• Please do not change any default values during installation

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    Please do not change any default values during installation.

    Click Finish when complete. You can click the Desktop Icon to open the program.

    When you start Natural Log click [CONTINUE EVALUATION] to work in 'Demo' evaluation mode for up to 60 days.

    You may also click [REGISTER/ ACTIVATE] to register the software at any time if you have purchased the software upgrade.

    [Note: If you are going to use the network license (installing NL9 on multiple machines, and accessing a shared database; you will need to install and register the software on the server machine first. After the server has been registered, you will simply be able to click ‘Connect as Workstation to Natural Log Server’ on your workstations.]

    After installing Natural Log 9, you have 3 options.

    1. You can open the Sample database for a quick look around the program.

    2. You can create a New Database, create and set up your own station.

    3. You can Import a Database from Natural Log 8 or Natural Log DOS

    Click [New Database] to create your own new database. Enter the database name and click [Create].

    After creating a new database, you will be prompted to enter Station Setup information

    Click the [Add Station] button to add a station to your database.. Enter your new station name, and click [OK].

    You can then proceed with Station Setup. Be sure to setup desired fields on each document. Any of this information can be accessed/edited later by clicking on Setup/Administrator Controls/Station Settings-Document Formats from the main menu of Natural Log.

    After completing Station Setup, proceed to the Setup menu and continue entering Setup information.

    After Station Setup is complete, you can enter Customers, Copy, Orders and Log Templates. Then you are ready to generate logs!

    Download 271,67 Kb.
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    Download 271,67 Kb.

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    Please do not change any default values during installation

    Download 271,67 Kb.