Ypt boston Chapter Board Meeting

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YPT Boston Chapter Board Meeting

Alta, 722 Cambridge St, Cambridge

April 7th, 6:00PM – 7:30 PM

Meeting Minutes
Board Members Present: David Baumgartner, Sam Piper, Jennifer Slesinger, Tegin Teich Bennett, Mike Tremblay, Matt Moran, David Moyer, Jared Fijalkowski. Eric Holversen joined by phone.
Others Present: Alex Smith and Natalie Raffol

  1. Call to Order – Tegin Teich Bennett

      1. March Meeting Minutes Approved

  1. Deputy Chair’s Report– Tegin Teich Bennett

      1. International coordination, three questions to respond to.

        1. Issues faced in the past year

        2. Improve coordination with chapters

        3. Improve coordination between chapters

      2. Tegin’s Response

        1. Improve coordination with international. Some are still going to spam.

        2. Communication and branding across chapters

        3. Reconciliation between chapters regarding branding

        4. Best Practices

        5. Coordination – perhaps a Google group or virtual workspace/ communication.

      3. International has created a new sheet for events. Such as a write up post-event for newsletters. This could be a work in progress but we will monitor it.

  1. Treasurer’s Report– David Baumgartner

      1. David presented the monthly finance report. The report has been saved to DropBox.

        1. Four new things since last meeting that have taken money out of our budget:

          1. City of Boston Business License filing, which is good for four years.

          2. Postage – Annual Report

          3. Bowling Networking Event

          4. Legion Software Lunch and Learn

        2. No issues with the budget as it currently stands. Some sponsorship money still has to come in, but should be good to go.

        3. Issues to be Resolved: Reimbursing International

          1. Resolve Square amounts

          2. We had four sign ups. Owe national $15

          3. In the most recent check, we did not deduct $15, therefore we owe them money.

  2. Old Business-Matt Moran

      1. Action Item Complete: Send Annual Report mailing receipts to David B.

      2. Action Item Outstanding: Send Doug Most L&L Thank You

      3. Action Item Outstanding: Send Zip Car L&L Thank You

      4. Action Item In Process: Dropbox Organization – reorder files to better conform with a standard format in the Admin Section

      5. Thank you notes to be sent to Legion and

  1. New Business

    1. Admin Items – Matt Moran

      1. Matt to send thank you notes for upcoming events in April and May.

      2. Business Certificate sent to the City of Boston and confirmed

    1. Membership Update - Sam Piper

      1. Monthly Membership and Stats

        1. YPT Friends: Increase from 1065 to 1082

        2. Paid Members: 160-168 – on track for our 55% growth target

        3. Facebook Friends – went down from 415-406

        4. Twitter Followers - ?

      2. Continued report on electronic sign-in and sharing of Square instructions and responsibilities

        1. Not clear if National registers people using registering with Squares.

          1. Events with Square

            1. Bowling

      3. Issues with CRM

        1. Check CRM – did some people get error messages? Yes, some did and this has been corrected.

        2. Jenn’s membership expired and nothing was sent to her. This was January.

      4. Issues with Sign In Sheets

        1. Zip Car sign up sheet, but no e-mail addresses were recorded. If they are a non-member, this is a critical bit of information.

        2. No Legion event sign up sheet

        3. We need to be better about getting people to sign in and give e-mail addresses. Maybe leave the sign in sheet at the door.

      5. Membership renewals – Sam will be tracking these going forward. Four people were on grace and none re-upped. How can we make the letter more enticing and get them to sign up? Our policy has been to just e-mail them once. We should do this more frequently. This should also be a CRM function, but it is not, maybe.

    1. Sponsorship Update – Mike Tremblay

      1. Expected contributions from PB and Cambridge Systematics

      2. Waiting on PB and CM for checks.

      3. HSH will expire in May. Mike will look into renewal for HSH soon and ensure it does not become a past due type of situation.

      4. Dave B to look at companies with more than two or three members for sponsorships.

    1. Programming Update– David Moyer

      1. Recap:

        1. Bowling Event – great turnout, lots of fun. Sign up sheets were an issue. There should be a renewed effort to station people with the sheet and have people sign up for it. This is an opportunity to make a pitch for membership.

        2. Zip Car Event – Lower end of attendance. 20-25 people showed up. Zip Car provided food.

        3. Legion Event – 20-25 People attended. Discussion and networking.

      2. New:

        1. Transportation Camp: Happy Hour

        2. Banner should be there. There should be a sign up sheet.

        3. Should there be a YPT type of session?

          1. Perhaps we could phrase this as “What’s happening in the young professionals in transportation generally?”

        4. Jeff Speak

          1. Co-sponsors are good to go

          2. 45 YPT people are registered and there are 100 seats.

          3. Food will be ordered a few days in advance. There was too much last year, so we have to scale this.

          4. Security Costs – this will be more/less depending on when we leave the building, between $140-280.

          5. Who is going?

            1. Eric will be going and can do the intro remarks/Q&A.

          6. Book signing for Jeff afterwards. How does this work? Where should it happen?

            1. Post-event bar? We can figure this out later.

          7. Caterers – Rebecca’s Café did it last year and it was good and the price was reasonable. More food than last year will need to be ordered but it should be reasonable. Cost will likely be more than the $1200 we budgeted. Perhaps also burriotos at Chipotle or BOLOCO.

          8. Should the budget for this event be raised?

            1. Original budget was $1200 ($800+400 from sponsors) for food plus security.

            2. We had additional sign ups due to this event. So this makes sense to increase.

            3. Approved: $400 additional funding from YPT for the Jeff Speak event.

          9. Setup:

            1. Sponsorship Materials

            2. Names/Check In(manning table)

            3. Time for arrival – 5:15?

            4. Food arrival? 5:30/45

              1. Tip? No, there’s a service fee

            5. Square Sign ups – Sam will be there by 5:30 at the latest.

            6. Name Tags

          10. E-mail blast will go out on Wednesday, April 8th for this event.

        5. South Station Tech Tour – project is up in the air at the moment. There will be more information in the coming weeks. Could be rescheduled to early May.

        6. Go Boston 2030 – “Blend of the Apple Store and the Children’s Museum”

          1. Community input for longterm transportation improvements should be in the city.

          2. Happy Hour on Friday, May 8th

          3. Event runs Friday/Saturday

          4. More information is necessary to understand what is happening with this event.

          5. Coordinate the event and help buy food for the event.

          6. They want us to help coordinate because they want to engage millennials because that’s when our events tend to be.

        7. Boston to Montreal Hotel Train

        8. Other Technical Tours – Logan Airport Tower

        9. Lunch in your Neighborhood in May

      3. Transportation Camp – Keep an eye out for good speakers

    1. Communications Update- Jennifer Slesinger

      1. Professional items will be uploaded to DropBox

      2. Reminder e-mails will be sent for Jeff Speak event.

      3. Alex will schedule a meeting to discuss ______________

      4. Look and feel of e-mails

        1. Jeff Speak invite looks great.

    1. At Large Updates – Jared Fijalkowski

      1. Speaker event listing

        1. David and Matt to fill in Sheet

      2. Inviting new members to board meetings – June. Invite people, have food and foster the next generation of YPT Board Members.

        1. Budget

        2. Introductions

        3. Drinks afterwards

        4. MAPC would be ideal because it is central

      3. 5 Year Anniversary – September-ish

        1. Ned Devine’s was the first YPT event space

        2. Speaker?

          1. Fred Salvucci or someone else for the first year.

        3. Invite Past Board Members

  1. Adjournment

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Download 240.51 Kb.

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Ypt boston Chapter Board Meeting

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