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    Lead Developer / Architect

    ARCO AM/PM (client of Spectria)

    • Created an automating tool for ARCO AM/PM brochures.

    • Custom MS Word 2000 VBA Interface, talked to a back end SQL Server 7.0 through ADO, and created final printable brochure in MS Word.

    Senior Consultant

    Hawaii ISPED (client of Spectria)

    • Created a Visual Basic XML HTTP interface dll for reading multiple XML files across WWW and updating databases on various servers.

    • ADO, XML free threaded DOM, SQL 7.0.

    Senior Consultant

    BuyBidWin (client of Spectria)

    • Automated the fulfillment process between BuyBidWin, and current vendors, utilizing XML, XSL, XHTML and Visual Basic.

    • Various ASP developments, DHTML, ActiveX dll creation in Visual Basic, COM, COM+, Visual Basic interfaces, administration screens, search engine, graphics and layout.

    Toyota, Torrance, CA Apr 1999-Jun 1999


    • Contracted to customize a Y2K intranet.

    • Visual Basic ActiveX, COM, ASP, HTML, SQL Server 6.5.

    Allied Signal Aerospace, Torrance, CA Aug 1998-April 1999


    • Application programming for information systems.

    • Contracted to perform verification of space station components.

    • Projects: NASA’s International Space Station; Crew Return Vehicle.

    • Custom application development in Visual Basic, C/C++, DXL, XML.

    • Web site development on multiple projects in Visual Basic, ActiveX, ASP, JavaScript and VBScript.

    • Upconverted databases and programs to later versions and Visual Basic ActiveX dll creation.

    • Macros programming to parse word documents and populate Access databases.

    • Converted verification databases to a customized DOORS application, including customized DXL scripting and importing into Word via macro VBA.

    • Installers written using WISE and custom dlls.

    Davidson/CUC Software, Torrance, CA Mar 1998-Aug 1998


    • Contracted to perform games testing/debugging and web site development.

    • Set up Intranet for customer service department in Intrabuilder / Javascript.

    • QA, debugging, gaming concepts, ghosting, game testing.

    • Environments: Windows 3.1/3.11/95/95B/95C/NT/98, Mac OS 7.1 and up.

    Creative Computers, Torrance, CA Dec 1997-Mar 1998


    • On contract to perform web site, application programming and business automation.

    • Languages involved, Java, HTML, Javascript, Visual Basic, VBA, SQL.

    • Custom application programming, image processing (Windows 95/NT and Mac 7.0).

    Initial experience Dec 1995-Oct 1997


    • Contracted to perform web site programming, web site design for various clients throughout college.

    • Languages involved, C/C++, Java, HTML, Javascript, Visual Basic, CGI.


    Kalamazoo Valley College, Kalamazoo, MI, 1994-1995, Major: Art

    Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI Major: Computer Science with minor in mathematics, basic digital logic, one year geology and one year Japanese.

    Microsoft Certified .Net Developer

    Project Management Institute (PMI) Certified Project Manager


    ANSI C/C++ Turbo C/C++ Visual C/C++ Unix C/C++

    Assembly GNU G++ CGI

    Java J2EE Java Server Pages JavaServer Faces

    PHP Zend Framework Symfony Nodejs

    Flash Flex Screenweaver Haxe

    JMF Jrun LDAP

    Tomcat Apache Sun One Server WebSphere



    Netscape Internet Explorer

    XPath XML XSL

    SQL Oracle Microsoft SQL Server

    Unix X Windows Solaris Openwin

    Linux Gnome KDE

    Emacs VI Editor VIM

    Bash Korn CShell

    Windows Batch File MFC ATL



    QBASIC Visual Basic VB.NET

    Wise Installs InstallShield Nullsoft Install


    PhotoShop 3D Studio Max 3D Studio Viz

    3D Gamestudio CScript


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