• Project characteristics and requirements
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for the project.
  • Project Scope Project Justification

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    Project management Intranet Site Project
    Taken from “Information Technology Project Management” by Kathy Schwalbe, 2006, P92 – 95
    Project Scope
    Project Justification
    Joe Flemming, CEO of JWD Consulting requested this project to assist the company in meeting its strategic goals. The new intranet site will increase visibility of the company’s expertise to current and potential clients through the sections of the intranet to which they will be accessible. It will also help reduce internal costs and improve profitability by providing standard tools, techniques, templates, and project management knowledge to all internal consultants. The budget for the project is $140,000. An additional $40,000 per year will be required for operational expenses after the project is completed. Estimated benefits are $200,000 per year. It is important to focus on the system paying for itself within one year.
    Project characteristics and requirements

    1. Templates and tools. The intranet site will allow authorised users to download files they can use to create project management documents and to help them use project management tools.

    2. User submissions. Users will be encouraged to e-mail files with sample templates and tools to the webmaster.

    3. Articles. Articles posted on the intranet site will have appropriate copyright permission. The preferred format for articles is PDF.

    4. Requests for articles. The intranet site will include a section for users to request someone from the Project Management Office to research appropriate articles for them.

    5. Links. All links to external sites will be tested on a weekly basis. Broken links will be fixed or removed within five working days of discovery.

    6. The Ask the Expert feature must be user-friendly and capable of soliciting questions and immediately acknowledging that the question has been received in the proper format. The feature should be able to forward the questions to the appropriate expert.

    7. Security. The intranet site must provide several levels fo security. All employees will have access. Part of the intranet will be open for Public use and other portions available to current clients.

    8. Search. The intranet site must include a search feature for users to search by topic, keywords, etc.

    9. the intranet must be accessible using a standard internet browser. Users must have appropriate application software to open several of the templates and tools.

    10. The intranet site must be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with one hour per week for system maintenance and other periodic maintenance as appropriate.

    See the book for other information and product-related deliverables and product Success criteria.

    Roles and Responsibilities
    Joe Flemming Sponsor

    Erica Bell Project Manager

    Michael Chen Team member

    Jessie Faue Team Member

    Kevin Dodge Team member

    Cindy Dawson Team Member

    Kim Phuong Advisor

    Page Miller Advisor

    Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for the project.

    1. Initiating

      1. Determining/assign project manager

      2. Identify key stakeholders

      3. Prepare business case

      4. Prepare project charter

    2. Planning

      1. Hold project kick-off meeting

      2. Prepare team contract

      3. Prepare scope statement

      4. Prepare WBS

      5. Prepare schedule an cost baseline

        1. Determine task resources

        2. Determine task durations

        3. Determine task dependencies

        4. Create draft Gantt chart

        5. Review and finalize Gantt chart

      6. Identify, discuss, and prioritize risks

    3. Executing

      1. Survey

      2. User inputs

      3. Intranet site content

        1. Templates and tools

        2. Articles

        3. Links

        4. Ask the Expert

        5. User requests feature

      4. Intranet site design

      5. Intranet site construction

      6. Intranet site testing

      7. Intranet site promotion

      8. Intranet site roll-out

      9. Project benefits measurement

    4. Controlling

      1. Status reports

    5. Closing

      1. Prepare final project report

      2. Prepare final project presentation

      3. Lessons learned

    Put this WBS into project.
    Download 27 Kb.

    Download 27 Kb.