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  • 3. Approval of draft Minutes 5th FGS-PhD Council meeting dd. 4 January 2018
  • 4. 3ME PhD mentorship (update)
  • 5. 3ME Faculty doctoral courses
  • 7. Events: Evaluation New Year’s event/upcoming events/lunch meetings
  • 8. PhD Trajectory/Doctoral Education
  • 11. Closing
  • Topics for next meeting to be emailed to
  • 3me phd council Meeting dd. 1 February 2018 Time: 12. 30-13. 30 Location: dcsc meeting room B34 c-3-190 Nr 6-2017/2018

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    MINUTES #06

    Thursday, February 1st, 2018

    3mE PhD Council Meeting dd. 1 February 2018

    Time: 12.30-13.30

    Location: DCSC meeting room B34 C-3-190
    Nr 6-2017/2018


    Mascha Toppenberg (FGS)

    Vilborg Guđjónsdóttir (P&E)

    Ankur Kislaya (P&E)

    Bart Doekemeijer (DCSC)

    Abhilash Chandrashekar (PME)

    Pavlo Bazilinskyy (COR)

    Pieter Piscaer (DCSC)

    Zongchen Li (MTT)

    Eline Kolken (BME)

    Not present:

    Hans Hellendoorn (FGS)

    Aytac Yilmaz (MSE)

    Konstantina Traka (MSE)

    1. Opening: at 12:32
    2. Announcements

    People from GildePrint contacted Reinier who contacted Pieter and they are interested in hosting a lunch meeting. Eline confirmed that a lunch meeting with them is already planned.

    3. Approval of draft Minutes 5th FGS-PhD Council meeting dd. 4 January 2018

    The following actions from the action list were fulfilled:

    - Upload pictures of new council members and take down old ones from the website

    - Send list of supervisors to Pieter

    - Contact Sodexo for oliebollen and gluhwein

    - Check if wine will be served during New Year’s drink

    - Schedule meditation lessons
    The survey is ready and Mascha will send it out soon. She wanted to know how long it should be open. It was decided that it should be open for a month and that at least on reminder should be sent out.
    Ankur wanted to know how many PhD’s start every month and if he could receive a list of 3ME PhD’s at least every two months. Mascha said that approximately 10 PhD’s start every month and that an updated list was sent by DMA automatically every month to the PhD council email. She will check if that can be done again else she will try to send it at least every two months. Ankur also asked about a group email for all 3ME PhD’s however Pavlo has already checked about that option and it is not allowed.
    Abhilash was in the minutes registered in BME he is however part of PME. There is till need for one more candidate from PME as well as COR, which Pavlo is now a member of, and BME. Eline will ask around in BME, Abhilash in PME and Pavlo in COR.
    The minutes were approved.
    4. 3ME PhD mentorship (update)

    Macha informed most of the proposed candidates from the list prepared by Hans and all of those accepted. There’s just one thing that Macha is wondering about, that is if PhD’s should already be given a mentor or if they should only be given one if they have a problem. The council members agreed that the second option would be better in that way the PhD’s that need a mentor can be better divided between the chosen mentors. Pavlo emphasized that the PhD’s should still know that they do have access to a mentor.

    5. 3ME Faculty doctoral courses

    Mascha will send out another announcement soon about the 3ME doctoral courses that are available. She also asked the council members to ask around and check if more courses can be organized.

    6. Online self-reflection tool to improve performance (profile)

    In material science they use some kind of a self-reflection tool as part of the assessment when they recruit PhD’s. They would like to get more data from current PhD’s and would like to offer PhD’s to take the assessment for free. Mascha wants to know from the council members if they think this will be useful and of interest. The council members do not see anything wrong with it since it is for free and self-evaluation can be quite helpful before applying for a job as Pieter pointed out. Pieter did a similar assessment before from a company through TU Delft and mentioned that it might be a good idea to check with HR to ensure that there are no business conflicts. The description is now in Dutch and it was agreed upon that Eline would try the assessment and then report to the council members before it would be sent out.

    7. Events: Evaluation New Year’s event/upcoming events/lunch meetings

    The New Year’s drink went really well with approximately 40 people showing up. The cost was similar to that of a lunch meeting. The lunch committee had a brainstorm about new lunch topics:

    • Team building challenges e.g. build something together, the egg challenge etc.

    • Yoga

    • Drum workshop

    • Knitting workshop

    • Braille/Sign language workshop

    • International lunch

    • Twister or limbo competition

    • Laughter workshop

    It was agreed that having drinks again maybe in May combined with a BBQ and challenges/competitions would be a good idea. For the next lunch meeting a laughing workshop was chosen, the lunch committee will look for a coach. Bart suggested sandwiches from Leo and Pavlo food from Mehkong. Mascha asked the committee to aim for 5 euros per person. Ankur suggested to get a Makro card for the council to get cheap drinks.

    The meditation workshop has been organized and rooms have been booked for 4 lessons. Already around 20 people have signed up and the email was sent out the same morning! Bart is going to check with Pradeep what the final number of participants should be. He also suggested to contact the graduate school about organizing more classes if there is a large interest.

    8. PhD Trajectory/Doctoral Education

    9. (Inter) PhD council

    Nothing new has happened but Pieter will make sure to forward the next meeting invitation to Vilborg to make sure that we have a representative at the next meeting.
    10. Miscellaneous:

    Pavlo has a COR meeting coming up and he will try to recruit a new member there. Pavlo has been discussing with Pradeep and they want to organize and spirituality/mindfulness and science conference in Delft next fall which might be interesting for the council members. He will let the council know when he has something more concrete.

    11. Closing: at 13:36






    Find alumni in one’s department for company presentations.




    Check website and give feedback




    Task force group: Survey questions




    Send research school proposal




    Try self-reflection tool from the MSE department




    Find a laughing coach

    Lunch committee



    Order food and drinks for lunch meeting

    Lunch committee


    Topics for next meeting to be emailed to graduateschool-3me@tudelft.nl

    Download 30.19 Kb.

    Download 30.19 Kb.

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        Bosh sahifa

    3me phd council Meeting dd. 1 February 2018 Time: 12. 30-13. 30 Location: dcsc meeting room B34 c-3-190 Nr 6-2017/2018

    Download 30.19 Kb.