• Customer retention through wireless internet access
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  • Wireless internet made easy with hotsplots

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    Wireless internet made easy with hotsplots

    Berlin, 28 September 2006. Having successfully completed the testing phase, Berlin-based hotsplots GmbH is now ready to conquer the wireless LAN hotspot market. The key to the company’s success lies in its innovative billing system for wireless internet connections. This allows private and commercial internet connections to be shared among wireless users, with hotsplots securely managing the billing – which is ideal for hotels, camping sites or hospitals looking to offer their guests or patients exclusive access to wireless internet. Establishments can choose to charge users for the service or provide it free as a form of advertisement. What’s more, hotsplots offers a solution for non-commercial internet users as well: If neighbours share a wireless connection, for example, the hotspot provider benefits from profit-sharing and users enjoy especially low rates. hotsplots thereby even opens the door to internet access for people with lower incomes such as students, retirees or people receiving unemployment benefits.
    After extensive development and test phases, hotsplots now enters a booming hotspot market, equipped with a proven billing system and a fresh new look. Managing director Dr. Ulrich Meier is confident the market will grow: “Over 100 HOTSPLOTs – as we call our hotspots – are already creating turnover. Our target is to have more than 7,000 active connections established by the end of 2007.” To achieve this goal, the company wants to primarily concentrate on solutions for the business sector. Joerg Ontrup, partner and co-managing director, is also convinced. “Increasing numbers of people require wireless internet access, for example, at hotels or in their holiday homes. Businesses recognise this trend – and hotsplots has the solution.”
    Customer retention through wireless internet access
    For commercial operators, hotsplots offers various opportunities to retain customers while lowering communication costs. A café, for example, can benefit from selling prepaid access cards or could give them away for free as a promotion. Hotels profit through billing via registration and online payment. Guests can access the internet at the hotel’s set rate by simply logging into the hotsplots account. “Many potential clients are surprised at how affordable a HOTSPLOT is”, says Ontrup, speaking on the advantages of the hotsplots model. “From just 60 euros, customers can rely on an advanced billing system that even lets them get a share of the profit.”
    Cheap internet without your own ISP subscription

    hotsplots also provides individuals with the option to share their wireless internet connection with other users – with access and billing management completed automatically. This way HOTSPLOT owners can lower the cost of owning a broadband internet connection and still maintain network security. Peripheral users will love the affordability: “At 1.5 cents per megabyte and a maximum of 14.95 euros a month, costs for private surfers are extremely low”, says Dr. Meier. He adds: “More and more job postings, holiday packages, and rental listings are available only online. hotsplots makes it easy for neighbours and flatmates to safely share a connection. Now millions of people with lower incomes have affordable access to a high-speed internet connection.”

    About hotsplots
    hotsplots GmbH is the specialist for wireless internet billing. The hotsplots system is already successfully installed in hotels, at marinas and in neighbourhood networks. hotsplots plans to become a leading provider of mobile internet billing solutions.
    For more information please visit our website: www.hotsplots.de

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    united communications GmbH
    Manfred Grossert, Christian Kleckel
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    Email: hotsplots@united.de
    hotsplots GmbH
    Dr. Ulrich Meier, Joerg Ontrup
    Telephone: + 49 (0) 30 24 03 81 30
    Email: info@hotsplots.de

    Download 10.84 Kb.

    Download 10.84 Kb.

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    Wireless internet made easy with hotsplots

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