Syngenta Role Profile

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  • Develop and implement Syngenta strategy for electronic internet communications and the electronic business strategy overall, as well as B2B and B2C areas.

  • Manage and govern the “look and feel” of Syngenta Internet websites based on global standards and local branding.

  • Develop and conduct e-marketing campaigns and lead campaign web tool design with Marketing Information Group, Campaign Teams, Agencies, Brand Management and Business Units.

  • Coordinate and implement the editorial and creative content for all internet marketing and websites with internal and external content providers, including advertising agencies and content vendors.

  • Drive communication of agreed strategies and deliverables.

  • Ensure alignment and agreement behind key delivery milestones.

  • Project manage web and tool development in collaboration with Syngenta IS

  • Manage ongoing projects and the relationship with Serveon and Martin Williams

  • Increase visibility of Syngenta’s websites to the public through campaign activities, marketing strategies and search engine optimization

  • Conduct competitive assessments and technology scoping to identify and evaluate new industry trends and technologies.

  • Define and implement appropriate measurement methods, metrics and ROI models to evaluate internet and electronic communication effort effectiveness

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Download 36.3 Kb.