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    InterOffice Memo


    Paul Maritz, Jim Allchin, Brad Silverberg, Tom Evslin, Dave Thompson


    John Ludwig, Tod Nielsen, Bob Muglia, Ty Carlson, Aaron Contorer, Steven Sinofsky, Dave Cutler


    J. Allard


    January 25, 1994


    Windows: The Next Killer Application on the Internet

    With every passing minute, 2 new systems become wired. A new, connected network appears every 40 minutes. In 1993 more than 25 books appeared on the shelves of major bookstore chains, and over 2,600 articles in popular periodicals such as New Yorker, Time and PC Week can be cited. You can even pick up a periodical from the local newsstand dedicated entirely to this very hot topic: The Internet.

    The three fundamental building blocks of the Internet include users, infrastructure, and information that I collectively refer to as the infostructure. The Internet is very well aligned with our corporate vision of information at your fingertips and serves as an effective infostructure to increase product group productivity and defray support costs. Microsoft is very well positioned to grow our Systems marketshare in some strategic areas and win the mindshare of millions with incremental effort in our present product plans. This memo summarizes a decade of Internet history and technologies, identifies some recent trends, and explores what it will take to make Windows the next killer application on the Internet.

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