• PART 2 – Products 2.01 Manufacturer
  • 2.02 Bosch VIDOS Video Management System General Description
  • 2.03 Bosch Video Management System (VMS) Product Requirements
  • 2.04 Alarm Handling Capability
  • 2.05 Network Recording Capability
  • Architectural and engineering specification

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    Bosch VIDOS 3.0 Video Management System Software

    Section 282313 – Video Surveillance Systems

    PART 1 - General

    A. All equipment and materials shall be standard components that are regularly manufactured and utilized in the manufacturer’s system.

    B. All equipment and components shall have been thoroughly tested and proven in actual use.

    C. All equipment and components shall be CE-marked, FCC, and TUV marked.

    D. Installation CDs or DVDs supplied with the system shall contain system documentation available in PDF format, and shall include the Acrobat Reader program.

    PART 2 – Products

    2.01 Manufacturer

    A. Bosch Security Systems

    850 Greenfield Road

    Lancaster, PA 17601

    Tel. (800) 326-3270

    Fax (717) 735-6560

    B. The product specified shall be manufactured by a firm whose quality system is in compliance with the I.S./ISO 9001/EN 29001, QUALITY SYSTEM.

    2.02 Bosch VIDOS Video Management System General Description

    A. The product specified shall be the Bosch VIDOS Video Management System software package that runs on a non-proprietary PC workstation to provide the installation, administration, and operation of video surveillance systems using MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 video compression technology via local networks. The product searches and locates all Bosch transmitting and receiving stations (video servers and decoders), video monitors, and recording devices installed on the network, and then allows a system administrator to add these devices to the system configuration using an explorer style resource tree structure manage and construct a functional GUI observation center via the software. The software functionally operates as a virtual network video matrix system capable of 1) switching video to software monitors within the Vidos Management System window on the workstation and/or 2) displaying the pictures on analog CCTV monitors when compatible manufacturer recommended decoders are installed on the network. The software supports all Bosch MPEG-2 and/or MPEG-4 based hardware products as well as the Bosch Vidos-NVR Network Video Recorder.
    B. The VMS specified shall be an enterprise level software package that offers a complete video surveillance solution scalable from one to hundreds of cameras where each camera may be added on a unit-by-unit basis.
    C. The VMS shall support IP network connectivity, including LAN, WAN, VPN, Internet, and Wireless (WiFi and Cellular) technologies. The Bosch VIDOS VMS supports IP Multicast (UDP) and Unicast (TCP or UDP) video streaming and well as Multi-unicast.
    D. The minimum configuration of the PC or PCs running the Bosch Security Systems, Inc. VIDOS VMS software shall be:

    The PC shall be based on a Pentium IV 1.8 GHz or greater.

    Minimum 256 MB of RAM

    Network adapter 100 Mbit Ethernet

    Standard sound card is optional and recommended.

    Minimum 50 MB storage capacity for installation.

    Windows XP Home/XP Professional.

    DirectX 8.1 or better

    Graphic card: NVIDIA®, GeForce® FX 5700 Ultra, FX 5900 Ultra or FX 5950 Ultra, Matrox Parhelia™, ATI RADEON® 8500,9500,9800, or similar.
    2.03 Bosch Video Management System (VMS) Product Requirements

    A. The VMS specified shall provide, but not be limited to, the following functions:

    1. Search the local network for installed Bosch video servers (transmitters with connected cameras and receivers with connected monitors) and any Bosch installed network video recorders.

    2. Treat the network as a digital matrix system by allowing cameras to be connected to monitors using a drag and drop function.

    3. Display several simultaneous live picture connections from cameras in the network.

    4. Provide a configuration tool that allows the creation of site maps with camera locations and monitor placement and also allows interactive operation including PTZ control.

    5. Programming of alarm-triggered events.

    6. Programming of automatic video recording to network connected video recorders.

    7. Retrieve and playback the archived video from remote hard drives or Compact Flash memory of compatible devices or from network video recorders.

    8. Provides a bidirectional audio function to allow communication between remote camera sites and main control location. Full and half duplex audio communication modes are selectable.

