• A Christmas Story: The Musical
  • The Addams Family
  • Adventures of Tom Sawyer
  • Ain’t Misbehavin’
  • Aladdin (
  • All Shook Up
  • Altar Boyz
  • American Idiot
  • Amour
  • Andrew Lloyd Webber Birthday Concert
  • Annie Warbucks
  • Annie Get Your Gun
  • Anything Goes
  • The Apple Tree
  • Assassins
  • The Audience
  • Bare: a Pop Opera
  • Bare the Musical
  • Beautiful: The Carole King Musical
  • The Beautiful Game
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Trading Disclamer

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    A Christmas Story (11/27/10) Seatle, WA
    Clarke Hallum (Ralphie), John Bolton (The Old Man), Anne Allgood (Mother), Matthew Lewis (Randy), Frank Corrado (Jean Shepherd), Carol Swarbrick (Miss Shields), Dexter Johnson (Flick), River Aguirre (Schwartz), Radio Quartet: Jadd Davis, Candice Donehoo, Brandon O'Neill, Billie Wildrick

    A Christmas Story: The Musical (11/7/12) Broadway

    Dan Lauria, John Bolton, Erin Dilly, Johnny Rabe, Zac Ballard, Caroline O'Connor

    Excellent HD capture of the first performance on Broadway. Nice changes from the previous PreBroadway tour from last year; good picture and sound although a couple of cover-ups; nice video A
    A Little Night Music (9/2000) North Shore Music Theatre

    Donna McKechnie, Jeff McCarthy, Merle Louise, Chuck Wagner, Diana Canova, Julia Haubner, Natasha Ashworth. Multi Camer Pro Shot Archival Video. A

    A Little Night Music (1990) Lincoln Center

    Sally Ann Howes, Kevin Anderson, George Lee Andrews, Beverly Lambert, Michael Maguire, Maureen Moore, Regina Resnik, staged concert production, aired live from Lincoln Center on PBS, cast interviews afterward, pro-shot. A

    A Little Night Music (5/4/2010) Broadway

    Catherine Zeta-Jones (Desiree Armfeldt), Alexander Hanson (Fredrik Egerman), Angela Lansbury (Madame Armfeldt), Ramona Mallory (Anne Egerman), Aaron Lazar (Count Carl-Magnus Malcolm), Erin Davie (Countess Charlotte Malcolm), Hunter Ryan Herdlicka (Henrik Egerman), Keaton Whittaker (Fredrika Armfeldt), Leigh Ann Larkin (Petra), Bradley Dean (Frid), Marissa McGowan (Mrs. Anderssen), Stephen R. Buntrock (Mr. Lindquist), Jayne Paterson (Mrs. Nordstrom), Betsy Morgan (Mrs. Segstrom), Kevin David Thomas (Mr. Erlanson). 16x9 widescreen. Also includes multiple interviews, opening night coverage, cast meets the press, cast cd signing coverage & more. A

    A Little Night Music (9/4/10) Broadway

    Bernadette Peters, Elaine Stritch, Alexander Hanson, Erin Davie, Leigh Ann Larkin, Hunter Ryan Herdlicka, Ramona Mallory, Bradley Dean, Stephen R. Buntrock, Ben Davis, Jessica Grove, Katherine McNamara, Betsy Morgan, well filmed from balcony, few short scenes edited from another recording and spliced together to make a very nice dvd. A

    Abyssinia (10/95) North Shore Music Theatre

    Archival tape of great regional production. Great Production with great cast. Pro Shot. A-

    Ace (2007) San Diego
    Noah Galvin, Darren Ritchie, Lisa Datz, Michael Arden, Heather Ayers, Betsy Wolfe, Gabrielle Boyadjian, Duke Lafoon, Traci Lyn Thomas Highlights Only. A
    Adam Pascal In Concert (Columbia – 2001/Jan/26, Adelphi – 2001/Feb/19)

    Two different concerts, now both on one DVD. Mostly pop material from this talented star of "Rent" and "Aida". Good video work under concert conditions. A-

    The Addams Family (12/27/09) Chicago

    Nathan Lane, Bebe Neuwirth, Kevin Chamberlain, Jackie Hoffman, Krysta Rodrigues, Carolee Carmello, Zachary James, Terrence Mann, Adam Riegler, Wesley Taylor. A

