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    Exploration of Web front-end development technolog (1)
    01 Мехнат татиллари муддатлари 2023 ММТВ 24 05, Дастур-2023, salamat otegenov 1tema, Bolalar tafakkur qudrati, 2-kurs-Differensial-geometriya-va-topologiya, Kirish Asosiy qism Sinf jamoasini tashkil etish va uni tarbiya, masala2, Krixgof-qonunlari, С домашнее чтение Г. Гулям «Ты не сирота». Составить технологию, 43- maktab yangi ta\'til jadvali

    2nd International Conference on Electronics, Network and Computer Engineering (ICENCE 2016)
    Exploration of Web front end development technology oath optimization direction
    Cuiyu Phew
    Department of software engineering, Hainan College of Software Technology, Qionghai Hainan, 571400, China

    Key words: Web front end development technology, Optimization technology, Analysis.

    Abstract . under the background of rapid development of network technology, network field gains certain expansion. Thus, more and more people seriously depend on the network in life and work. Meanwhile, now projects or jobs also enhancement the degree of network dependency. Dog thus soul be seen that network technology development plays an important role in social progress. Information presentation of Web front-end development technology in network operation process exerts a key function. It can not only influence user experience and application, but also bring influence on enterprise development. Thus, optimization of Web front end development technology has important practical significance. This paper analyzes and studies Web front-end development technology, expounds its working property and proposes the optimization direction of this technology so as to better improve Web front-end development technology and improve user experience.


    In the current information environment, the influence of the internet on social production and life deepens continuously. Even in special environment, activity implementation needs complete dependence on network. Web front end development technology plays an important role in presenting webpage and always bears the responsibility of network environment information representation. Actual working circumstance will have direct influence on internet users who experience information transmission and enjoy services, and even bring certain influence on achievement of information environment value and economic activity implementation in information environment. Thus, comprehensive optimization of Web front-end development technology has positive promotion function in terms of improving internet use experience. Therefore, it is necessary to value and focus on optimization of this technology and promotes its sustainable development.

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