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  • Film Genre Pathfinder General Advice for Researchers

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    Film Genre Pathfinder
    General Advice for Researchers
    If you are still unsure about what we mean by genre or how it applies to film, this is a good place to start. Begin here before continuing your research.
    What is Genre and How Is It Used in Film

    Circulating Reference Works
    This reference work is available in our school library and is a great starting point if you are unsure of which genre to select.
    The Film Encyclopedia by Ephraim Katz 791.4303 KAT
    Other Circulating Works
    Our school library contains many print sources on film genres. Both the general reference books and the books on specific genres begin with the Dewey decimal number 791.43.
    Some must consult titles include:
    Eyewitness Companions: Film by Ronald Bergan (791.43 BER)

    • Start with this book before looking anywhere else. It has information about every genre.

    Film Genre: Hollywood and Beyond by Barry Langford (791.436 LAN)

    The Film Genre Book by John Sanders (791.436 SAN)
    Keywords/Phrases/Subject Headings
    Expand your search terms beyond the words “film” and “movie.” Here are some synonyms that will be helpful in your research:

    “motion picture”

    “moving picture”

    “moving images”

    Be sure to use quotation marks as indicated to get the best search results.

    Online Subscription Resources

    When searching in an encyclopedia, online or print, use the keyword “motion picture.”

    Our School’s Resource

    1. Britannica School (use Firefox for best results) http://www.school.eb.com
    login: dsbyork

    password: dsby7692

    Start your search with the keywords “motion picture”. The result is an extensive entry which includes links to other entries on specific genres. You can also do a search for an entry on a specific genre, such as “horror film”. You can access this resource from anywhere you have an internet connection.
    2. School Databases
    a. Pop Culture Collection (hosted by Gale Cengage Learning)
    Use this database to search for articles in the journals Screen and CineAction.
    You can also do a subject guide search for “movie genres.” You may also do a subject guide search for a specific genre, such as “musical movies” or “animated movies.” Be sure to narrow your results further by clicking on the subdivision option.
    b. World Book Online

    Search for “motion picture.”

    c. Ebsco Host Ebooks

    You may also search for ebooks within Ebsco Host. In particular, search for Film Genre 2000:New Critical Essays by Wheeler W. Dixon. This book includes discussion of genre in general as well as analysis of specific genres, such as martial arts, musicals, film noir, westerns, action, romance and crime.

    Gateway Sites on the Internet
    Museum of the Moving Image: Moving Image Source

    Yahoo! Directory of Movie Genres

    Internet Public Libraries Movie Resouce Listingshttp://www.ipl.org/IPLBrowse/GetSubject?vid=13&cid=1&tid=6740&parent=6705
    University of California at Berkeley Media Resource Center: Film Genres Bibliographies and Full-Text Articles

    Specific Web Sites

    This is an example of a site that is found when you try search terms beyond the words film and movie. This is an excellent resource for information on a wide variety of genres. Warning: in times of an American government shutdown, this site is not available.

    • GreenCine Primers: Your Guide to Movie Genres http://www.greencine.com/static/primers/index.jsp

    This provides a good general overview of many film genres.

    • AMC Filmsite www.filmsite.org

    There is a specific section on genres, as well as a section on greatest films that could assist in your selection of films for your viewing notes.

    • Internet Movie Database http://www.imdb.com/genre/

    The Genre section at IMDB.com can help you select films to watch in your chosen genre

    • The Movie Cliches List  http://www.moviecliches.com/

    • The Worst Movie Cliches and How They Hurt Entertainment http://voices.yahoo.com/the-worst-movie-cliches-they-hurt-entertainment-5392357.html?cat=2

    These two sites can help you to distinguish between genre conventions and cliches or stereotypes.

    Image Resources

    • Movie Stills Database: http://www.moviestillsdb.com/

    • The Thirty Most Iconic Movie Images in History http://www.tasteofcinema.com/2013/the-30-most-iconic-movie-images/

    These are not organized by genre, but every genre is represented.  Are some genres represented more than others? What makes a movie image iconic?

    Organizations, Associations

    • TIFF Film Reference Library  http://tiff.net/filmreferencelibrary

    If you are feeling ambitious, you could take a trip to the Bell TIFF Lightbox in downtown Toronto. They have a reference library dedicated to the study of film. They also have private viewing carrels where you can view films in their collection for free. Great way to spend an afternoon.

    • The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences www.oscars.org

    In particular click on the “Science and Technology” and “Research and Preservation” tabs.

    Video Resources/DVD/Streaming Video

    • National Film Board of Canada www.nfb.ca

    A great place to watch films, especially for those of you researching animation or documentary films.

    • Moving Image Archivehttps://archive.org/details/movies

    This could be a good place to watch films in your selected genre, especially older ones
    Additional Advice to Researchers
    Remember to keep track of your source, recording all the information you will need for your embedded citations and Works Cited. Forms for tracking your research are available at the circulation desk and on the library website.
    Also remember that most of you are beginning with a very broad genre and will probably have to narrow your focus to a clearly defined sub-genre. As you research, consider how you will be applying what you learn to the creation of your final media product.
    Finally, remember that real research takes time. The research you are doing here is different than looking up the weather or a movie time online. Take your time to explore.
    This pathfinder created on November 10, 2013 by Celeste Lawton.

    Thanks to TL Liz O’Brien and Library Technician Angela Cassano for their assistance with the book titles and call numbers.
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    Film Genre Pathfinder General Advice for Researchers

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