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  • Internet Explorer versions 7,8, 9 Setup to Download Queries to Excel
  • Printer Settings for Printing a PS Screen
  • Internet Explorer Browser Settings for Finance 1

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    Finance System Upgrade 9.1

    Internet Explorer Browser Settings

    Pop-Up Blocker

    As the University moves to version 9.1, UPK, and web functions within and associated with the FIN Application will be impacted by the browsers pop-up blocker. It is suggested that the local desktop environment be configured to allow for pop-ups in these cases.

    Internet Explorer versions 7,8, 9 Setup to Download Queries to Excel

    This browser setting is only required for users that utilize the query functionality in Fin 9.1.

    1. From the Tools dropdown list, select the Internet Options list item.

    2. Select the Security tab.

    3. Verify the Trusted Sites zone is highlighted.

    4. Click the Sites button (upper right side).

    1. Add https://*.umasscs.net, https://*.ucollaborate.net, and,


    1. Click the Add button after each entry.

    2. Click Close.

    1. When returned to the Trusted Sites window, click the Custom level button.

    1. Scroll half way down the Settings window.

    2. Verify the Automatic prompting for file downloads and File download radio buttons are set to Enable.

    3. Click the OK button.

    Printer Settings for Printing a PS Screen

    For users who print PeopleSoft pages, we recommend following the below steps.
    Option 1: Manual Print Setup (Repetitive Process)

    This section shows users how to manually set up printing properties each time you need to print a screen.

    1. Right click in the area you wish to print on the page.

    2. Click the Select All option.

    3. Right click the highlighted area and select Print Preview. On the top of the Preview Pane, you will see a dropdown box that says As laid out on screen.

    1. You may change the orientation to Landscape mode (depending on your printing needs).

    2. Select the As selected on screen option in the dropdown box. You will see a preview of the selected frame you are trying to print.

    3. Resize as needed. To resize, select Shrink to Fit and select the desired size increase. The preview will adjust to reflect the sizing changes

    4. Click on the Printer icon in the upper left corner.

    5. Verify all your printer property selections are correct (e.g., printer, number of copies).

    6. Click the Print button.

    Option 2: Capturing a Screen

    Users can also copy/paste a screen to Microsoft Word. Users may also need to crop the screenshot once they have copied it into Microsoft Word (i.e., Remove the menu bar from the screenshot).

    Important: If capturing a long screen where scrolling is required, please use Option 1. Content below the fold will not be captured when using Option 2.

    1. Press the Print Screen key on your keyboard.

    2. Open a blank document in Microsoft Word.

    3. Press the Ctrl + V keys on your keyboard to paste the screenshot into the document.

    4. Crop and resize, as needed.

    Download 296.5 Kb.

    Download 296.5 Kb.

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    Internet Explorer Browser Settings for Finance 1

    Download 296.5 Kb.