• History of Windows O.S. Development
  • Computer Skills / First Class / First Semester 2014-2015

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    Windows O.S. is a program that manages the computer since run it until shut down it, it contains interfaces and tools that facilitate user's work.
    Types of Windows O.S.

    Microsoft produces many types of windows system, such as:

    - Used for users and clients devices.

    - Used for networks and server devices.

    - Used for pocket PC computer devices.

    History of Windows O.S. Development

    Microsoft produces many publications of windows operating systems, the stages of windows O.S. developing for all its publications are:

    • Earlier publications

    They graduate as: Windows 1.0 (1983), Windows 2.0 (1987), Windows 3.0 (1990), and all the versions of Windows 3.X, some of their characteristics that are gradually improved by making some modifications:

    - Graphic user interface/GUI (it is the software layer, sometimes called the shell, through which the user communicates with the O.S.) it includes many programs and important tools).

    - Simple control panel, and windows maximize, minimize, and resize.

    - Some operations like copy, move, delete, etc. are done using menus.

    Figure – 9 MS Windows 3.1 desktop

    • Windows 95

    It is important step in the history of windows publications, some of its characteristics:

    - New working interface.

    - All windows elements became three dimension form.

    - Adding close button for all windows and dialog boxes.

    - Desktop can contain files and folders in addition to set of special symbols as my computer, recycle bin, etc.

    - Microsoft introduced internet explorer within O.S.

    - Start menu appeared that provides accessing to device programs quickly in addition to the taskbar that simplifies the translation between opened programs and windows.

    • Windows 98

    It introduced many additions to the features of windows 95 such as:

    - New help system.

    - Internet explorer 4.0 which supports HTML 4.0 language.

    - Introducing file allocation table system FAT32 that improved working with hard disks (more than 2 gigabyte size).

    - New techniques such as DVD drives, USB ports, etc.

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    Computer Skills / First Class / First Semester 2014-2015

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