• "Internships: A Step on the Career Ladder or Unpaid Labour"
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    Virtual Impressions
    The main idea of the topic "Virtual Impressions" is that in today's digital world, it is important to make a good impression online. Before meeting someone face-to-face, like a client or employer, they often search for information about you on the internet. They look at your company's website and check online reviews to form an opinion about you. It is crucial to have a positive online image. For companies, this means having a well-designed website with a good logo, attractive photos, clear menus, and the option to connect through social media. It's not just about looking good, but also about building relationships with customers. Individuals, such as freelancers and job-seekers, should also be careful about their social media presence. Employers sometimes reject job applicants if they find inconsistencies between the person's CV and their online profiles, especially on platforms like Facebook. It is important for self-employed individuals and job-seekers to promote a positive and truthful image online.
    "Internships: A Step on the Career Ladder or Unpaid Labour?"
    The main idea of the topic "Internships: A Step on the Career Ladder or Unpaid Labour?" is that internships serve as a common starting point for new graduates to enter the workforce. Internships provide valuable hands-on work experience and demonstrate self-motivation to future employers. Many global companies, such as Google and the Bank of China, offer internship programs that offer opportunities to work on meaningful projects. In some cases, internships may lead to full-time job offers. However, it is important to note that most internships do not come with a salary or a guarantee of employment. Some interns may find themselves doing tasks like making coffee or photocopying. Nevertheless, internships provide valuable learning experiences in a professional work environment and offer opportunities to build future professional connections. It is recommended for interns to communicate their areas of interest to the company and seek opportunities to improve specific skills. By showing enthusiasm and dedication, interns can earn positive references and recognition for their achievements, which can make a difference in securing a paid job in the future.

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    Download 16,44 Kb.