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    Accessing the PSS Web Server:

     (this document also available on the web at http://pss.uvm.edu/dept/server/servaccess.html)

    The PSS Departmental Web server is available for serving departmental documents over the Internet. Application forms are necessary for the creation of accounts and directory space on the server, and are available from Craig Donnan, or on the web at http://pss.uvm.edu/dept/servapp.htm.


    Undergraduate students may post information using the account and permission of a faculty member only.


    Process for Uploading documents to the server:

    1. Apply and be approved for space and access to the server (see above)

    2. Craig Donnan will be contacted with the notification of your approval, will create an account, and will contact you when complete.

    3. Access the server in one of two ways:

    • Microsoft Network. When the account is created, Craig Donnan will arrange with you to set up an icon on the desktop of your computer in Windows 95. When booting the computer to connect to the PSS server, be sure to log in at the Microsoft Networking prompt using the Username that Craig has given you. Password at this point is not required

    • Clicking on the drive icon on the desktop, or by mapping your own drive to \\ursa\pss will provide you with a password prompt. Type the password provided with your account. The drive will open and you will see a series of folders. Your web files should be stored in: /website/htdocs/your_directory, where 'your_directory' is the folder provided with your account. Please only work with files or directories in your folder.

    • FTP. It is possible to upload files to your account using FTP from any computer on the Internet here at UVM or elsewhere in the world. However, you need to request this type of access from Craig.

    • To access using FTP:

    • Start the FTP software

    • Open a connection to: ursa.uvm.edu

    • You will not see a directory listing. Change directories to the directory name provided by Craig by using the CHDIR command or button.

    • The directory listing will be your files. Upload files, by selecting the files you wish to upload and choose a BINARY file transfer. Downloading simply occurs in reverse.

    • Do not share the directory name that Craig provides to untrusted individuals.


    The PSS server currently runs additional Web software that allows:

    • Counters

    • Rotating images

    • Guestbook

    • Database access via the web using the Cold Fusion product

    • Web Conferencing using the Webboard product

    • Other programs can be installed by contacting Craig Donnan (x60150) or craig.donnan@uvm.edu


    For assistance in creating HTML documents, see the files that have been developed by Hope Greenberg at: http://www.uvm.edu/~hag/workroom.html


    Undergraduates can create web pages for themselves via their Zoo accounts. Again, Hope Greenberg's information is of assistance.
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    Download 27 Kb.

    Download 27 Kb.