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    More Options

    On the More tab in the Options screen, you can set the phone to automatically answer after a fixed number of rings (a great solution for in-car or other hands-free scenarios). You can also choose to lock the phone buttons, so that you don’t dial the phone accidentally.

    1. Go to the Phone menu, choose tools and then options.

    1. From Options, click on the More tab and from there you can select automatic answer.

    Making a Call

    There are multiple ways to initiate calls on a Pocket PC device:

    1. Hardware buttons lock: You can lock the hardware buttons of a Pocket PC to ensure that the device isn’t turned on or accessed accidentally.
      Dial by keypad. Simply dial the phone number of the person you want to call using the soft keypad, and press the on-screen Talk button or the hardware Call button.

    2. Dial from Contacts. Dial from Contacts allows calls to be initiated by simply tapping on the phone number of the person you want to call from the Contacts application. You’ll notice phone numbers appear “active” like a hyperlink.

    3. Contacts integration: The Contacts application is a great example of how telephony has been integrated into the PDA. From Contacts, you can dial by tap and hold, scroll and select using the hardware buttons or TelURL.
      Dial by hardware. In Contacts, use the up and down arrows on the directional pad (D-pad) to scroll through your Contact list. Once you have reached the desired contact, scroll left or right to choose the number to call. Now press the hardware Call button to populate the dialer with the number. Press the Call button again to initiate the call. Two presses are required so calls are not made accidentally, either because of a mistake or because the device was jostled in a pocket or bag.

    4. Tap and hold to dial. Pocket PC users will be familiar with the tap and hold method. With the stylus, tap and hold on an entry in the Contacts list. You will be presented with an expanded contextual menu, including the option to dial the default number. (You’ll also be presented with the option to send an SMS message to the contact’s mobile phone, which is an example of how the Inbox is integrated into the phone system. We’ll go into more depth about inbox enhancements in a moment.)

    5. Speed dial. Speed dial is available either through the on-screen button or by pressing down or to the left on the D-pad when in the Phone application.

    6. TelURL. TelURL technology enables easy dialing from other Pocket PC applications such as Pocket Internet Explorer, Pocket Word or the Inbox, where phone numbers have been embedded as URLs. This enables easy one-touch dialing, eliminating the need to cut and paste the number.

    Conference Calling

    Once a call is in progress, you’ll have a number of in-call options — including the ability to conduct a conference call — that can be revealed by pressing the Hold button. Let’s try it:

    1. To start a conference call, you need two callers. It will work whether the calls are incoming or outgoing. For the sake of demonstration, you can practice with two outgoing calls. Start by making your first call.

    2. Once the caller is on the line, you can make a second call out or receive an incoming call. Doing either will automatically put the first caller on hold.

    With one call on the line and the other on hold, tap on the Conference button. The screen will change to indicate that both callers are on the conference call instead of on separate lines.

    Call History

    Note: The Tool tip bar in the call log notes the date, time and duration of calls. This is especially useful for mobile professionals in vertical industries where time is charged to clients.


    our Windows Mobile-based device stores information about all voice calls made to and from the device in the call history.

    1. Access the call history from the on-screen button. (A press up or to the right on the D-pad also will bring it up.) In the call log you will notice the category drop-down list in the upper left-hand corner. Calls can be sorted by all calls, incoming, outgoing, missed or by caller.

    • Calls with in-call notes show a note icon to the right; tap and hold on the entry to view the note (located at the bottom of the tool bar, next to Tools). Each item shows the phone number, a Contact name (if one exists for the number) and the date of the call.

    • Tap on the item once, and a small dialog box will show an exact time and duration for the call.

    • Tap on the Call icon to the left of the item to call the number, or select the call and press the hardware Call button.

    1. C
      ustomize the call history.
      On the phone dialer screen, click on Call History, then click on Tools and choose Call Timers. The call log will bring up a summary of how many minutes were used for all the calls in the history. Here users also can adjust how many weeks or months of calls will be kept in the history.

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    Download 344.79 Kb.

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    Windows Mobile™ 2003 Software for Pocket pcs Reviewers Guide

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