    The Addams Family (3/12/10) Broadway

    Nathan Lane, Bebe Neuwirth, Terrence Mann, Carolee Carmello, Kevin Chamberlin, Jackie Hoffman, Zachary James, Wesley Taylor, Krysta Rodriguez, Adam Riegler. Another great master from Sunset, a very fun show to watch.  A

    The Addams Family (10/18/11) US Tour, Tampa

    Douglas Sills, Sara Gettelfinger, Martin Vidnovic, Crista Moore, Blake Hammond, Pippa Pearthree, Tom Corbeil, Patrick Kennedy, Brian Justin Crum, Cortney Wolfson, beautiful capture of the again newly reworked version of the tour, this would technically make it version 3.0. Changes include new songs, reworked, new or cut scenes and plots that work for the better!  A
    The Addams Family (11/30/11) Broadway

    Brooke Shields, Roger Rees, Rachel Potter, Heidi Blickenstaff, Adam Riegler, Jackie Hoffman. A great capture of the replacement cast, great to see Brooke back on Broadway as Morticia. A

    Adventures of Tom Sawyer (4/10/01) Broadway

    Original Broadway Cast: Joshua Park, Jim Poulos, Kristen Bell, Linda Purl, John Dossett. Very well shot. Great picture and sound. A

    Aida (11/23/99) Chicago Preview
    Amneris: Sherie Scott, Radames: Adam Pascal, Aida: Heather Headley. Different from final version A-
    Aida (3/29/00) Broadway

    Sherie Rene Scott, Adam Pascal, Heather Headley and OBC. Ok video, some great close ups. A-

    Aida (12/12/01) Broadway

    Idina Menzel, Maya Days, and Matt Bogart. Some generation loss but not too bad a video. A-

    Aida (7/27/05) Music Theatre of Wichita

    Montego Glover, Darren Ritchie, Chelsea Kromback. The Music Theatre Of Wichita. Filmed using one camera on a tripod & much zoom. Also includes television commercials for the show. Pro Shot. A

    Ain’t Misbehavin’ (1982)

    Nell Carter, Andre de Shields, Armelia McQueen, Ken Page, Charlaine Woodard. Great Quality, Pro-shot. A

    Aladdin The Musical Spectacular Disneyland

    Michael K. Lee, Roxanne Taga, Orville Mendoza, Jonathan Peck, Nathan Holland. Pro-shot. Somewhat pixilated. A-

    Aladdin (11/3/13) Toronto
    Adam Jacobs, Jonathan Freeman, James Monroe Iglehart, Courtney Reed, Brian Gonzales, Brandon O'Neill, Jonathan Schwartz, Clifton Davis, Don Darryl Rivera. 
    Beautiful capture pre-Broadway show with no obstructions. Disney's newest theatrical production with a wonderful cast and lots of big production numbers. 2 DVDs
    All Shook Up (4/9/05) Broadway
    Cheyenne Jackson, Jonathan Hadary, John Jellison and Sharon Wilkins . This is great video the sound was way up in the theatre so the sound is good. A
    All Shook Up (9/17/06) Milwaulkee

    Great capture of tour version of the show. Starts about 5 mins into the show. A

    All Shook Up (8/2012) North Shore Music Theatre

    Joyce DeWitt, Dara Hartman, Ryan Overberg, Eric Hatch, John Hillner, Jannie Jones, Paul Sabala. Filmed usine one camera on a tripod with audio patched in from the soundboard. The disc also includes a three-minute highlights montage used for promotional purposes. Prsented in the round. A

    Altar Boyz (2004) NYMF

    Orignal production at the New York Musical Theatre Festival. On a much smaller stage. A little bit different from the final version. B

    Altar Boyz (06/21/05) Off Bway

    Scott Porter (Matthew), Tyler Maynard (Mark), Andy Karl (Luke) Ryan Duncan (Juan), and David Josefsburg (Abraham).  Nice video with good shots at times. Taken above a few heads when unzoomed. Great audio and Video. A

    American Idiot (9/23/2009) Berkeley Rep, CA
    John Gallagher Jr. (Johnny), Michael Esper (Will), Matt Caplan (Tunny), Mary Faber (Heather), Rebecca Naomi Jones (Whatshername), Tony Vincent (St. Jimmy), Christina Sajous (The Extraordinary Girl), Declan Bennett, Andrew Call, Gerard Canonico, Miguel Cervantes, Joshua Henry, Brian Charles Johnson, Chase Peacock, Theo Stockman, Ben Thompson, Alysha Umphress, Morgan Weed. A
    American Idiot (10/4/09) Berkeley Rep, CA

