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  • C. V. B. Com, fca, fcma finance & management professional

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    C.V. B.Com, FCA, FCMA

    Want to be part of a dynamic and progressive management team, deliver quality service, develop people and contribute towards the overall growth of the entity.
    Over 20 Years’ of experience in Accounting, Finance, Budgeting, Procurement management, Working Capital Management, Handling Banking products like Letter of Credits, Guarantee, Treasure/Forex Management, Financial Reporting, Auditing, Loan Proposals, Project Evaluation, Office Administration, Tax matters, Management & Labour Issues, People Management, Drafting Business Contracts, working knowledge of various accounting standards and pronouncements.

    Educational Qualifications

    • Completed Chartered Accountancy course in May 1999 from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

    • Completed Management Accounting course in December 1995 from the Institute of Cost and Works Accounts of India.

    • Completed Bachelor of Commerce course in April 1992 from University of Madras.

    • Completed in 1990 Diploma in Business Management.

    I Current Work Assignment

    1. Since August 2015, I’m employed as Finance Manager atthe Automobile Parts Division of Al Hashar Group LLC, a reputed group in, Oman.I report to the CFO and entrusted with providing the relevant and necessary business support to the division which includes;

    • Managing Inventory, vetting the procurement levels against the sales plan, monitoring stock movements, its ageing, its timely liquidation, carry out stock checks, reconcile discrepancies and ensure accurate stock report both in terms of its quantity and valuation.

    • Analyse inventory movements in terms of vendors, type, pattern etc for decision making purposes.

    • Managing receivables, ensure proper documentation of sales transactions, its timely collection, corrective steps on defaulters, vetting and approval of credit applications.

    • Manage and monitor division’s various overheads.

    • Supporting the sales team on various commercial aspects of routine sales transactions like pricing and credit based strategies to win the deal and so on.

    • Seek vendor support on specific deals.

    • Vetting and approving procurement of trading and capital goods.

    • Other routine administrative matters.

    II Past Work Assignments

    1. From August 2008 to July 2015, I worked at Dimension Data (Pty) Ltd as Finance Manager. Dimension Data is South African based company, headquartered at Johannesburg, is a global IT service provider and the largest cisco partner. The company is owned by NTT Japan and is listed in New York Stock Exchange.

    Till September 2014, I was based at the Botswana region in charge of the Finance and Operations of Botswana and Zambia and from October 2014 onwards I was based at Muscat, managing the finance and operations of the Oman region.

    I reported to the in-country MD with a dotted line reporting to the Group CFO and Direct reports to me were 3 accounting staff, 2 stores staff and 2 administrative staff.
    The business predominantly comprised of IT integration projects, uptime services and routine retails run rate business.
    As a head of finance and operations I was responsible to provide excellent business support to the senior management team as well to the business as a whole and encompassed the following;

    • Ensure maintenance of adequate books, records, documentation for extracting accurate and timely business information for various stakeholders thru an accounting team.

    • Ensuring adequate internal controls are in place and its review from time to time.

    • Preparation of various management reports against aggressive deadlines.( Include monthly management packs, quarterly statutory packs, flash)

    • Manage Working Capital (management of stocks, projects, receivables and payables)

    • Preparation of reports, projections, forecasts for working capital facilities from banks.

    • Monitor ongoing projects from a cost perspective, timely recognition of revenue based on completion of various ‘performance obligations’.

    • Closely work with the projects team, engineers to ensure timely delivery of projects as committed with the client.

    • Vetting the commercial aspects of various business agreements and contracts.

    • Monitoring and control of costs and ensuring effective utilization of various company resources.

    • Preparation of annual budgets, monitor them and prepare forecasts on a monthly basis in sync with the budget but also taking into account the current business conditions and developments.

    • Managed Payroll, recruitment and other routine HR and functions and labour law related matters.

    • Provide support and guidance on commercials aspects of bids and tenders to the sales team.

    • Manage and Monitor various uptime contracts, its performance, pricing and renewal

    • Engage with various vendors, distributors for better terms, incentive, rebates etc

    • Managed fixed assets.

    • Drew up Business Continuity Plan as part of internal control.

    • Invest surplus fund to get good returns while balancing the risk aspects.

    • Provide adequate support to the in country MD with timely and accurate business information, board packs for Board Meetings, and various presentations.

    • Facilitate Audits, both internal and statutory against aggressive deadlines.

    • Provided appropriate guidance and leadership to the local team in developing their skills.

    • Work closely with the MD towards the yearly targets.

    Key Gains:

    • Resolved a major tax issue pertaining to transfer pricing.

    • Maintained the best Debtor Days consistently.

    • Avoided the use of sanctioned overdraft limits thru effective working capital management.

    • Effectively managed the roll out of the CRM software Comma5.

    • Effectively managed the implementation of Pastel Accounting Software in the Botswana Office.

    • Got the statutory audit completed before deadline on all occasions and all of them wereclean audit report.

    • Got all the tax assessment done well on time.

    1. Worked as Finance Manager at Bonanza Equipment (Pty) Ltd, Gaborone, Botswana from July 2005 to July 2008. Bonanza Equipment was predominantly focussed on supply and install various industrial kitchen equipment’s, installation industrial shelving and joinery solutions, installation of cold rooms, supply and install industrial laundry equipment’s etc. I was reporting to the Finance Director and Managing Director and I had 6 direct reports comprising of accounting, administrative and stores staff. The role here included;

    • Manage a robust accounting system to ensure accurate recording of business transactions.

    • Prepare timely and accurate various management reports.

    • Monitor ongoing jobs and ensure timely recognition of revenue based on the milestone certificate.

    • Monitor and manage costs of ongoing jobs against budgeted.

    • Track service jobs and ensure timely closure and revenue recognition.

