• Choose the client : Windows xp/2000 : WindowsMarratech61.msi Mac OS v10.4 : MacintoshMarratech6.1.2.dmg
  • At the first session
  • Join a virtual Meeting Room Select Home to reach the Virtual Meeting Rooms. VERY IMPORTANT
  • Marratech user guide

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    Installation of the Marratech Client

    Type in the address bar: http://ftp.esrf.fr/pub/cs/marratech
    The Marratech client is available at this address from inside and outside the ESRF.

    Choose the client :

    Windows xp/2000: WindowsMarratech61.msi

    Mac OS v10.4: MacintoshMarratech6.1.2.dmg

    Linux: LinuxMarratech-6.1.i586.rpm

    • Open an Internet browser

    Windows Vista: www.marratech.co.uk/documents/vista.html

    Marratech does not support Mac OS X v10.5

    • Copy and paste the client on your PC.
      Double clic on the client icon (in Windows system).
      Accept the licence.
      Click “Next” on each window of the Marratech InstallShield Wizard.
      Finally, click on “install”.
      Note: you only need to install the client once.


    To start a Marratech session on a Windows PC: Start menu > Programs > Marratech 6.1

    At the first session:

    • A wizard helps you for the adjustments (name, audio and video adjustments, etc..).

    • Configure the Home Page in Tools > Option > Viewer

    • In Tools > Options > Audio, uncheck the walkie-talkie mode.

    Join a virtual Meeting Room

    • Select Home to reach the Virtual Meeting Rooms.
      VERY IMPORTANT: The Virtual Meeting Room has to be booked previously on the ESRF intranet.

    Home Page =

    Uncheck the

    Walkie-Talkie Mode




    The number of people connected is displayed.

    Click on the Virtual Room you have booked previously.

    Don’t worry about the signature error and accept the connection.

    When the connection is established, a successful message appears.

    Chat: instant text messages

    Click on this tab to view the whiteboard.

    Click on the icons:

    Icon Camera and Headphone blue = ON

    Icon Microphone red = ON


    • The microphone icon is red but the sound doesn’t work. Verify that:

    - the cabling of the headphone is correct.
    - the mute button of the headphone is not activated.
    - the volume button of the headphone is correctly adjusts.

    • The camera icon is blue but the image doesn’t appear.
      Verify that the software of the camera is not running.


    Share desktop

    You can show and work on your desktop through a window. The window can be moved or resized.

    Start application sharing

    Stop application sharing

    Return from application sharing

    Connection to an H.323 video conferencing system

    The dial out to the videoconference system is convenient when there are many participants in the same room.

    Type the No IP of the videoconference system to join.

    Type the IP number of the videoconference system to join and click on “call”.

    Only the point to point mode is possible.

    Sound and image are available on the videoconference system but not the witeboard and the share desktop function.

    Complete documentation is available on:

    http://www.marratech.com/userman/client/index2.html: Marratech reference manual.

    Download 1.27 Mb.

    Download 1.27 Mb.