• Windows Vista

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    Windows Vista


    • It is good to stay current with newest OS, to ensure you are getting the latest security packs and updates from the company.

    • It is essential to keep up with technology that new students are bringing in to campus.

      • Currently 42% of students living in the ResHalls are using Windows Vista

      • Waiting until May of 2009 may put us behind what students are bringing to campus.

    • New hardware is being shipped Vista ready.

    • Windows Vista Enterprise offers increased security with drive encryption, spyware prevention software, and better user access control.

    • Enhanced search options allow users to find files on the computer instantly.


    • Some computers on campus will not be able to run Windows Vista.

    • There are application incompatibility issues with the new operating system, including problems with MNSCU & Office of the Chancellor Client applications.

    • There may be some possible profile concerns that our technicians need to work on.

    • There may be possible issues with software compatibility that our technicians need to address.

    • Training needs to occur to prepare users for the differences in the new OS.

    • Many older computer models have internal and peripheral hardware for which new drivers have not been (and may not be) released, meaning that an upgrade could cause devices to quit working.

    • The first Service Pack is not released yet.

    Download 5.25 Kb.

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    Windows Vista

    Download 5.25 Kb.