Windows Mobile™ 2003 Software for Pocket pcs Reviewers Guide

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indows Mobile™ 2003 Software for Pocket PCs

Reviewers Guide

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ugust 2004

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Highlights of
Windows Mobile software for Pocket PCs 1

A Better Wireless Experience 1

A Great PDA for E-Mail and Messaging 1

An Expanded Digital Media Experience 1

New Features at a Glance 2

Testing Recommendations 4

Configuring and Customizing the Pocket PC 5

Desktop Pass-Through 12

A better wireless experience 13

Virtual Private Network and Upgradeability 18

Virtual Private Network 18

XIP Update 18

Zero Configuration 19

Bluetooth 20

a great pda for e-mail and messaging 25

new and improved applications and features 36

Best Audio and Video Experience 37

Easy to Use! 37

Great All-in-One Experience 38

Easily Customizable 38

Create a Plus! Photo Story 45

Import up to 150 Pictures, Images and More 45

Easily Arrange Photos — Drag and Drop 45

Easily Configure Microphone With Sound Hardware Test Wizard 45

Narrate and Highlight Each Photo — Use Your Own Words 45

Manual Pans and Zooms 46

Add a Title Page — Start the Story off Right 46

Add Background Music 46

Set Standard Photo Length 46

Automatic Song Loop — Never Run out of Music for Your Plus! Photo Story 46

Preview Before Saving — Get Instant Feedback 46

Saving a Plus! Photo Story 46

Power Tip — Additional Save Profiles for Advanced Users 47

Small File Sizes Make It Easy to Share Via E-Mail and the Web Thanks to Windows Media Audio and Video 9 Series 47

Sharing Plus! Photo Stories 47

Playing Back Plus! Photo Stories 48

Gets Even Better With Windows Media Player 9 Series 48

Play Back Your Home Movies Created With Windows Movie Maker 2 on a Windows Mobile 2003-Based Device 48

Add Storage Card Wizard — Makes Adding a Storage Card Easy 49

Automatically Synchronize the Latest Content 49

Sample Content From Internet Content Providers 50

Windows Mobile-Based applications for Pocket PC 64

A Great Phone 80

mart, Easy Connectivity 80

New Windows Mobile 2003 Features at a Glance 82

Configuring and Customizing a Pocket PC 82

A Full-Featured Phone 83

SMS Direct Callback 91

Integrated Applications 91

Corporate E-Mail — Server ActiveSync 94

Connection Manager 95

Inbox Integration With SMS 99

Conclusion 104

Highlights of
Windows Mobile software for Pocket PCs

Windows Mobile™ 2003 software for Pocket PCs is the latest innovation from Microsoft Corp.’s Mobile Devices Division and improves on the already successful Windows Mobile software for Pocket PCs.

Download 344.79 Kb.
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Download 344.79 Kb.

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Windows Mobile™ 2003 Software for Pocket pcs Reviewers Guide

Download 344.79 Kb.