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  1. A program that searches the web for specified keywords and return hits. (2 Words)

  2. Type these in search engines to get information

  1. A suffix at the end of a URL that specifies program

  1. A social Network used by friends and family on the Internet

  2. Popular Search engine that switches its homepage on holidays

  3. Was used to do research before the invention of the internet


  1. The main page of a web site. Pops up when you first start your Internet Browser.

  2. Newer Web Browser

  3. A picture or text that links to another place on the internet of document.

  4. WWW

  1. An organization or enterprise that proves access to the Internet.

  2. Started with ARPAnet by the Government: A collection of electronic network of computers

  1. A popular search engine. Name is similar to a milk drink

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Download 124.25 Kb.

Download 124.25 Kb.

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