    John Gallagher Jr. (Johnny), Michael Esper (Will), Matt Caplan (Tunny), Mary Faber (Heather), Rebecca Naomi Jones (Whatshername), Tony Vincent (St. Jimmy), Christina Sajous (The Extraordinary Girl), Declan Bennett, Andrew Call, Gerard Canonico, Miguel Cervantes, Joshua Henry, Brian Charles Johnson, Omar Lopez-Cepero, Chase Peacock, Theo Stockman, Alysha Umphress, Morgan Weed. A

    American Idiot (7/28/10) Broadway

    John Gallagher, Jr., Michael Esper, Stark Sands, Josh Kobak (u/s St. Jimmy), Rebecca Naomi Jones, Libby Winters (u/sHeather) , Gerard Canonico (u/s Theo Stockman's roles), Sydney Harcourt (u/s Declan Bennett's roles), Corbin Reid (u/s Libby WInter's roles), Omar Lopez-Cepero (u/s Gerard Canonico's roles).

    American Idiot (2/19/11) Broadway
    Billy Joe Armstrong, John Gallagher Jr, Michael Esper, Van Hughes,
    Rebecca Naomi Jones, Jeanna De Waal, Libby Winters, Gerard Canonico,
    Jennifer Bowles, Brian Charles Johnson, Jason Kappus, Aspen Vincent,
    Alysha Umphress Filmed from the orchestra section, with an occasional head
    in the frame. Looks to have been downloaded from an online source
    as it is a little pixilated at times and some spotlight washout. B
    Amour (10/12/02) Broadway
    Malcolm Gets, Melissa Errico, Norm Lewis, Christopher Fitzgerald. A
    And The World Goes 'Round: The Songs Of Kander & Ebb (1991) Off- Broadway
    Karen Ziemba, Karen Mason, Robert Cuccioli, Brenda Presley, Jim Walton
    Missing the very end of the show. B-
    Andrew Lloyd Webber Birthday Concert (9/14/08) UK
    Hosted by John Barrowman A one-time-only concert in honor of Andrew Lloyd Webber 60th birthday, at Hyde Park in London with performances by Idina Menzel, Michael Crawford,Ramin Karimloo,Rhydian, Ruthie Henshall, Rachel Tucker, Elaine Page, and many more. 
    Ann (3/8/13) Broadway
    Holland Taylor, Julie White (voice)

    One person show and Holland is fantastic, takes a few minutes to settle into Act I and is sadly missing the first five minutes of Act II, nice unobstructed capture but some slight wandering but mostly very steady, 2 Discs. A
    Anna in the Tropics (11/12/2003)
    Cast: Jimmy Smits, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Priscilla Lopez, John Ortiz, Vanessa Aspillaga, Victor Argo, David Zayas. A-
    Anna Nicole: The Opera (3/25/11) BBC-TV

    Eva-Marie Westbroek, Alan Oke, Gerald Finley, Susan Bickley, Lore Lixenberg, Peter Hoare, Dominic Rowntree. Filmed at London's Royal Opera House, during the show's short (but successful) 6 performance run for the BBC. A

    Annie (1997) Pre Broadway Tour
    Cast: Joanna Pacitti (Annie), Conrad John Schuck (Daddy Warbucks), Barbara Tirrell (u/s Miss Hannigan), Sutton Foster (Star to Be)
    *This cast features Joanna Pacitti as Annie. She was chosen to star in the 20th Anniversary revival of the musical Annie after entering a contest sponsored by the department store Macy's. Pacitti starred in 106 performances with the National Tour, obtaining mixed reviews.Two weeks before the show was to land on Broadway, she became ill with bronchitis. She returned to find she had been replaced by her understudy (Brittney Kissinger).The firing became national news and generated a great deal of publicity. Some believe this was the intention of the producers in order to further promote the Broadway revival's debut.Well filmed but some generational loss. Disc also includes a ABC-News Turning Point backstage story on the casting of the show with Macy's
    Annie (10/15/12) Broadway Revival