    • Review and approve payroll and also attend to other routine HR matters.

    • Manage inventory, receivables and payables.

    • Prepare working capital proposals to secure bank limits.

    • Ensure compliance with tax laws, corporate laws and labour laws.

    • Got annual audits done successfully.

    • Review and approve procurement of trading and capital goods.

    • Manage delivery vehicle fleet and ensure its optimum utilization.

    1. Worked as Finance Manager at Book World (Pty) Ltd, a Gaborone based wholesale Book and stationary distributor, from June 2004 to June 2005. The core business was whole sales supply of text books to schools and colleges and other education institutions and libraries and also supply of various industrial stationery products, medical equipment’s. I reported to the MD and had 5 direct reports to me.

    • Managed a robust accounting system.

    • Preparation and submission of periodic management reports.

    • Work on tenders and submit them well on time.

    • Worked closely with all major publisher from who we procured books.

    • Guided the sales team on various commercial aspects of sales transactions.

    • Addressed all HR matters, payroll approval

    • Sourced funding from banks based on needs of the business.

    • Headed all procurement of the business, trading, capital goods.

    • Ensure timely and quality service delivery to customers at all times.

    1. Worked as Finance Manager at i-Com (Pty) Limited, a Gaborone based IT company, from June 2003 to May 2004. The core activity of the company was to supply, install and support Ericsson telephone system to various corporates and commercials establishments. The company was the sole distributor of Ericsson. I reported to the MD and had a team of 5 people reporting to me. My responsibilities here included;

    • Manage a sound accounting system and provide necessary financial information to various stakeholders from time to time.

    • Managed vendor relationships and was responsible for all procurements decisions.

    • Monitored ongoing jobs and ensured it timely completion and billing.

    • Worked closely with the engineers, met with regularly to understand the progress of each deployment.

    • Conducted board meetings and prepared the relevant packs with info to be distributed and discussed.

    • Ensure compliance with tax laws, corporates laws and labour laws.

    • Monitored engineer’s utilization and ensure their optimum productivity.

    • Managed uptime service contracts.

    • Fixed assets upkeep and management.

    • Pricing for sales on lease basis.

    1. Worked as Finance Controller at Lee Yeast Zambia Limited, a Zambia based Manufacturing Company, from February 2002 to April 2003. The company’s core activity includes manufacture of yeast and methylated sprit. The factory is about 70 KMS from Lusaka. I was reporting to the MD and had 5 staff as my team members for accounting, stores in charge, cash handling and administrative issues. My responsibilities included;

    • The company operated pastel including the manufacturing module.

    • Manage and maintain the accounting system, ensure sufficient internal controls operated at all times.

    • Monthly management reports comprising of income statement, product wise performance analysis, overhead analysis, cash flows to the board of directors.

    • Monitor production, assess variances of each batch.

    • Product pricing in consultation with the sales heads.

    • Managed payroll and other HR matters.

    • Managed the process of procuring and utilization of raw materials, packing materials.

    • Managed the delivery vehicle fleet, its utilization, upkeep, tracking etc.

    • Worked closely with the sales team and the production manager to ensure that the production plan is in tune with the sales plan/forecast.

    Worked as Vice President Finance at Rukma Steels Limited (Member of Surana Group of Companies), a Chennai based TMTsteel rods and bars manufacturing company, from June 1996 to January 2002.I directly reported to the MD and managed a team of 7 people which included the accounts team, the cashier, the store men and other admin staff. My role included;

    • Rolled out Tally software and introduced a robust accounting system.

    • Provided necessary lead to the team members in their day to day tasks.

    • Monthly management reports to the Board of Directors

    • Ensure timely compliance with tax laws, corporate laws.

    • Cleared pending tax assessments.

    • Get audits done; both annual statutory, internal and tax audits.

    • Sales planning with the sales team and provide support on commercial aspects.

    • Work on government tenders with the sales team.

    • I was responsible for managing working capital and based on needs, borrow from banks to meet business requirements. This involves preparation of proposal and also meeting other requirements of the bank.

    • Established foreign LC’s for imports, arranged its discounting with foreign banks at competitive rates.

    • Establishing guarantees for bids and government contracts.

    • Facilitate board meeting, advice on drawing up various board resolutions for routine business transactions.

    • Ensure compliance with customs and excise laws for imports and utilization of raw materials.

    1. Internship: Aftercompleting my B.com in the year 1992, I enrolled for ‘Chartered Accountancy’ course offered by Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and worked as an Articled Clerk in a reputed Audit firm in Chennai, India from June 1992 as prescribed under the ‘Chartered Accountants Regulations Act. During this period I also enrolled for the course in Cost & Management Accounting offered by Institute of Cost &Management Accountants of India. During my article ship tenure I had exposure to the following;

    • Performing statutory audits of banks as a team member

    • Performing income leakage audits of banks as a team member.

    • Performing stock audits.

    • Performing tax audits and also involving in tax assessments.

    • Prepare and attend for sales tax assessments

    • Was being part of a team in designing and installing internal controls for our clients and also installing an accounting system for the clients.

    • Attending to various company secretarial matters which included preparation of various returns and forms prescribed under the companies act and also in registering new companies from scratch.

    Technology Skills

    • Working knowledge of SAP.

    • Good Working Knowledge of Accounting Software’s Tally, Quick Books, Pastel, Xero Accounting and Accpac, AS400 software.

    • Knowledge of BPC reporting tool which syncs with SAP

    Personal Information

    • Born on 12th September 1971 at Jamshedpur, India.

    • I can read, write and speak English, Hindi, Malayalam and Tamil.

    First Name of Application CV No: 1670316

    Whatsapp Mobile: +971504753686

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    Bosh sahifa

        Bosh sahifa

    C. V. B. Com, fca, fcma finance & management professional

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