• Syngenta Role Profile (draft) Role title Internet Marketing Manager
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    Syngenta Role Profile (draft)

    Role title

    Internet Marketing Manager


    Marketing Services

    Reports to role

    Head, Marketing Services


    Greensboro, NC



    Current job holder


    Global Reporting level (CEO=1)


    Work level


    Role purpose

    The Syngenta Internet Marketing Manager is accountable for managing the creation, development and implementation of electronic communications through customer facing internet marketing activities, including customer facing websites, e-marketing campaigns, social media, mobile communications and innovative customer internet tools for business units and campaign teams. This position will work closely with customer marketing teams to ensure tactical market and brand strategies are aligned with the internet/electronic business strategy. The Internet Marketing Manager ensures maximum visibility of Syngenta’s Lawn & Garden public websites in North America through search engine optimization, communication strategies, and effective e-campaign principles.

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    Download 36.3 Kb.