• Storage Solution Configuration Steps
  • Application Host Configuration Steps

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    Application Host Configuration Steps

    The initial steps used to configure the application host servers were:

    • Install fresh copy of Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise x64 Edition

    • Install Microsoft iSCSI initiator

    • Configure Microsoft iSCSI initiator

    Storage Solution Configuration Steps

    The iSCSI storage solution configuration was separated into the steps necessary on the iSCSI target (storage solution itself) and the steps needed on the iSCSI initiator (application server). The general steps for configuring the iSCSI storage are outlined below, including some optional steps. Each specific iSCSI storage solution configuration follows this general outline, but the exact steps required varied slightly for each iSCSI storage solution. A separate section of this report is devoted to each iSCSI storage solution configuration, including screen shots taken during the deployment.

    Target Configuration Steps

    1. Configure network settings for iSCSI target device

    2. Launch management console

    3. Create LUNs on disk array

    4. Make LUNs ready for use (formatting, etc.)

    5. Create iSCSI Targets

    6. Optional – Configure multi-path I/O for iSCSI Targets

    7. Optional – Configure security for iSCSI Targets (CHAP, etc.)

    8. Make iSCSI Targets ready for use for iSCSI Initiators (virtual disks, etc.)

    Initiator Configuration Steps

    1. Optional – Configure multi-path I/O from application host (iSCSI initiator)

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    Application Host Configuration Steps

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