    Lilla Crawford, Katie Finneran, Anthony Warlow, J. Elaine Marcos, Brynn O'Malley, Clarke Thorell, Ashley Blanchet, Jane Blass, Jeremy Davis, Madi Rae DiPietro, Merwin Foard, Joel Hatch, Georgi James, Junah Jang, Amanda Lea LaVergne, Gavin Lodge, Tyrah Skye Odoms, Keven Quillon, Taylor Richardson, Emily Rosenfeld, Sarah Solie, Dennis Stowe, Ryan Van Der Boom and Sunny. Widescreen. A
    Annie (7/14/13) Broadway

    Jane Lynch, Anthony Warlow, Lilla Crawford, Brynn O'Malley, Clarke Thorell, J. Elaine Marcos, Sunny. Excellent HD capture of Jane in the role of Ms. Hannigan. Act one is beautifully captured, but missing the last two minutes. Act two is a blackout for the first 5 minutes and a mostly midstage for the rest of act two. A-

    Annie 2 (1989) Pre-Broadway, Kennedy Center DC

    Starring Dorothy Loudon, Harve Presnell, Ronny Graham, Lauren Mitchell, Marian Seldes and Danielle Findley. Lots of washout from lighting but you get a great view of the staging and sets and the audio is fine. B-

    Annie Warbucks (10/29/92) Los Angeles
    Harvey Evans, Harve Presnell, Lindsey Ridgeway, Molly Scott. Not a bad shot, some generation loss. B
    Annie: Life After Tommorrow (2006)

    Documentary about past Annie’s on Broadway. Pro-shot A

    Annie Get Your Gun (1956) TV Broadcast

    Mary Martin, John Rait. Thank god this still exists, black and white but amazing. B

    Annie Get Your Gun (1999)   Broadway

    Bernadette Peters, Tom Wopat and Revival Cast. Some generation loss but not too bad. B

    Annie Get Your Gun (2001) Broadway

    Reba Macintyre. She was great in the role. B

    Anyone Can Whistle (4/10/10) Encores! City Center

    Donna Murphy, Sutton Foster, Raul Esparza, Edward Hibbert. Includes the talkback with Stephen Sondheim and others. A

    Anything Goes (1988) Broadway Revival Cast
    Patti Lupone. Surprisingly good video for an older show. Missing the first 5 mins or so. This is in color, not black & white. A little generational loss-but not too bad at all. B
    Anything Goes (4/3/11) Broadway Revival Cast

    Sutton Foster, Joel Grey, John McMartin, Jessica Walter, Colin Donnell, Adam Godley, Laura Osnes, Jessica Stone, Walter Charles, Robert Creighton.  Great Capture. A
    Anything Goes (11/15/11) Broadway
    Cast: Stephanie J. Block, Joel Grey, Colin Donnell, Kelly Bishop, Erin Mackey, Adam Godley, John McMartin, Linda Mugleston. During Act 2 a hearing aid buzz can be heard. A
    Anything Goes (11/19/11) Broadway

    Stephanie  J. Block, Joel Grey, John McMartin, Kelly Bishop, Colin Donnell, Adam Godley,  Erin Mackey, Jessica Stone

    The Apple Tree (5/05) City Center Encores

    Kristin Chenowith, Malcom Gets, Michael Cerveris, Daniel Marcus, Krisha Marcano and James Earl Jones as the voice of God. Great picture and sound. One brief cover-up. A

    The Apple Tree (11/29/06) Broadway
    Marc Kudisch, Kristin Chenoweth, Brian D'Arcy James. A
    The Apple Tree (1/20/07) Broadway
    Kristin Chenoweth,  Marc Kudisch, Brian D'Arcy James. Great shots, the best vid of this show out there. A
    Arcadia (Act One: 2/26/11 & Act Two: 3/2/11) Broadway
    Margaret Colin, Billy Crudup, Raul Esparza, Glenn Fleshler, Grace Gummer, Edward James Hyland, Byron Jennings, Bel Powley, Tom Riley, Noah Robbins, David Turner, Lia Williams Act One shot around a few heads. Act Two has no heads in the way; disc also includes a twenty minute interview with Raul Esparza, opening night footage and reviews; nice video A-


    Aspects of Love (5/1989) London

    Michael Ball, Ann Crumb. Missing “Love Changes Everything” at the beginning. Otherwise not bad for its age. A little blurry, but nice color and easy to follow. B
    Assassins (1991) Off Broadway

