• Introduction to Windows Operating System
  • 4-2 Windows Operating System
  • Computer Skills / First Class / First Semester 2014-2015

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    College of Information Technology / Software Department


    Computer Skills / First Class / First Semester 2014-2015


    Introduction to Windows Operating System
    4-1 Computer Software

    Computer Software is all the programs that control the operations of the computer and the service programs, it is embedded in the structure of the computer hardware, a combination of hardware and software forms a usable computing system. Computer Software can be divided into two main type, system software and application software.
    * System Software :

    In general, it includes all the programs that designed to control the computer system, they are:

    • Programming languages (low level-L.L.L. to high level languages-H.L.L.).

    • The language processor translators (compiler, interpreter, assembler, and linker).

    • Utility (service) programs that help you use the operating system more effectively, they come with the computer's O.S.

    • Operating Systems (O.S.) , it is a program installed on a computer that assigns resources, manage tasks, and provides the user a way of interacting with available resources.

    * Application Software :

    This type of software comprises the programs that are written to perform a specific tasks for the user, it can be divided as :

    • Application Systems:

    Such type of systems are written by a special software, e.g. bank system, salary system, etc.

    This type of programs direct the computer to accomplish specific activities, e.g. word processor, graphics programs, games, etc.
    4-2 Windows Operating System

    Operating system (O.S.) is a set of inter related programs (software package) that control how the computer works, link its components, control the basic operations of the computer, manage the execution of the programs, and facilitate the communication between the user and the computer machine. Examples of O.S. : DOS system, Windows system, Macintosh system, Unix system, etc. The operating systems developed during periods of time due to the evolution of computers (generations of the computer).

    DOS system (Disk Operating System) was the first widely-installed operating system for personal computers. DOS was (and still is) a non-graphical line-oriented command- or menu-driven operating system, with a relatively simple interface but not overly "friendly" user interface. Its prompt to enter a command.

    The most popular operating systems and the most widely used is the Windows O.S, it is introduced by Microsoft company.

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    Computer Skills / First Class / First Semester 2014-2015

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