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  • Laboratory work-1 Examination of the technical characteristics of pneumonitis of mechatron modules and robots. Purpose of work

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    Laboratory work 1
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    Laboratory work-1 
    Examination of the technical characteristics of pneumonitis of 
    mechatron modules and robots. 
    Purpose of work: check and analyze the characteristics of the mechatronic system and 
    modules, pneumocircuits. 
    When adjusting porcelain, membrane pneumosilinders, turning pneumodvigatels, which are 
    considered the main types of pneumosilurites used in industrial robot execution mechanisms, the 
    size of the shtok walk is adjusted, the speed of the shtok movement corresponds to the given 
    assignment, the strength in the pneumosilindr Stog is checked to match the assignment. 
    In the first operation of adjusting the limited working-walk pneumonicity, the position of the 
    supports is changed to match the given displacement of the manipulator. 
    In the rest of the tuning operations, it is envisaged to adjust the pneumoapparature. the speed of 
    movement is determined by adjusting the pneumodroceles at the input and output of the 
    pneumosylindres. The value of the force in the plug is given by the nastroyka of the reduction 
    valves. The braking intensity of the output zvenos of the pneumothorax is achieved by adjusting 
    the road drosels or pneumohydraulic dempfers. 
    In most cases, the concrete execution of the pneumocurite, which performs the transport and 
    technological actions of manipulators, will depend on the constructive features of the industrial 
    robot and the area of application. 
    When expluting pneumosylindres and deflection pneumodvigatels, they can be in different spatial 
    States. But to lose the chance of condensate accumulation, it is recommended to place the hole in 
    which the compressed air is sent further down. It is not necessary to prevent premature failure of 
    the pneumosilindr plug routers, as well as to allow cross-loading of the plug so that there is no 
    damage to the uplotlines. 
    In the case of high tempratura, various high-viscosity oils are used in the explutation of 
    pneumonitma, while in low tempratura, oils with low viscosity are used. 
    An intellectual mechatron module (intellectualny mechatronny module) is a constructively 
    independent item, that is, a machine. It includes the kharakat module, the mexatron module of 
    kharakat, and the control device (upravlyayushiye elektronniye ustroystva). The main task of the 
    control device is to control the same machine based on the program. The control electronic device 
    is able to provide intelligence to this machine. The principle scheme of the control device will be 
    as follows: 

    Controllers are used here as a control element. In the management of technological processes, a 
    bipolar transistor with a separate lock (zatvor–open – close mechanism), a digital signal processor, 
    programmable logic devices can be used. 
    And as an Actuator, electrodvigatel, LCD monitor, diode lamps of different colors, electron 
    switches with high voltage control can be used. 
    As can be seen from the scheme, the control device will instruct the actuator on what kind of work 
    to do, reproducing the information from the sensors. 
    The first mechatron module in the manufacture of a Motor – reducer is made. The Motor-reducer 
    is a mechanism of compact construction. It was formed from an electrodvigatel and a reducer. the 
    electrodvigatel Valve is directly connected to the reducer. The Reducer is used to convert the speed 
    of rotation of the electrodvigatel shaft to power. The power is higher if the rate of rotation of the 
    reducer shaft is lower than the speed of rotation of the electrodvigatel shaft. 
    There are two types of tactics in the technique. Circular layout and advanced layout. Har how 
    elektrodvigatel vali circulates. A linear motor is used to make the advance character dressing. 
    Character modifiers are called transmitters in science. The function of a character modifier is to 
    make one – look character appear 2-different. Reykjali transmission, screw transmission, chain 
    transmission, Remen transmission can be used as damage modifiers. 
    Reykjali transmissions are designed to bring a circular motion to an advanced motion, or vice 
    versa to bring an advanced motion to a circular motion. 
    The reason why this character is called a planetary is similar in appearance to that of a planetary 
    character in the solar system. In this case, the toothed disc in the middle is called the follower 
    disc. The remaining discs are called follower discs. A motor Valve is usually connected to the 
    follower drive. the drive that is left in the path of the follow drive cycle comes to the wrong 

    Strap extension 
    The example of a car motor can be seen.The movement of one disc is transmitted to one or more 
    The example of a bike can be seen. With the help of the tappets, the disc moves in a circular 
    Industrial robots with Agergat-modular construction can be installed in different positions-this 
    also affects the load-bearing capacity of the robot. 
    Control questions. 
    1. Say mechatron modular and their types 
    2. Tell robots and their structural scheme 

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    Download 354,41 Kb.
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    Laboratory work-1 Examination of the technical characteristics of pneumonitis of mechatron modules and robots. Purpose of work

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