    Original Production. Lot’s of generation loss, but you can get the idea. C-

    Assassins (5/29/04) Broadway Revival
    Michael Cerveris, Neil Patrick Harris, Marc Kudisch, James Barbour, Alexander Gemignani, Denis O'Hare, Jeffrey Kuhn, Mario Cantone, Mary Catherine Garrison, Sara Jane Moore. Good Shot. A
    Assassins (12/3/12) Reunion Concert

    Cast: Neil Patrick Harris, Marc Kudisch, James Barbour, Michael Cerveris, Denis O'Hare, Alexander Gemignani, Marion Cantone, Jeffrey Kuhn, Annaleigh Ashford, Becky Ann Baker. 2 DVDs

    The Audience  (6/13/13) London

    Proshot NT Live – Video. Cast: Helen Mirren (Queen Elizabeth II), Paul Ritter (John Major, Edward Fox (Winston Churchill), Richard McCabe (Harold Wilson),Geoffrey Beevers (Equerry), Nell Williams (Young Elizabeth)Nathaniel Parker (Gordon Brown, Michael Elwyn (Sir Anthony Eden), Haydn Gwynne (Margaret Thatcher), Rufus Wright (David Cameron)
    Audra McDonald & Friends (10/12/06) Lincoln Center


    August: Osage County  (12/14/07) Broadway
    Ian Barford, Deanna Dunagan, Kimberly Guerrero, Francis Guinan, Brian Kerwin, Dennis Letts, Madeleine Martin, Mariann Mayberry, Amy Morton, Sally Murphy, Jeff Perry, Rondi Reed, Troy West.Beautifully filmed and crystal clear!  Great close ups.  Includes scanned Playbill information and a NY1 interview with Amy Morton and Jeff Perry. A
    Avenue Q 
(7/26/03) Broadway 

    John Tartaglia, Stephanie D'Abruzzo, Rick Lyon, Jennifer Barnhart, Natalie Venetia Belcon, Jordan Gelber, Ann Harada 
Great picture and sound; camera coverup for first five minutes and occassionally throughout but not distracting; 1st generation from the master. Includes the 2003 Easter Bonnets skit after the show A-

    Avenue Q (10/12/03) Broadway

    John Tartaglia, Jennifer Barhnart (u/s Lucy, Kate Monster), Rick Lyon, Aymee Garcia, Natalie Venetia Belcon, and Jordan Gelber; audio and video are pretty good. Missing the beginning and end of the show, but Jen is great at Kate Monster. A-

    Avenue Q (10/18/03) Broadway

    John Tartaglia, Stephanie D'Abruzzo, Rick Lyon, Jennifer Barnhart, Natalie Venetia Belcon, Ann Harada. Excellent quality picture and sound, occasional coverups but very good DVD. 1st generation from the master. A-

    Avenue Q (1/10) London
    Cast: Edward Baruwa (Gary), Daniel Boys (Princeton/Rod), Christopher Fry (Brian), Cassidy Janson (Kate/Lucy), Rachel Jerram (Mrs T/Bear/Others), Candy Ma* (u/s Christmas Eve), Alan Pearson* (u/s Nicky/Trekkie/Bear). Great video. Filmed from back stalls, so there's some head obstruction in the wider shots, but it's shot around very effectively. Good colors, minimal spotlight washout. Some mild shake which doesn't detract from the show. Taper is familiar with the show, so the action is followed extremely effectively. The DVD features a custom-made menu with scene selections and a cast list. A
    Baby (12/1983) Broadway

    Cast: Liz Callaway. Not bad for its age. B

    Bad Girls the Musical (2007) London
    Cast: Helen Fraser, David Burt. Pro-Shot A
    The Baker’s Wife (4/2005) Papermill Playhouse

    Lenny Wolpe (Aimable), Alice Ripley (Geneviève), Max von Essen (Dominique), Gay Marshall (Denise), Richard Pruitt (Claude), Michael Medeiros (Barnaby), Jamie LaVerdiere (M. le Curé), Joy Franz (Thérèse), Cynthia Darlow (Hortense), Mitchell Greenberg (M. Martine), Kevin del Aguila (Antoine), Laurent Giroux (M. le Marquis), Barry Finkel (Pierre), John O'Creagh (Doumergue), May Mossberg (Simone), Julia Osborne (Inez), Jacque Carnahan (Nicole), Clinton Leo Zugel (Philippe)

