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  • Rollback ie11, ie10, or ie9 to ie8 (or previous version)

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    Rollback IE11, IE10, or IE9 to IE8 (or previous version)

    If you have problems with PACS using Internet Explorer 11,10,or 9 you can rollback to your previous version of Internet Explorer by following these directions.

    Note: this only applies if you upgraded from IE 7 or IE8.

    If your computer came with IE11, IE10, or IE9 preinstalled this does not apply.

    The following instructions apply to both Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

    1. Click the Start button , then choose Control Panel.

    1. Now select Uninstall a program (if you have the settings sorted by Category)


    Programs and Features (if you have the Icon view)

    1. Select the View installed updates option in order to make it appear on the list

    1. When the Program list has been populated, scroll down until you find Internet Explorer. Select it and hit the Uninstall button. (when the uninstall completes you will be prompted to reboot your system)

    1. After the reboot, go back to the Control Panel (Step 1) Internet Explorer should be listed as an optional update.

    1. Right Click on Internet Explorer and select Hide Update to prevent it from automatically updating.

    1. Now open a new Internet Explorer window and select the Tools option and then the About Internet Explorer option. (alternatively this might be under the Help option)

    1. Uncheck Install New Versions Automatically then click the close button. (this step applies to Internet Explorer 10 and 11)

    Download 324 Kb.

    Download 324 Kb.

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    Rollback ie11, ie10, or ie9 to ie8 (or previous version)

    Download 324 Kb.