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    Main Engines – Business.com, DMOZ.org, GoGuides.com, JoeAnt.com, Gimpsy.org

  • Benefits – While these engines don’t get a lot of traffic other search engines use their results. Spider engines like Google consider directories to have high quality content and often index the directory’s additions.

    1. PPC – Pay-per-click search engines sell ranking by keyword in an auction format. If you want to have a high ranking you simply bid more for that particular word. These results appear at the top or side of the regular listings.

      1. Main Engines – Yahoo Search Solutions and Google Adwords. Shopping PPCs or price comparison engines, include Shopping.com, Nextag.com, and Pricegrabber.com.

      2. Benefits – Getting listed in a Directory or Spider engine can take weeks or months and getting a good ranking can take up to a year of trial and error. With a PPC listing you’re up and running in under a week and you can get exactly the keyword and ranking you want.

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