• Disadvantages of Intranet
  • Advatnages of Intranet Disadvantages of Intranet

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    Advatnages of Intranet - Disadvantages of Intranet


    Advantages of Intranet

    • There are number of advatnages of intranet discussed below

    • Intranets offering workforce productivity which can help user to find and observe information very fast. User may also use applications according to their roles and tasks. Through web browser a user can get access to entire contents of any website from anywhere or any time. Intranet also increase the ability of employee’s by performing their job confidently very fast, and accurately.

    • Intranet permits business companies to share out information to employees according to their need or requirements. Employees may also link to appropriate data at their expediency.

    • The best advantage offered by intranet is communications within an organization or business company, landscape or portrait. Intranets are helpful to converse planned initiative that has an international reach all through the organization. The well known examples of transportation are chat, email, and blogs. A actual world example of Intranet is Nestle had a number of food processing plants.

    • The most significant advantage of Intranet is Web publishing which permits burdensome corporate knowledge to be continued and effortlessly access all through the company using Web technologies and hypermedia. The familiar examples of web publishing consist of training, news feed, company polices, documents, and employee manual. Intranet can be accessed general internet standards such as CGI applications, Flash files, and Acrobat files.
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      Each unit can bring up to date the online copy of a document and intranet always provides the most recent version to employees.

    • Intranet offering business operations and administration solutions because it also being used as a platform of mounting and organizing applications across the internet world.

    • Another advantage of Intranet is time saving because there is no need to maintain physical documents such as procedure manual, requisition forms, and internet phone list.

    • Now intranet facilitates their user o view and gets information and data via web browser. Intranet also save the money of any organization on printing, publishing and overall maintenance

    • Through Intranet common corporate culture every user can view the similar information.

    • Intranet offer improve teamwork through which teamwork is enabled and all certified users can get access to information.

    • Intranet providing cross platform capability for UNIX, Mac, Windows.

    • Intranet offering their user to write applications on their browser without cross-browser compatibility issues.

    • Intranet is a Web-based tool that permits users to produce a customized site according their requirements. You can pull all Internet actions and most wanted contented into a single page which make easier to access.

    Disadvantages of Intranet

    Intranet has great features for interconnected manners but has some disadvantages too

    • Management does need to stop control of specific information, this problem can be minimized but with appropriate prudence.

    • The other disadvantage of Intranet is security issue

    • Intranet gathered everything in one location which is really good but if it is not prearranged then you will spoil everything.

    • The cost of intranet is very high but has lots of advantages after implementing.

    Download 17,33 Kb.

    Download 17,33 Kb.

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    Advatnages of Intranet Disadvantages of Intranet

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