• Knowledge, experience capabilities
  • Transition accountabilities

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    Transition accountabilities

    • Ensure that all critical projects continue with no significant delays or negative impact.

    • Effectively work across teams to engage participation and gain buy in from all stakeholders.

    Knowledge, experience & capabilities

    Critical knowledge

    • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, information systems, business/agri-business or related field.

    • Minimum 2 years of sales and marketing experience, preferably using internet, website and e-marketing tools.

    • Solid understanding of internet information and e-marketing technologies and tools.

    • Thorough understanding of internet communities (blogs, news groups, pod casts)

    • Knowledge of technology and graphics solutions used for website development & maintenance beneficial

    Critical experience

    • Experience in a commercial, customer facing role

    • Internet marketing and design experience desired

    • Web Technology and design experience helpful

    Critical technical, professional and personal capabilities

    • Highly creative and innovative skills with attention to sustainability, detail and quality.

    • Able to deliver on objectives in a timely manner, even in high demand environment.

    • Demonstrated strategic, analytical, problem solving and planning skills

    • Excellent project management skills

    • Excellent and demonstrated communications skills, both written and verbal.

    • Strong team orientation, with the ability to collaborate, influence and negotiate.

    • Ability to negotiate with outside vendors and contractors

    Critical leadership capabilities

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    Download 36,3 Kb.