    Bare: a Pop Opera (4/17/04) Off Broadway

    Michael Arden, John Hill, Jenna Leigh Green, Natalie Joy Johnson, Kay Trinidad, Aaron Lohr, Lindsay Scott, Mike Cannon, Kaitlin Hopkins, Kearran Giovanni, Adam Fleming, Jim Price, Sasha Allen, Romelda T. Benjamin, Isaac Calpito From Previews. Notes: Pretty sure this is just a conversion of the video that is on youtube. Proshot, but not very sharp. There is a few seconds of blue screen/no audio during "Quiet Night at Home" and less than a minute cut out at the end of "Spring" and before 'One"
    Bare: A Pop Opera (5/27/04) New York
    Michael Arden, Jenna Leigh Green, Kearran Giovanni, John Hill, Natalie Joy Johnson, Aaron Lohr, Sasha Allen, Romeida Benjamin, Isaac Calpito, Mike Cannon, Adam Fleming, Kaitlin Hopkins, Jim Price, Lindsay Scott, Kay Trinidad, Scott Allgauer.  Excellent video of the final performance of the only New York run. Good picture and sound throughout although Act 2 is a little clearer; 1st generation from the master A
    Bare: A Pop Opera (March 14, 2008) Bellmore, NY

    Dan Wagner, Rich Martino, Tracy McDowell, Erin Edelle, Danny Amy, Pamela Rufrano, Jon Parker, LaNette Wallace, Krystle Lee Latella, Kristen Butler, Nicolina Sciascia, Kristina Rose King, Brett Campbell, Adam Jaffe, Steve Cottonaro, Jess Murphy, Jackie Mienkiewicz, Chris Pombonyo and Steven Simeon. Full stage shot.  A little off center. No zooms. B

    Bare: A Pop Opera (July 24-27, 2008) Wheeler Center, Indianapolis

    Justin Ivan Brown (Jason), Brian Benson (Peter), Kagiso Alicia Paynter (Ivy), April Armstrong (Nadia), David Ross (Matt), JT Whitmer (Lucas), Christina Humphery (Tanya), Briana Walker (Kyra), Susie Mohr (Diane), Linda Heiden (Rory), Brion Monroe (Zack), Andrew Elliot (Alan), Juli Inskeep (Claire), Jorie Johnson (Sister Chantelle), John Phillips (Priest) PROSHOT. A
    Bare the Musical (12/2/12) Off Broadway Revival

    Jason Hite, Taylor Trensch, Elizabeth Judd, Barrett Wilbert Weed, Gerard Canonico, Missi Pyle, Jerold E. Solomon, Alice Lee, Megan Lewis as (u/s) Vanessa. A revisal of this coming of age story set in a co-ed Catholic boarding school. Great HD capture from the front row and a very moving story and cast! A- 2 DVDs
    Bare the Musical (12/19/12) Off Broadway Revival

    Jason Hite, Taylor Trensch, Elizabeth Judd, Barrett Wilbert Weed, Gerard Canonico, Missi Pyle, Jerold E. Solomon, Alice Lee, Anthony Festa, Casey Garvin, Ariana Groover, Sara Kapner, Morgan Lewis, Justing Gregory Lopez, Michael Tacconi, Alex Wyse. There are a couple very very brief “adjustments” due to venue sieze and seating but nothing bad at all.
    Bare: A Pop Opera (9/14/13) LA Revival
    Payson Lewis (Peter), Jonah Platt (Jason), Lindsay Pearce (Ivy), Katie Stevens (Nadia), Stephanie Andersen (Sister Chantelle), John Griffin (Priest), Nathan Parrett (Matt), Casey Hayden (Lucas), Caitlin Ary (Tanya), Reesa Ishiyama (Diane), Alissa-Nicole Koblentz (Claire), Harrison Meloeny (Alan), Christopher Higgins (Zack), Katherine Washington (Kyra), Kelsey Hainlen (Rory). Thirteen years after its groundbreaking world premiere, Bare returns back home to Los Angeles, reviving the material for the first time since its debut in 2000. What was originally slated to be a six week run at the Hudson Theatre has been extended for months.  Nicely filmed.  Heads appear in the bottom of the frame during the wider shots.Directly from the master. Great cast! 2 Discs

    Barefoot in the Park (3/26/2006) Broadway
    Patrick Wilson, Amanda Peet, Jill Clayburg, Tony Roberts. Nice Clear Picture. A
    Barnum (1986) London

