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    Apache 2.0 Web Server
    The Apache Project is a collaborative software development effort aimed at creating a freely available source code implementation of an HTTP (Web) server. Apache Web Server software is widely used by Web server domains. The Apache software is well suited for e-commerce applications, where security and stability are key system requirements.

  • Red Hat TUX Web Server
    TUX is kernel-based web server software licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). The TUX Web Server serves static web pages, and can do so very efficiently from within the Linux kernel. The TUX Web Server is ideal for development environments, where performance and system response are critical.

    Product Upgrades

      Existing users of Red Hat Professional 7.x should upgrade their software via the Red Hat Network software version control and management service. All copies of Red Hat Linux Professional come with a 180-day trial service included with the system, and Dell customers are encouraged to subscribe to this service to gain access to new versions of Red Hat’s software. Dell will not be offering customer kits to upgrade 7.x software to version 8.0.

    Target Markets/Applications
    Dell’s Linux ‘Professional’ - based solutions are targeted at users who want to gain the advantages of the Linux operating system for cost-effective small server applications. Dell™ PowerEdge™ servers with Red Hat Linux can be effectively used as web, firewall, DNS/DHCP, Sendmail, and small database (MySQL) servers and data marts due to the fact that all of these applications are included with the standard distribution at no extra charge.

    The 8.0 release of Red Hat Linux is a “community product.” The term “community product” means that while as much support as possible is offered for its deployment, the Linux community is ultimately responsible for the highest level of product support. Dell and Red Hat will jointly attempt to resolve supported customers issues unless a modification to the operating system source code is required. If this occurs, the support issue will be passed over to the Linux community for resolution. Customers requiring higher levels of support in a specific time period should use the Red Hat Linux Advanced Server product.

    Features and Benefits of Red Hat Linux
    The features and benefits of Red Hat Linux Professional 8.0 are shown in Table 1 and Table 2.

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