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    Once (4/4/12) Broadway

    Steve Kazee (Guy), *Andrea Goss (Girl u/s), David Abeles (Eamon), Will Connolly (Andrej), Elizabeth A. Davis (Réza), David Patrick Kelly (Da), Anne L. Nathan (Baruska), Lucas Papaelias (Svec), Ripley Sobo (Ivanka), 
    Andy Taylor (Bank Manager), Erikka Walsh (Ex-Girlfriend), Paul Whitty (Billy), J. Michael Zygo (Emcee) 
    Once On This Island, Reunion Concert (05/12/2002) Broadway

    LaChanze, Jerry Dixon, Sheila Gibbs, Kecia Lewis, Gerry Mcintyre Pro-shot Very nice video; Colors bleed a little at first, but it stops; nice zooms and good sound; includes a song that was cut from the show, sung by Lilias White A-

    Once Upon a Mattress (1967 & 1972) TV Production   

    Carol Burnett, Bernadette Peters. One Black & White, One Color. Pro-Shot. B

    Once Upon a Mattress (12/18/96) Broadway Revival

    Sarah Jessica Parker, Jane Krakowski, Heath Lamberts, Mary Lou Rosato, David Aaron Baker, Lewis Cleale, David Hibbard Filmed from right mezzanine. Mostly a stationary shot with some good zooms but no real close-ups. Some washout from spotlights. Some slight head obstruction. Nice clear picture shot with a steady hand. B

    Other Desert Cities  (1/4/12) Broadway

    Stockard Channing, Stacy Keach, Judith Light, Rachel Griffiths, Thomas Sadoski. A-
    Our House London

    The Madness Musical! From the BBC taped recording of this show. Had it converted from Region 2 to 1. Pro shot. A

    Our Lady of 121st Street (2/19/03) Off-Broadway

    Directed by Philip Seymour Hoffman. Cast: Elizabeth Canavan, Liza Colon-Zayas, Melissa Feldman, Mark Hammer, Scott Hudson, Ron Cephas Jones, Russell G. Jones, Adrian Martinez, Richard Petrocelli, Portia, Felix Solis. Great Video A

    The Pajama Game (2/18/06) Broadway Revival

    Harry Connick, Jr. (Sid Sorokin), Kelli O' Hara (Babe Williams), Michael McCormick (Ganzenlicker/Pop), Rozy Ryan (Mabel), Megan Lawrence (Gladys), Richard Poe (Mr. Hasler), Michael McKean (Hines), Debra Walton (Shirley), Jeffrey Schecter (Ralph), Devin Richard (Joe), Vince Pesce (Jake), Bianca Marroquin (Carmen), Michael Halling (Cyrus), David Eggers (Lewie), Jennifer Cody (Poopsie), Paul Leggett Chase (Brenda), Kate Chapman (Martha), Stephen Berger (Charlie), Bridget Berger (Virginia), Joyce Chittick (Mae), Peter Benson (Prez). Great video. A

    Pal Joey (12/10/08) Broadway Revival

    Matthew Risch (Joey Evans), Stockard Channing (Vera Simpson), Martha Plimpton (Gladys Bumps), Robert Clohessy (Mike), Jenny Fellner (Linda English), Nadine Isenegger (Val), Daniel Marcus (Ludlow Lowell), Steven Skybell (Ernest), Timothy J. Alex (Seaver Swift), Brian Barry (Hank Armour). Good quality filmed from balacony. A

    Pamela's First Musical (5/18/08) NYC Concert
    Cast: Donna Murphy, Lila Coogan, Christian Borle, Carolee Carmello, Sandy Duncan, Gregg Adelman, David garrison, Kathie Lee Gifford, Joel grey, Donna McKechnie, Tommy Tune, Lillias White. A
    Parade (1998) Broadway

    Rufus Bonds, Jr., Brent Carver, Carolee Carmello, Jason Robert Brown, Christy Carlson Romano highly praised musical by Jason Robert Brown, composer of "The Last Five Years", "Song for a New World", & "Urban Cowboy". Mostly full stage, shot around head, never gets close and some wash-out from lights. B

    Parade (12/8/98) Broadway 

    OBC, Still shot from back of the house. Only video I know of this show out there. Get basic Idea of show though. B

    Parade (11/1/09) Taper Theatre, Los Angeles

    T.R. Knight (Leo Frank), Lara Pulver (Lucille Frank), David St. Louis (Newt Lee/Jim Conley/Riley), Christian Hoff (Hugh Dorsey), Michael Berresse (Governor Slaton/Britt Craig/Mr. Peavy), Charlotte d'Amboise (Mrs. Phagan/Sally Slaton), Rose Sezniak (Mary Phagan/Lily), Curt Hansen (Young Soldier/Frankie Epps/Guard), Davis Gaines (Old Soldier/Judge Roan/Guard), Hayley Podschun (Iola Stover), Lisa Livesay (Monteen), Phoebe Strole (Essie), P.J. Griffith (Officer Starnes/Tom Watson), Deidrie Henry (Minnie McKnight/Angela), Brad Anderson (Officer Ivey/Luther Rosser/Guard), fantastic capture of this awesome show, one short blackout in the first act, some washout in the wide views, very little obstruction, some heads at the bottom and the sides but nothing major, shot with a mix of wides, mediums, close-ups. A

