• Project 3 – Exploring the World
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    Project 3 – Exploring the World?
    This project is designed for you to gain experience in learning to use Windows CE on the iPAQ Pocket PC through the use of Pocket Internet Explorer and MSN Messenger Service.
    Part 1: Setting up e-mail.

    1. Go to Start menu and press Inbox

    2. Select Options from the Tools menu

    3. Press new and enter e-mail address and press Next.

    4. Press next after configuration is complete.

    5. Enter user information

    6. Enter account information

    7. Enter server information

    Part 2: Finding an image on the Internet.

    1. From the Start menu in the top left corner, select Internet Explorer

      1. If the address bar is not visible, select View and check Address Bar.

    2. Enter http://gallery.yahoo.com/ into the Address Bar.

    3. Find a picture that interests you.

    4. Go to tools and select Send Link via E-mail.

    5. Press Contact icon and select the contact you want to e-mail to.

    6. Enter Subject for the e-mail.

    7. Enter a brief description of the image in the text area.

    8. From the Edit menu, Spell Check your message.

    9. Press the Send button when you are finished.

    10. Press the Send/Receive icon at the bottom of the screen.

    11. Show one of us when you are finished.

    Download 15.94 Kb.

    Download 15.94 Kb.

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    Download 15.94 Kb.