodo), Norbert Lamla (Frollo), Chirs Murray (Clopin), Ann Christin Elverum (Esmeralda), Brad Spencer (Phoebus), Jeff Shankley (Antoine), Martina Pettersson (Loni), Wolfgang de Marco (Charies), Reinhard Schulze (Archdeacon). PROSHOT Professionally filmed in 16:9 format with several cameras. Soundboard-Audio! ONLY first act! A
    Dessa Rose (5/20/2005) Off Broadway- Lincoln Center

    La Chanze, Rachel York, Kenita R. Miller, Michael Hayden, Norm Lewis, Rebecca Eichenberger. Great video. A

    Deuce (5/5/07) Broadway

    Angela Lansbury, Marian Seldes. Angela Lansbury returns to the Broadway stage for the first time in almost 25 years! Ms. Lansbury stars opposite the sensational Marian Seldes in DEUCE, a new play by four-time Tony winner Terrence McNally, directed by two-time Tony winner Michael Blakemore.

    Dirty Dancing (11/7/2006) London

    Georgina Rich, Josef Brown, David Rintoul, Rae Baker, Isabella Calthorpe, Nadia Coote, Issy van Randwyck. Crystal clear picture and sound. A

    Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (2/26/2005) Broadway
    OBC. John Lithgow, Norbert Leo Butz, Joanna Gleason, Gregory Jbara, Sara Gettelfinger , Sherie René Scott. Great Video! A
    Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (7/26/06) Broadway

    Keith Carradine, Brian d'Arcy James, Julie Connors as (u/s) Christine, Lucie Arnaz, Dennis Parlato as (u/s) Andre, Sara Gettelfinger. Great video, very clear. Follows action well. A

    Disneyland: Animazement (2003) California
    2003 Disneyland Resort: Eden Espinosa as Ariel.
    2003 Disneyland Resort: Eden Espinosa as Pocohantas.
    Disney World Mix (2007) Orlando Florida

    DVD includes...

    "Finding Nemo: The Musical"

    a much-hyped musical by Avenue Q. co-creator Robert Lopez


    Epcot's nightly stunning fireworks show


    MGM's spectacular water and fireworks show with Mickey and the villains

    "The Festival of the Lion King"

    Animal Kingdom's tribute to the film with soulful singers and specialty acts

    "High School Musical"

    MGM's pep rally featuring all the hit songs from the movie

    "The Voyage of the Little Mermaid"

    A dated and cheezy tribute.  (The camera drops once during the rainfall on the audience.)

    A fun dvd, and beautifully captured (minus some blurriness here and there from the outdoor lights).  A
    The Distance from Here (4/04) Off-Broadway

    Anna Paquin, Josh Charles, Melissa Leo, Mark Webber. Great Video. A

    Dog Sees God (1/18/06) Off Bway

    Eliza Dushku, Karen DiConcetto (u/s), America Ferrera, Ari Graynor, Logan Marshall-Green, Keith Nobbs, Ian Somerhalder, Eddie Kaye Thomas  Very nicely filmed.  Shaky to start then greatly improves.  A

    A Doll’s Life (1982) Broadway

    George Hearn, Betsy Joslyn, Peter Gallagher. Picture is fuzzy from generational loss, but pretty good still. Very colorful for its age. The sound is good in Act One, and still audible in Act Two, though a bit quieter. B
    Doubt (11/20/04) New York
    Cherry Jones, Brian F. O'Byrne, Heather Goldenhersh, Adrianne Lenox. Very Nice Filming, great performances. A
    Dr. Dolittle (7/22/06) Chicago, IL Tour

    Tommy Tune, Dee Hoty, Allan Mangaser, Sandi DeGeorge, Aaron Burr, Joel Blum, Jessica Wu, Matthew Crowie. This was filmed during the last stop of the US National Tour in Chicago. Beautifully shot, occasional heads in the bottom of the shot. A

    Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (8/96) North Shore Music Theatre

    Michael X. Martin. Pro shot Archival tape of regional production. Different than the Wildhorn version from Broadway. A-