    Passing Strange (5/10/08) Broadway
    Cast: Stew, Daniel Breaker, de'Adre Aziza, Elisa Davis, Colman Domingo, Chad Goodridge, Rebecca Naomi Jones. A
    Passion (8/3/1994) Broadway – Pro-Shot
    Donna Murphy, Jere Shea, Marin Mazzie, Gregg Edelman, Tom Aldredge. Shot for the Lincoln Center Archives. Multi-camera pro shot that looks excellent. Just as good as the one aired on PBS. A
    Passion (9/08/96) - Broadway – Pro-Shot for PBS
    Donna Murphy, Marrin Mazie, Jere Shea, Greg Edelman, Tom Aldredge, Francis Ruivivar, Marcus Olson, William Parry, TJ
    Meyers, John Antony, Christopher Peccaro, Andy Umberger, Linda Balgord, Coleen Fitzpatrick. Aired on PBS and shot just after the show closed. A
    Passion (3/31/05) Lincoln Center
    Michael Cerveris (Giorgio), Patti LuPone (Fosca), Audra McDonald (Clara), Allen Fitzpatrick (Col. Ricci), Richard Easton (Dr Tambourri), Alexander Gemignani (Torasso)
    Pro-shot recording of this great concert production. A
    The Pee Wee Herman Show (10/31/10) Broadway

    Paul Reubens, Lynne Marie Stewart, Phil LaMarr, Lexy Fridell, Jesse Garcia, Josh Meyers, John Moody, John Paragon, Drew Powell, Lance Robets. Charming show of Pee-Wee’s Journey to Broadway. Everything is nicely captured and such a fun show. The show includes everything you remember and love from his TV show. A-

    The Pee Wee Herman Show (3/19/2011) Broadway, HBO Pro Shot
    Paul Reubens, Lynne Marie Stewart, Phil LaMarr, Lexy Fridell, Jesse Garcia, Josh Meyers, John Moody, John Paragon, Drew Powell, Lance Roberts Pro-shot video; great video A
    The People in the Picture
(5/14/11) Broadway

    Donna Murphy, Chip Zein, Alexander Gemignani, Christopher Innvar, Nicole Parker, Rachel Resheff, Hal Robinson, Lewis J. Stalden, Joyce Van Patten
Beautiful capture of this intriguing story. Great performances and excellent picture and sound; nice video A

    The Performers (11/11/13) Broadway
    Cheyenne Jackson, Henry Winkler, Daniel Breaker, Ari Graynor, Alicia 
    Silverstone, Jenni Barber 
    Personals (1985) Off Broadway

    Jason Alexander. B
    Peter and the Starcatcher (3/31/12) Broadway
    Christian Borle, Celia Keenan-Bolger, Adam Candler-Berat, Kevin Del Aguila, Rick
    Holmes, Arnie Burton. Great capture of the new Broadway transfer, which tells
    how Peter Pan came about. Great performances from Christian and the entire cast.
    Peter Pan (1960) Color TV Version

    Mary Martin, Cyril Ritchard.  Classic musical from DVD source. A

    Peter Pan (1980) Broadway

    Sandy Duncan.  Only first Act is in color-tape changes to b&w for the second half.  Despite this, great video. Also has commercial for show at the end  B

    Peter Pan (2000) Broadway.

    A & E Broadcast. Cathy Rigby and revival cast. Pro Shot. A

    Phantom (1994) North Shore Music Theatre

    Kristen Chenoweth, Ron Baker, Marc Kudisch. The Yeston and Kopit Version of the show. Older video so blurry, but sound is great. B-

