• Improved and upgraded installer
  • Red Hat Linux 2 infobrief

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    GNOME 1.4 with Nautilus File Manager

    Graphical display of files and directories

    Easily move, copy or delete files

    Icon images represent file contents

    Quickly browse images and text files through file manager interface

    New Control Panel

    Access Red Hat configuration tools from one central location

    URL-based naming

    Seamlessly view content locally or on the web

    Multiple user interface levels

    Choose the right user interface for your level of expertise, from novice to expert

    Improved and upgraded installer

    Automatic partitioning

    Selects the best partition setup for a system

    Graphical Partitioning Tool

    Quickly and easily add, remove or modify partition setup

    Auto-kickstart profiling

    Automatically profiles an installation for easy installation and upgrading of other systems

    Automatic migration to ext3 journaling file system

    Effortlessly convert existing ext2 partitions to ext3 without loosing data

    Download 161,5 Kb.
    1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   ...   13

    Download 161,5 Kb.

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    Red Hat Linux 2 infobrief

    Download 161,5 Kb.