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      indows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PCs provides users with many notification bubbles so they are aware of what is going on with the device. The most obvious example is at the top of the screen. Tapping on the speaker icon reveals the volume control. A quick tap on the clock will show users’ next appointment and battery status. And notifications are accessible from within any Windows Mobile-based application.

    1. Improved and more informative connectivity notifications allow users to turn off the radios and connect or change connectivity settings.

    1. If a new MSN Messenger alert arrives, an appointment is coming up, or a new e-mail message arrives, icons and message bubbles such a

      s these will appear.

    Universal Beaming Support

    Data can now be beamed over a Bluetooth wireless connection.

    Brand New Features
    y supporting the industry standard OBEX protocol, Windows Mobile allows customers to easily exchange data between Pocket PCs, mobile phones and Palm devices.

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      prime usage of Universal Beaming is sending contact information to friends or business associates. In this example, you’ll send one of the Pocket PC contacts to a Palm device. Place the two devices face to face, then go to Contacts, tap and hold on one of the names, and then choose Beam Contact. When the Pocket PC locates the receiving device, its name appears on screen and the transfer initiates.

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       Due to the different data structures each device uses to store information, not all items can be transferred between a Pocket PC and a Palm unit. The most notable example is the notes field. Notes are stored in Pocket Word format, which is not compatible with Palm.

      Records on the Palm that include notes will successfully transfer to the Pocket PC.

      n the Palm device, you’ll be asked to accept the data. Tap on Yes. The new record will appear in the Unfiled category.

    File Explorer

    File Explorer has several features that make managing your data — whether on the Pocket PC or on the network — easier than ever. With its network support, File Explorer gives Pocket PC users the ability to access network shares.

    1. From the Start menu, tap on Programs >File Explorer. Unlike previous versions, the improved File Explorer defaults to the My Documents folder the first time only; it then returns to the last folder you had open. Gaining access to an installed add-on memory card is now as simple as tapping on the Storage Card icon.

    1. When your device is connected to a network, you can use File Explorer to directly browse shared folders, using either the Network Share icon or the Open menu. Tapping either one brings up the Open dialog box. Just as you’d do on a desktop PC, enter the UNC formatted name (\\server\share) and tap on OK. You’ll be prompted for your user identification. Fill these in and tap on OK.

    1. Once you’re authenticated, the remote share will be displayed. You can n
      avigate down the directory tree by tapping on the folders, and back up again u
      sing the Show drop-down menu.

    1. Tap on the arrow to the right of Open to bring up a drop-down menu history of the local or remote paths you’ve recently accessed.

    Whether you’re a network administrator who needs quick access to files located out on the LAN or just a user who left an important spreadsheet on the server by mistake, File Explorer will make your life easier.

    Note: Just as you wouldn’t delete any system files on your desktop PC, take care not to move or delete any of the Pocket PC system files.

    1. If more than one type of alert is pending, a balloon icon will be displayed. Tapping on the balloon reveals the notification well, from which you can access e

      ach message.

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      he Today screen in Windows Mobile 2003 is similar but offers streamlined views and easier access to data when compared with its predecessor. Here’s a side-by-side look at the old and new.

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    Windows Mobile™ 2003 Software for Pocket pcs Reviewers Guide

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