    Phantom Of The Opera (1/9/88) Broadway
    Sarah Brightman, Michael Crawford, Steve Barton.  RARE!  Filmed on the first night of previews!  Unfortunately, the picture suffers greatly from generational loss, but the audio is still very good. It's interesting to enjoy the show with such an enthusiastic audience, as this show was highly anticipated back in 1988.   D
    Phantom of the Opera (4/1988) Broadway
    Michael Crawford, Sarah Brightman, Steve Barton & OBC
    The audio is very good quality (considering the age of this recording). This is a great performance, however the picture is quite dark and there are not many close close-ups. There are a few jumps and some entire scenes cut out such as Magical Lasso. There is a jump from end of Prima Donna to Il Muto and also from The Phantom's exit in Masquerade to the 2nd Notes scene. The "Before the Premiere" scene is also cut, when it jumps from the end of the Graveyard scene to Don Juan. There is also a minute or two jump between the Labyrinth scene to Beyond the Lake. About 85% complete. C
    Phantom of the Opera (10/1/2005) Broadway
    Hugh Panaro (FINAL performance), Sandra Joseph, Tim Martin Gleason, James Romick (u/s), George Lee Andrews, Anne Runolfsson, Marilyn Caskey, Larry Wayne Morbitt, Kara Klein. Hugh and Sandra give electric performances, and the audience is quite over-enthusiastic. Great video! (2 DVDs)
    Phantom The Las Vegas Experience (8/28/2006) Las Vegas
    Anthony Crivello, Elizabeth Loyacano, Tim Martin Gleason, Elena Jeanne Batman, Lawson Skala, John Wolfe, Rebecca Spencer, Larry Wayne Morbitt, Brianne Kelly Morgan. Quite shaky with lots of wandering and a blurry picture, facial expressions can rarely be discerned. Missing a few minutes in Notes I with a few random seconds of another musical in its place. A-

    Phantom The Las Vegas Experience (8/30/2006) Las Vegas

    Brent Barrett, Sierra Boggess, Tim Martin Gleason, Geena Jeffries Mattox, Lawson Skala, John Wolfe, Rebecca Spencer, Larry Wayne Morbitt, Brianne Morgan

    A couple of back-outs and also a little shaky. A-
    Phantom of the Opeara (10/31/10) Final Tour Performance

    Phantom (Tim Marting Gleason), Christine (Trista Moldovan), Raoul (Sean MacLaughlin), Carlotta (Kim Stengel), Andrea (DC Anderson), Firmin (Michael McCo), Madame Giry (Nancy Hess), Piangi (Luke Grooms), Paloma Garcia-Lee (Meg) Great Shot. A

    Phantom of the Opera (5/17/2014) Broadway
    Norm Lewis, Sierra Boggess, Jeremy Hays, Laird Mackintosh, Tim Jerome, Ellen Harvey, Heather Hill, Christian Sebek, Deanna Doyle. Excellent capture of first black actor to portray the Phantom on Broadway and Sierra's return. Norm and Sierra were divine in the roles and such a pleasure to watch! Still such an extravagant and luscious production after all these years! 2 DVDs. A
    The Pillowman (3/26/05) Broadway 

    Billy Crudup, Jeff Goldblum and OBC. Has NY1 stuff as well. Great Shot A

    Pipe Dream (3/28/12) City Center Encores!
    Will Chase, Laura Osnes, Leslie Uggams, Tom Wopat, James Clow, Philip Hernandez, James Moye, Steve Routman, Stephen Wallem, Matthew Bauman, Jack Doyle, Lora Lee Gayer, James Harkness, Jessica Hershberg, Emily Hsu, Cara Kjellman, Denis Lambert, Analisa Learming, Jay Lusteck, Linda Mugleston, Shannon M. O'Bryan, Monica L. Patton, Richard Pruitt, Vincent Rodriguez III, Kelly Sheehan, Martin Sola, Charlie Sutton, Nicholas Ward, Victor James Wisehart

    Pippin (1981)

    Pro-Shot. Professionally shot for TV. William Katt, Ben Vereen, Leslie Denniston, Chita Rivera, Benjamin Rayson, Martha Raye. A

    Pippin in Concert (11/29/04) Actor's Fund Benefit Concert
    Michael Arden, Laura Benanti, Rosie O'Donnell, Billy Porter, Kate Shindle, Darius DeHaas, Ben Vereen, Terrence Mann, Charles Busch, Julia Murney, John Tartaglia. Many Close-ups. Overall quality video. A
    The Pirate Queen (11/10/2006) Chicago Tryout

    Stephanie J. Block, Jeff McCarthy and rest of the original cast. Crystal clear picture, great close ups. Really amazing. A
    The Pirate Queen (4/13/07) Broadway

    Stephanie J. Block, Hadley Fraser, Jeff McCarthy, Linda Balgord, William Youmans, Marcus Chait. Wonderful crystal clear capture and top notch amazing performances. Much improved from Chicago version. Includes the performance on The View from 4/17 at the end. A

    Pirates! (7/5/07) Papermill Playhouse, NJ
    Andrew Varela, Barrett Foa, Farah Alvin, Ed Dixon, Liz McCartney, Gerry McIntyre, John O'Creagh, Julia Osborne. One really annoying head, but captures all the action and is generally good quality - focuses a little more on Barrett & Farah than anyone else; good video A
    Porgy and Bess (1/11/12) Broadway

    Norm Lewis, Audra McDonald, David Alan Grier, Phillip Boykin, Nikki Renee Daniels, Joshua Henry, Christopher Innvar, Bryonha Marie Parham, NaTasha Yvette Williams. Beautiful capture with no obstructions of this nicely reworked classic. Norm and Audra are of course sensational, as this the rest of the cast 