    Michael Crawford, Eileen Battye, Michael Heath, Christina Collier, Sharon Benson, Paul Miller. Near perfect picture and sound. A
    Bash-The Latter Day Plays Showtime Movie

    Paul Rudd, Calista Flockhart, Ron Eldard. Pro-shot. Aired on Showtime. Good picture, slight gen loss, a grey line sometimes appears across the top of the screen, but it obstructs nothing…picture is still very good. Good audio also. A-
    Bat Boy the Musical (6/29/01) Off Bway

    Deven May, Kerry Butler and the Original Off Bway Cast. Date Unknown but sometime after opening. Some blurs but not bad. B

    Bat Boy the Musical (11/30/01) Off Broadway
    Deven May, Kaitlin Hopkins, Kerry Butler, Sean McCourt. Clear with good close ups but some heads in the way. B
    Beautiful: The Carole King Musical (10/23/13) San Francisco, Out of Town Tryout
    Jessie Mueller (Carole King), Jake Epstein (Gerry Goffin), Jarrod Spector (Barry Mann), Anika Larsen (Cynthia Weil), Jeb Brown (Don Kirshner), Liz Larsen (Genie Klein), Josh Davis (Nick/Righteous Brother), Rashidra Scott (Janelle/Shirelle), Ashley Blanchet (Little Eva/Shirelle), Kevin Duda (Neil Sedaka/Righteous Brother), Rebecca LaChance (Betty). “Long before she was Carole King, chart-topping music legend, she was Carol Klein, Brooklyn girl with passion and chutzpah. She fought her way into the record business as a teenager and by the time she reached her twenties, had the husband of her dreams and a flourishing career writing hits for the biggest acts in rock 'n' roll. It wasn't until her personal life began to crack that she finally managed to find her true voice. Beautiful tells the inspiring true story of King's remarkable rise to stardom, from being part of a hit songwriting team with her husband Gerry Goffin, to her relationship with fellow writers and best friends Cynthia Weil and Barry Mann, to becoming one of the most successful solo acts in popular music history. Nicely filmed from the balcony. There are a few short blackouts at the beginning of the first act and a head appears in the frame, but the filmer does a good job of shooting around it. Several songs have already been moved or cut from the show since this was filmed, so there are sure to be more changes before it hits, Broadway later this season, 2 DVDS. A
    The Beautiful Game (1999) London

    Original Cast. Decent picture and sound. The picture occasionally slows down for a second, then speeds forward to catch up…it lasts a second at most when it happens and comes with a slight pop in the sound…it is not too distracting. B

    The Beautiful Game (3/3/08) Budapest, Hungary
    Sangor Nagy, Andrea Maho, Janos Balog. Pro shot. A
    Beauty and the Beast (1994) LA

    Susan Egan, Terrance Mann, Tom Bosley and the original cast. Some generation loss. B-

    Beauty and the Beast on Ice (1996) CBS Broadcast
    Starring: Ekaterina Gordeeva, Viktor Petrenko, Scott Hamilton, Lloyd Eisner, Susan Egan, James Barbour. A retelling of the Disney film, Beauty and the Beast, on ice. This also included live singers from the Broadway stage show, and clips of the animated film. A
    Beauty and the Beast (9/07/97) Broadway
    Highlights of Kerry Butler as Belle, Chuck Wagner as Beast, Gary Beach as Lumiere, Beth Fowler as Mrs. Potts. B
    Beauty and the Beast (3/11/99) 

    Andrea McArdle. Some generation loss but not too bad. B

    Beauty and the Beast (Broadway) 4/28/02

    Sarah Litzsinger, Steve Blanchard, Bryan Batt, Beth Fowler. Sarah by far is my favorite Belle ever. Good Recording. B

    Beauty and the Beast (UK Tour) 2003

    Alex Bourne, Dianne Pilkington. Single in house camera shot plugged into the soundboard. Not Bad. A-

    Beauty and The Beast (10/15/06) Broadway

    Donny Osmond, Steve Blanchard, Sarah Uriarte Berry, Jamie Ross, Stuart Marland, Christopher Duva, Jeanne Lehman, Meredith Inglesby. About an hour and a half of highlights of the show when Donny Joined the cast as Gaston. Sarah gives an amazing Change in Me. Great picture and sound quality. A-

    Bells Are Ringing (2001) Plymouth Theater

    Faith Prince, Marc Kudish Amazing video with great zooms and wonderful sound. A-

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