• Integrated Marketing Communications
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  • Internet Marketing Plan Outline

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    Internet Marketing Plan Outline

    (Based on material presented in Roberts, Internet Marketing; Integrating Online and Offline Strategies and

    modified for Social Media Marketing)



    I. Overall Business Objectives (do not have to be SMART for this marketing plan)

    II. SMART Marketing Objectives

    III. Business Situation/SWOT Analysis

    • Business Strengths

    • Business Weaknesses

    • Business Opportunities

    • Business Threats

    At the corporate/organizational, SBU, or brand level, usually depending on the size of the organization


    IV. Marketing Problems and Opportunities


    VI. Identification of Target Market/Market Segments for this particular marketing plan


    VII. Marketing Action Plans




    Integrated Marketing Communications (the focus)

    Traditional mass media, online and social media

    • Customer Acquisition, Conversion and Retention Plans as appropriate based on objectives

    • Detail on social media activities; mass media and other online secondary (as needed to support social media program)

    Distribution/Fulfillment of marketing messages, material, incentives, ect.

    Quality and Customer Service as required to execute this plan

    Technological Infrastructure and Data Requirements as required to execute this plan
    -- - - - - - - - - - -Grading Will Stop Here for October 19 Submission. Draft of Metrics, Budget, Timetable Optional; will receive feedback but not be included in grade. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    VIII. Evaluation Metrics

    • Match precisely to marketing objectives

    • Be specific—what metrics, how they will be collected


    IX. Budget required to implement this plan

    X. Implementation Timetable

    Download 34 Kb.

    Download 34 Kb.