    Potted Potter (5/23/2012) Off Broadway
    Daniel Clarkson, Jeff Turner – Great Video
    Prettybelle (1982) New York
    Angela Landsbury. In 1974 this extremely controversial show struggled for many months in Boston, only to close before ever making it to Broadway.   In 1982 most of the original cast gathered to make a recording. This video captures a rehearsal for that recording.  Cast is sitting around a piano in a semi-circle. C
    Priscilla: Queen of the Desert (3/6/11) Broadway
    Will Swenson, Tony Sheldon, Nick Adams, C. David Johnson, Jacqueline B. Arnold, Anastacia McCleskey, Ashley Spencer, Jessica Phillips. A


    Princess Diana the Musical (9/27/98) Omaha, NB

    World premier presentation, Cast: Lisa Kliewer-Lund. John- Michael Zuerlen. Multi camera, pro shot video, some generation loss. B
    The Producers (1/22/01) Chicago

    Mattthew Broderick, Nathan Lane, and the OBC. Some generation loss, some screen flips from VCR to DVD. Could be worse, a good shot actually. B

    The Producers (4/25/01) Broadway
    Nathan Lane (Max), Matthew Broderick (Leo), Cady Huffman (Ulla), Gary Beach (Roger DeBris), Roger Bart (Carmen Ghia), Brad Oscar (Franz Liebkind). A-
    The Producers (11/4/01) Broadway
    Nathan Lane (Max), Matthew Broderick (Leo), Cady Huffman (Ulla), Gary Beach (Roger DeBris), Roger Bart (Carmen Ghia), Brad Oscar (Franz Liebkind) A-
    The Producers (7/28/12) Hollywood Bowl Concert, Los Angeles, CA 

    Richard Kind, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Gary Beach, Roger Bart, Dane Cook, Rebecca Romijn. Excellent capture of this year's Hollywood Bowl production. Three songs were cut from the production: "Never Say Good Luck on Opening Night", "Where Did We Go Right?", and "Betrayed"; stage is filmed directly, not the screens, so the action is followed well with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. The first minute of the show is missing, and the next few minutes are a bit shaky with scattered blackouts, but after "The King of Broadway" it settles and the majority of the show is captured nicely, filmed in 16:9, and the sound excellent; includes curtain call. *Two discs, full menus with scene selection

    Promises, Promises (4/1/2010) Broadway

    Sean Hayes (Chuck Baxter), Kristin Chenoweth (Fran Kubelik), Tony Goldwyn (J. D. Sheldrake), Katie Finneran (Marge MacDougall), Dick Latessa (Dr. Dreyfuss), Brooks Ashmanskas (Mr. Dobitch), Peter Benson (Mike Kirkeby), Sean Martin Hingston (Mr. Eichelberger), Ken Land (Jesse Vanderhof), Helen Anker (Miss Olson), Megan Sikora (Miss Polansky), Mayumi Miguel (Miss Wong), Cameron Adams (Miss Della Hoya). Great Capture. A

    Proof (9/04/01) Broadway
    Filmed from an odd angle (balcony, far side) starts about 3 minutes into the show.  Great zooms, excellent picture- just at an odd angle. Mary Louise Parker, Ben Shenkman, Patrick Tovatt, Johanna Day. A-
    Puppetry of the Penis: The Ancient Art of Genital Origami (2002) Australia
    Simon Morley, David Friend. Pro Shot. A
    Putting it Together (1999) Broadway cast,

    2000 (TV). Carol Burnett - Amy, the wife, George Hearn - Charles, the husband, John Barrowman - Barry, a young associate, Ruthie Henshall - Julie, his date, Bronson Pinchot - The Observer. Pro- Shot A

    Quadrophenia (8/21/09) UK Tour

    Sean Croke, Daniel Curtis, Brennan Reece, Lillie Flynn, Iris Roberts, Dawn Sieveright, Ryan Gage, Rob Kendrick, George Maguire, Kristy Malon, Ryan O'Donnell, Tom Robertson, Jack Roth, John Schumacher, Kevin Wathen, Sydney Rae White, few scenes are audio only, comes with program scan, B

    Rabbit Hole (2/25/06) Broadway
    Cynthia Nixon, Tyne Daly, John Slattery, John Gallagher, Jr., Mary Catherine Garrison
    First 8 minutes or so are a little jumpy due to a rude person; act 2 much better with nice picture and sound throughout; includes 2 interviews and review on NY 1. A-
    Rags (1986) Broadway

    OBC - press reels, also includes what appears to be "The Hugh Heffner Show" theatre talk special as well as the news reviews from "A Broadway Musical" which opened and closed on Broadway on December 21, 1978.

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