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  • Internet Safety: Acceptable Use Policy Template

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    Internet Chat

    • Chat rooms, discussion forums and other electronic communication forums will only be used for educational purposes and will always be supervised.

    • Usernames will be used to avoid disclosure of identity.

    • Face-to-face meeting with someone organised via Internet chat will be forbidden.

    College Website

    • Students will be given the opportunity to publish projects, artwork or College work on the World Wide Web in accordance with clear policies and approval processes regarding the content that can be loaded to the College’s website.

    • The website will be regularly checked to ensure that there is no content that compromises the safety of students or staff.

    • Website using facilities such as guestbooks, noticeboards or weblogs will be checked frequently to ensure that they do not contain personal details.

    • The publication of student work will be co-ordinated by a teacher.

    • Students’ work will appear in an educational context on Web pages with a copyright notice prohibiting the copying of such work without express written permission.

    • The College will endeavour to use digital photographs, audio or video clips focusing on group activities. Content focusing on individual students will not be published on the College website without personal permission or parental permission (if under 18 years). Video clips may be password protected.

    • Personal student information including home address and contact details will be omitted from College web pages.

    • The College will ensure that the image files are appropriately named – will not use students’ names in image file names or ALT tags if published on the web.

    • Students will continue to own the copyright on any work published.

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    Internet Safety: Acceptable Use Policy Template

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