• Masters Course: 50 Credits 1 Credit Hour: 16 Hours Duration: 2 Years 1st Year/ First Semester
  • Internet Marketing Strategy
  • Planning and Building a Web Presence
  • Campaign Planning Process
  • 1st Year/ Second Semester
  • Growing your brand and business
  • Integrated Online Strategies II 2nd Year/ Third Semester
  • Effective Marketing Presentations and Agency Relationships
  • Media Planning and Buying
  • 2nd Year/ Fourth Semester
  • Trending in Digital Markets
  • Masters in internet marketing

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    Integrated Online Strategies I

    The vanguard of marketing, sales and advertising is online. Learn the most effective web marketing tactics, strategies and tools through the Internet Marketing concentration. This concentration delivers continually updated instruction designed to develop your proficiency with digital and social media.

    Effective Internet marketing involves more than grafting traditional marketing techniques onto the web. In this concentration, you’ll get an overview of marketing campaigns in the digital realm, with additional emphasis on search engine optimization, marketing automation and emerging technologies.

    Masters Course: 50 Credits

    1 Credit Hour: 16 Hours

    Duration: 2 Years

    1st Year/ First Semester

    Course Name: Internet Marketing Overview

    Course Code: GWO101

    Credit Hours: 3

    • Fundamentals of internet marketing

    • History of internet marketing

    • The internet marketing Model

    • Key subject matter areas of internet marketing

    Course Name: Internet Marketing Strategy

    Course Code: GWO102

    Credit Hours: 3

    • Digital marketing mix and strategy

    • Unique value propositions and calls to action

    • Target audience identification

    • Common internet market tools

    Course Name: The Role of the Website

    Course Code: GWO103

    Credit Hours: 2

    • Websites features and placement

    • Requirements for effective writing

    • Search engine compatibility

    • Successful website strategies

    Course Name: Planning and Building a Web Presence

    Course Code: GWO104

    Credit Hours: 3

    • Creating a website and blog

    • Social media marketing opportunities

    • Assessing affiliate offers

    • How to run google experiments

    Course Name: Campaign Planning Process

    Course Code: GWO105

    Credit Hours: 2

    • Metrics, KPIs and success factors

    • Launching and measuring online campaigns

    • Sales funnels

    • Methods of campaign tracking

    • Advanced strategies and tactics

    1st Year/ Second Semester

    Course Name: Strategic Search Engine Marketing

    Course Code: GWO106

    Credit Hours: 4

    • Best practices of search engine optimization

    • Optimizing pay per click campaign

    • Ways to avoid click fraud

    Course Name: Analytics and Testing’s

    Course Code: GWO107

    Credit Hours: 4

    • History of Analytics

    • Typing results to gold

    • Implementing A/B and other method

    • Creating reports

    • Determining trends, outcomes and new trends

    Course Name: Growing your brand and business

    Course Code: GWO108

    Credit Hours: 4

    • Elements of a social media policy

    • Benefits of crowd sourcing and crowd funding

    • Content Calendars

    • SoLoMo (Social, Local, Mobile)

    Integrated Online Strategies II

    2nd Year/ Third Semester

    Course Name: Integrated Campaigns and Multi-Channel Marketing

    Course Code: GWO109

    Credit Hours: 4

    • The four pillars of online marketing success

    • Know thyself- product, place, and price

    • Determine your target market

    • Conduct and interpret research

    • Set goals and budgets

    Course Name: Creative Development

    Course Code: GWO110

    Credit Hours: 3

    • Plan and develop creative

    • Implement key principles of design

    • Create effective messaging

    • Principles of winning visuals ads and graphics

    • Adding components to a website

    • The importance of testing creative

    Course Name: Effective Marketing Presentations and Agency Relationships

    Course Code: GWO111

    Credit Hours: 3

    • Develop an interactive creative strategy

    • Develop and evaluate creative

    • Present key metrics

    • Present to key Stakeholders

    • Select an agency and manage agency relationship

    Course Name: Media Planning and Buying

    Course Code: GWO112

    Credit Hours: 3

    • Where to allocate advertising dollars

    • Key terms, definitions and concepts

    • Build your media plan

    • Set goals in media buying

    • Buy traditional and digital media

    • Develop media plan and flowcharts

    2nd Year/ Fourth Semester

    Course Name: Content marketing

    Course Code: GWO113

    Credit Hours: 3

    • Develop and manage a content marketing strategy

    • Build a content calendar with valuable content

    • Distribute your clients

    • Measure your content

    Course Name: Advanced Strategies

    Course Code: GWO114

    Credit Hours: 3

    • Assess mobile apps

    • Generate retargeting campaigns

    • Improve brand positioning

    • Benchmark the competition

    • Improve website usability

    • Create audience engagement

    • Produce a podcast

    • Advertise on social media

    Course Name: MoreAdvanced Strategies

    Course Code: GWO115

    Credit Hours: 3

    • Tap in the power of user-generated content

    • Apply LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram marketing

    • Use B2B marketing strategies

    • Identify tools for self-publishing

    • Market through influencers

    • Build true fans

    Course Name: Trending in Digital Markets

    Course Code: GWO116

    Credit Hours: 3

    • Gamification

    • The internet of things

    • Augmented reality

    • Big data

    • Personalization

    • Mobile payments

    • Visual content

    • Brands as media companies

    • Multi- screen experiments

    • Real time media buying

    • Social business

    • Post-PC world

    Download 26.63 Kb.

    Download 26.63 Kb.

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    Masters in internet marketing

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