Ypt boston Chapter Board Meeting McMahon Associates, January 13, 2015, 6: 00-7: 30 pm meeting Minutes

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YPT Boston Chapter Board Meeting

McMahon Associates, January 13, 2015, 6:00-7:30 PM

Meeting Minutes
Board Members Present: Eric Halvorsen, David Baumgartner, David Moyer, Sam Piper, Tegin Teich Bennett, Mike Tremblay, Matt Moran, Jennifer Slesinger

Others Present: Alex Smith

  1. Call to Order

      1. Introductions

Introductions were made around the room.

  1. Approval of Meeting Minutes – December 2014


Board members unanimously approved the September and November meeting minutes.

  1. Chair’s Report – Eric Halverson

      1. Updated Board of Directors Sent to State

      2. Updated Registered Agent to State

      3. Updated bylaw language sent to YPT International

        1. Bylaw language voted at the December meeting. Sent to International Chair and she confirmed.

      4. Action Item: Renewed agreement with lawyer

      5. Action Item: Resend links for Dropbox and Google Groups

      6. Action Item: Eric will work on reviving existing committees during the coming month.

      7. Chair’s Goals for the 2014-15 Year
        Eric listed the following as his goals for the coming year:

  • Increase YPT Boston’s membership

  • Host a signature spring event (possibly with an international speaker) in cooperation with a large partner

  • Improve consistency in YPT’s communications

  • Improve the YPT Boston website

  • Figure out YPT Boston’s tax situation

  1. Deputy Chair’s Report – Tegin Teich Bennett

      1. Noted coordination between the city/regional chapters has been lackluster recently and needs to be expanded.

      2. Action Item: Tegin will connect with YPT International to inquire about lack of coordination.

      3. Noted that current membership director at YPT International has not been responsive recently.

  1. Treasurer’s Report – David Baumgartner

      1. Monthly Finance Report - David Baumgartner provided the monthly finance report.

      2. Action Item: Order more checks

      3. Action Item: Post 2015 budget on Dropbox

      4. Payment from Sam Piper to the Chapter for dues collected during our last event. There will be a receipt on posted on Dropbox for this event.

  1. New Business

    1. Administrative– Matt Moran

      1. Thank you notes for South Station Tour and Bridj are done

      2. Action Item: Join Drop Box and Google Groups

      3. Action Item: GreenLinks thank you notes; Follow up about Alex Brown’s address – Greenlinks

      4. Action Item: Make minor edits to December 2014 Meeting Minutes and send Eric January 2015 Meeting Minutes.

      5. Action Item: Annual Report Has been Printed and will be mailed to Sponsors and Speakers.

    1. Membership Update – Sam Piper

      1. Monthly Membership and Stats

  1. Friends have increased from 1,012 to 1,028, though emails are going to less than 1,000.

  2. Membership is at 140. This is a new membership high for YPT Boston. Goal is six new members per month and YPT Boston is on track to meet this goal.

  3. Twitter followers increased from 582 to 589.

  4. Facebook Likes increased from 402 to 406.

  5. Purchase of new Squares was completed by Sam. Sam noted that these are easy to loose and not all that robust.

  6. Action Item: Sam will look into the contradiction between friends and e-mails. This could be related to people unsubscribing but he will confirm.

  7. Action Item: Follow up with International on membership discrepancies from trivia and Bridj events.

  8. Action Item: Figure out system for holding onto Squares.

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Ypt boston Chapter Board Meeting McMahon Associates, January 13, 2015, 6: 00-7: 30 pm meeting Minutes

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