• 4.3 Internet Use Filtering System
  • Access to Web Site Monitoring Reports

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    4.2 Access to Web Site Monitoring Reports

    Authorized ITS members, Incident Response Team members, and the Legal Department will have access to all reports and data if necessary in order to respond to a security incident. Internet Use reports that identify specific users, sites, teams, or devices will only be made available to personnel outside ITS upon written or e-mail request from an authorized Human Resources Representative.

    4.3 Internet Use Filtering System

    4.3.1 1836 Technologies Personnel shall not access, transmit, upload, download, print, display or otherwise disseminate the following types of material while on the 1836 Technologies Network or while using 1836 Technologies assets:

    • Adult/sexually explicit and/or obscene images, data, or other material;

    • Tasteless, Defamatory, and/or Offensive Content;

    • Racially offensive;

    • Fraudulent or Otherwise unlawful; and/or;

    • Promotes violence, Intolerance and/or Hatred;

    • Any data capable of being transformed into obscene or indecent images or material

    This includes obscene language, pornography, hostile material relating to gender, sex, race, sexual orientation, religious, political convictions, disability or information that would cause or promote incitement of hatred, violence or any other intimidating material that is designed or could be used to cause offence, annoyance, inconvenience, needless anxiety or which would contravene any Trust policy, in particular equal opportunities or harassment, or break any law.

    4.3.2 1836 Technologies Personnel cannot:

    i. Intentionally circumvent security mechanisms such as cracking passwords, exploiting system vulnerabilities, or using systems in excess of granted privileges;

    ii. Intentionally write, compile, copy, propagate, execute, or attempt to introduce any malicious computer code designed to self-replicate, damage, or otherwise hinder the performance of any computer system. Such software may be referred to as malware virus, bacteria, worm, or a Trojan Horse; and

    iii. Transmit, upload, post or discuss Personal Identifiable Information (PII), Protected Health Information (PHI), or sensitive Government or 1836 Technologies company data with any third party without prior written authorization; or

    4.3.3 In addition to the above, the Internet may not be accessed and used for any of the following:

    • Any activity that infringes copyright

    • Transmission of unsolicited commercial or advertising material

    • Deliberate unauthorized access to facilities or services accessible via the Internet

    • Corrupting or destroying another user’s data

    • Any activity that would violate the privacy of others

    • Any activity that would risk bringing the organization into disrepute or place the Trust in a position of liability

    • Cause damage or disruption to organizational systems

    • Any activity that would violate the laws and regulations of the European Union

    • Not to be used for any secondary paid employment or voluntary services

    • Not to be used to run a personal business

    4.3.4 The IT Department reserves the right to block access to Internet websites and protocols that are deemed inappropriate for 1836 Technologies’s corporate environment. The following protocols and categories of websites are examples of the type of websites that may be blocked:

    • Adult/Sexually Explicit Material

    • Advertisements & Pop-Ups

    • Gambling

    • Hacking

    • Illegal Drugs

    • Intimate Apparel and Swimwear

    • Peer to Peer File Sharing

    • SPAM, Phishing and Fraud

    • Spyware

    • Tasteless Defamatory, and/or Offensive Content

    • Racially offensive, promoting violence, Intolerance and/or Hatred

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    Access to Web Site Monitoring Reports

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