• Band 9.0 Sample Answer I’m grateful to have such a supportive and caring
  • 00 ielts speaking Part Topics in 2016, 2017 & Band 0+ Sample Answers

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    7 Speaking
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    to comfortably converse 
    with each 
    and shelter from inclement weather during our journey, if any. It is not only about 
    the destinations but also about the time I would love to spend with my dear friends 
    as we would share the same space in a four-wheel vehicle along the road; and at 
    the end of the day
    , it’s the people that matters. 
    Vocabulary & Useful Expression 
    more often than not: usually 
    take risks: to do something that might be dangerous 
    have to offer: have something available to be used or appreciated 
    get lagged behind: get fallen behind 
    cuisine (n): style of cooking 

    utmost (a): greatest; most extreme 
    inclement (a): (of the weather) not pleasant; cold, wet, etc. 
    at the end of the day: in the end, finally 
    shelter (v): protect or shield from something harmful, especially bad 
    Describe a family member you are closest to 
    You should say: 
    - who this person is; 
    - describe some things you have done together
    and explain why you like this person. 
    Band 9.0 Sample Answer 
    I’m grateful to have such a supportive and caring family who are always there for 
    me no matter what. We have 5 members in the house that’s always full of 
    laughter: my parents, my two sisters and me. Even though I love them all to the 
    moon and back
    , my younger sister, Jade, is the one that’s closest to me. 
    Jade is seven years younger than me, which might create some sense 
    of generation gap, yet, we still get along well, or at least most of the time. She is 
    in high school now and has a dream of becoming a doctor one day. In term of 
    appearance, we have little in commonBy that I mean 
    while I’m kind of tall
    she’s relatively short; while I take after my father, she’s my mom’s splitting 

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    00 ielts speaking Part Topics in 2016, 2017 & Band 0+ Sample Answers

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