    Dracula (10/20/01) La Jolla California

    Frank Wildhorm Musical. Tom Hewitt (Dracula), Jenn Morse (Mina) Tom Stuart (Harker), Tom Flynn (Van Helsing), Amy Rutburg (Lucy), Chris Hoch (Arthur Homwood) B

    Dracula (9/03/04) Broadway

    Tom Hewitt, Melissa Errico, Darren Ritchie, Kelly O'Hara, Stephen McKinley Henderson. Good Video A

    Dreamgirls (1981) Broadway

    Sheryl Lee Ralph, Jennifer Holliday, Ben Harney, Cleavant Derricks, Obba Babatunde Some short blackouts and some heads blocking sometimes, but surprisingly good for its age. Great sound. B

    Dreamgirls Actor’s Fund Concert Rehearsal (9/24/01) Broadway
    Lillias White, Audra McDonald, Heather Headley, Darius de Haas, Norm Lewis
    One night only Actors’ Fund Benefit Concert, Ford Center for the Performing Arts. Rehearsal Tape with Rehearsal Extras. A
    Dreamgirls Actor’s Fund Concert (9/24/01) Braodway   

    Lillias White, Audra McDonald, Heather Headley, Norm Lewis, Billy Porter, Darius DeHaas. Pro-shot performance. Great concert. A

    Dreamgirls (2004) Tour

    Frenchie Davis (Effie), Ramona Keller. Pro-Shot. Great Video. A

    Dreamgirls (4/29/10) US Tour, Orange County, CA

    Cast: Moya Angela (Effie White), Syesha Mercado (Deena Jones), Chaz Lamar Shepherd (Curtis Taylor Jr.), Chester Gregory (James Thunder Early), Adrienne Warren (Lorrell Robinson), Trevon Davis (CC White), Margaret Hoffman (Michelle Morris), Milton Craig Nealy (Marty). Great Capure A

    The Drowsy Chaperone Los Angeles, Pre-Bway
    Ahmanson Theatre, Press Reels. Rare/Very Interesting – Sutton is performing in a arm cast. A
    The Drowsy Chaperone (4/3/06; first preview) Broadway
    Cast: Bob Martin, Sutton Foster, Beth Leavel, Danny Burstein, Georgia Engel, Edward Hibbert, Troy Britton Johnson, Eddie Korbich, Garth Kravits, Jason Kravits, Kecia Lewis-Evans, Jennifer Smith, Lenny Wolpe. Great Video from the Master. A
    The Drowsy Chaperone (11/1/07) Broadway
    Bob Saget, Mara Davi, Beth Leavel, Linda Gabler (u/s Mrs. Tottendale), Peter Bartlett, Troy Britton Johnson, Danny Burstein, Patrick Wetzel, Gerry Vichi, Jennifer Smith, Jason Kravits Garth Kravitz, Kecia Lewis-Evans . About ten minutes from the second half of Fancy Dress to halfway through Cold Feet, the video messed up and it has a dark green tint. Otherwise it's pretty good - one head that is well shot around and minimal washout. A-
    The Drowsy Chaperone (5/2007) London

    Original London Cast. Great Capture. A

    Earth Girls Are Easy, the Musical (2002) Staged Reading New York
    Kristin Chenoweth, Julie Brown, Deven Day, Mark Kudish, Hunter Foster.  Staged reading of Julie Brown’s new musical, which had hopes of going to Broadway. Uses a lot of pop music from the 80's. Interesting and fun! A
    Edward Scissorhands (4/19/07) Denver, CO
    Sam Archer, Kerry Biggin. 1 is audio only, but Act 2 you can see what an amazing production it really is. B
    Elaine Stritch at Liberty (4/10/02) Broadway

    Fantastic tape of Elaine's one-woman show, written by John Lahr. Usually focussed in tight on Elaine. This is the full version of the show, unlike the edited HBO version. A-

