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    4. School Procedures

    Resource Development

    In order to match electronic resources as closely as possible to the national and school curriculum, teachers need to review and evaluate resources in order to offer "home pages" and menus of materials that are appropriate to the age range and ability of the group being taught. The ICT co-ordinator will provide appropriate guidance to pupils as they make use of telecommunications and electronic information resources to conduct research and other studies. All pupils will be informed by staff of their rights and responsibilities as users, before their first use, either as an individual user or as a member of a class or group.

    As much as possible, the school’s chosen information provider has organised information resources in ways that point pupils to those that have been reviewed and evaluated prior to use. While pupils may be able to move beyond those resources to others that have not been evaluated by staff, they shall be provided with guidelines and lists of resources particularly suited to the learning objectives. Pupils may pursue electronic research independent of staff supervision only if they have been granted parental permission and have submitted all required forms. Permission is not transferable and may not be shared.
    School Rules

    The school has developed a set of guidelines for Internet use by pupils. These rules will be made available to all pupils, and kept under constant review.

    All members of staff are responsible for explaining the rules and their implications. All members of staff need to be aware of possible misuses of on-line access and their responsibilities towards pupils.

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