    B. The product specified shall be a software program that provides the installation, administration, and operation of video surveillance systems using MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 video compression technology via local networks. The software scans the network and displays all the available installed Bosch video server and decoder devices and network video recorders, including their IP addresses and additional properties, in a window tree display. Video from any of the installed devices may then be displayed by dragging the device symbol into a workspace software monitor window. Video may be displayed in full screen mode or 2x2 and 3x3 multiscreen formats.
    C. The VMS shall support MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 products manufactured or recommended by Bosch Security Systems, Inc.
    D. The VMS shall be capable of simultaneously displaying MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 video streams in real time at bandwidths ranging from 10 Kb/sec to 4 Mb/sec in MPEG-4 and from 1.5 Mb/sec to 6 Mb/sec in MPEG-2, frame rates ranging from 1 fps to 30 fps and resolution ranging from QCIF to 4CIF.
    E. Each camera’s bit rate, frame rate, and resolution shall be set independently from other cameras in the system, and altering these settings will not affect the recording or display settings of other cameras.
    F. The VMS shall require a user name and password that determines the level of authorization as being a user or administrator of the video management system.
    G. The VMS shall provide control, via the workstation software monitors, of manufacturer recommended and properly configured pan/tilt/zoom cameras.
    H. Remote video servers equipped with a relay output function shall be controllable from the workstation running the Bosch VIDOS VMS software.
    I. The VMS shall have an instant replay function that allows video recorded on network devices equipped with local disk storage to be reviewed, and, if desired, backed up to network video recorders (NVR). The instant replay function shall be controlled via a slider bar and “VCR like” buttons.
    J. The VMS shall provide a function that automatically creates a logbook during every session in which all events and actions are recorded. The logbook may be viewed, searched using various filters, and the results saved as a text file.
    K. The VMS shall provide a camera overview function that shows at a glance thumbnail previews of available cameras in the system that may be dragged into a workspace software monitor.
    L. The VMS shall allow programming of camera sequences where pictures will be displayed one after the other on the display monitor. Salvo sequences may also be programmed where cameras are switched on selected monitors as a synchronized group.
    M. The VMS shall provide site map based operation, using a site map editor, that allows the user to create and view facility drawings on which camera icons and other system devices have been placed. Icons of all the devices, such as video servers, monitors, and functions such as alarm inputs or relay outputs that are available in the system may be placed within the site maps. Selection of an icon on a sitemap allows devices to be chosen, cameras to be displayed and controlled on monitors, and other site maps to be selected or linked from one site map to another. Existing drawings may also be imported into the software as bitmaps and then the icons added to the imported drawing. Graphic files with formats of .png, .bmp, .xbm, .xpm, .pnm, .jpeg, and .jpg may be imported into the system for use as site maps.
    N. Snapshots may be saved as .JPG format images to the hard drive of a computer running Windows XP. These .JPG images may then be printed, converted to another format, or placed into a word processing document.
    2.04 Alarm Handling Capability

    A. The VMS specified shall handle alarms generated from the alarm interfaces of the Bosch video servers that have been integrated into the network with the video management system. In addition, the VMS is capable of combining the alarms generated from the alarm interfaces of the video servers with AND, NAND, OR, or NOR internal gating functions of the software to create new triggers that cause the VMS software to react according to preprogrammed alarm scenarios. Internal and weekly timers may be programmed to determine exactly when alarms can be active.

    B. The VMS shall accept input alarm triggers and then place them into an alarm stack to either be acknowledged or the input alarm may automatically trigger a series of system operations (scenarios).
    C. Alarm trigger inputs to the VMS may be caused by any of the following conditions at the remote video servers:

    1. Contact input

    2. Motion detection

    3. Video signal loss

    2.05 Network Recording Capability

    A. The VMS shall support Bosch Security Systems, Inc. Automatic Network Replenishment technology used when video is stored or backed up on network video recorders. In the event of network drop outs, missing sequences of video are automatically detected and recovered from the network hard drives or Compact Flash memory of the remote devices that are capable of locally storing video.

    B. The VMS shall allow playback of video recorded on the local drives of remote devices or video recorded on network video recorders. The software shall search the entire network for the recording devices and then display an overview of all recorded video that is available for playback review.

    The product specified shall be the VIDOS 3504/x Series Video Management System manufactured by Bosch Security Systems, Inc.

    VIDOS 05/31/05

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    Download 104,17 Kb.

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    Architectural and engineering specification

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