    Elegies: A Song Cycle (4/17/03) Off Broadway
    Betty Buckley, Keith Byron Kirk, Christian Borle, CaroleeCarmello, Michael Rupert; Nice picture and sound. Skips towards the end. B-
    Elegies: A Song Cycle (2003) Off Broadway Pro Shot
    Betty Buckley, Carolee Carmello, Michael Rupert, Christian Borle, Keith Byron Kirk. Finally a good copy of the show. A
    Elf (11/16/10) Broadway

    Sebastian Arcelus, Amy Spanger, Beth Leavel, George Wendt, Mark Jacoby, Michael McCormick, Michael Mandell, Mattew Gumley, Valerie Wright. Great recording. A

    Epic Proportions (1999) Broadway

    Kristin Chenoweth, Alan Tudyk, Jeremy Davidson. Still shot from right balacony, but very watchable. A-
    Equus (12/16/2008) Broadway

    Daniel Radcliffe, Richard Griffiths, Kate Mulgrew, Anna Camp, T. Ryder Smith. Taped from the side orchestra, so hard to see a lot. But amazing this even exisits B-

    Everyday Rapture (4/24/09) Off-Broadway

    Sherie Rene Scott, Eamon Foley, Lindsay Mendez, Betsy Wolfe.   A

    Evil Dead 1 & 2: The Musical (2004) Toronto

    Ryan Ward (Ash), Danielle Meierhenry (Cheryl), Lexie Galante (Linda), Kylee Evans (Shelly), Matt Olmstead (Scott), Trevor Martin (Ed), Meredith Shaw (Annie), Tim Evans (Moose), Mike "Nug" Nahgrang (Jake) Pro-shot. Near perfect audio, great video of a really fun show. A

    Evita (1980) Broadway
    Patti LuPone, Mandy Patinkin, Bob Gunton, Decent for its age.  One of the best copies in color. B
    Evita (8/3/1991) Village Players, Toledo Ohio

    Hunter Foster (Che), Sutton Foster (Mistress). Slight Generational Loss, but nothing major. Picture and sound are pretty good. It is kind of odd to see two future Broadway stars in the most humble of community theatre beginnings. B

    Evita (6/12/99) National Tour

    Natalie Toro (Eva), Raul Esparza (Che), Raymond Jaramillo McLeod (Peron), Angela Covington (Peron’s Mistress), Tom Flynn (Magaldi). Some generation watch but completely watchable. B

    Evita (11/1/2006) London, Adelphi Theatre

    Elena Roger, Philip Quast,Matt Rawle. Audio is great, but video goes in and out. Only about 70 percent there, but when you can see, great performances. B

    Evita (5/26/2007) London,West End
    Elena Roger, Matt Rawle, Philip Quast, Greg Castiglioni, Lorna Want. So much better than the other video, all of its there and clear. A
    Evita (8/17/08) Sacramento Music Circus
    Cast: Julia Murney (Eva), Eric Kunze (Che), Scott Blanks (Peron), Philip Michael Baskerville (Magaldi/Ensemble), Kari Yancy (Peron’s Mistress/Ensemble). A-
    Evita (3/14/2012) Broadway Revival

    Elena Roger, Ricky Martin, Michael Ceveris, Max Von Essen, Rachel Potter, Maya Jade Frank. Great Caputre. A

    Falsettos (10/91) Hartford Stage

    Evan Pappas (Marvin), Roger Bart (Whizzer), Adam Heller (Mendel), Josh Ofrane (Jason Act I), Etan Ofrane (Jason Act II), Barbara Walsh (Trina), Andrea Frierson (Dr. Charlotte), Joanne Baum (Cordelia). Great for age. A-

    Falsettos (1993) Broadway

    Mandy Patinkin, Stephen Bogardus, Carolee Carmello, Barbara Walsh, Andrew Harrison Leeds, Chip Zien . Great video for its age, some washout but still amazing quality for it. B

    Fame (1/27/99) National Tour Chicago
    Gavin Creel, Jennifer Gambatese. Some generation loss, but not bad. B

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