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  • AutoRoute Express Great Britain 2000: The one-stop way to get you where you need to go.
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  • New! Microsoft® AutoRoute Express™ Great Britain 2000

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    Microsoft® AutoRoute Express Great Britain 2000


    Primary headline: Great Britain’s Leading Route Planner –

    Now with Street Maps!


    Overview, approx. 25 words: Microsoft AutoRoute Express™ Great Britain 2000 combines street maps of Great Britain and route-planning features into one comprehensive package. Locate virtually any street, place, or point of interest, or plan a trip in Great Britain.


    Feature highlights:

    • New! Maps – 143,000 + miles of updated maps from the Ordnance Survey

    plus NavTech street-level data for all of Great Britain!

    driving directions, information and pictures. New zoom slider, Internet

    Explorer-style function bars and map styles deliver an easier-to-use, more attractive user interface.

    • New! Routing features - "Snap-Routing" allows you to move and edit routes and roads right on screen. Directions and itinerary recalculate automatically!

    • New! Searching - An improved Find panel helps you quickly locate a place, a postcode, an OS grid reference, or latitude and longitude coordinates. The What's Nearby? search feature lets you find points of interest near a point on the map or a route segment.

    • New! Drawing toolbar - Microsoft Office-style drawing tools make it easy to draw on and annotate your maps.

    • New! Printing Options - AutoRoute Express GB offers new printing styles designed for printing on both color and black-and-white printers. You can print written directions, turn-by-turn maps, and strip maps to take with you on your travels.

    • New! Pushpins - More types of data can be imported than ever before, including Microsoft Access and Excel data, Microsoft Outlook contacts, and ASCII text.

    • New! Pocket Streets If you have a PC Companion running Windows CE, you can take AutoRoute Express maps with you wherever you travel.

    • New! Content - AutoRoute Express has over 8,500 hotels from the RAC and Expedia Travel, 1,800 Good Pub Guide listings and more than 1,400 Internet links. Plus 10,000 new petrol, car service and police station listings. You'll even find a selection of lovely walking, car, and cycle tours from the Ordnance Survey.


    Target audience, cross-sell; Microsoft® AutoRoute Express Europe 2000 - your perfect travel partner for Europe.


    Cash back information; Includes a £10.00 cash back offer for previous users of Microsoft® AutoRoute Express .


    Launch date: February 12th 1999.


    Line art caption (positioning): Microsoft® AutoRoute Express Great Britain 2000: The one-stop way to get

    you where you need to go.

    Visit the AutoRoute World Wide Web site at http://www.microsoft.com/autoroute/

    Available Platforms and media, plus package information:

    Platform and media

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    AutoRoute Express Great Britain 2000



    System Requirements:

    • Multimedia PC or compatible with Pentium class processor

    • Windows® 95 operating system or later, or Windows NT® Workstation operating system version 4.0 or later (does not run on earlier versions)

    • 16 MB of RAM for Windows 95 (32 MB recommended); 32 MB for Windows NT Workstation

    • 75 MB of available hard disk space.

    • Double-speed or faster CD-ROM drive

    • Super VGA, 256-colour monitor

    • Microsoft® Mouse or compatible pointing device

    Information is preliminary and subject to change


    © 1998 Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft, Windows, Windows CE, and AutoRoute Express are registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and/or other countries. All rights reserved.

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    New! Microsoft® AutoRoute Express™ Great Britain 2000

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