• After setup and you still can’t connect.
  • Manually Install the Client File

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    Manually Install the Client File

    Call Technical Support at 888 778-2733 option 1 then option 6 for a copy of the correct client file. Please have the version number of Vijeo Designer used to download the project to the Magelis you are trying to connect to.

    The client file is an executable file that will install the client in the correct location.

    After setup and you still can’t connect.

    Things to check

    1. In Internet Explorer Tools/Security/Protected mode must be disabled.

    2. Internet Explorer version 6 or higher

    3. You must be running the 32 bit version of Internet Explorer.

    When running the 64 bit version, Web Gate will prompt you to install the Active X component but not install it.

    1. Web Gate is not compatible with Kaspersky Internet Security software. Kaspersky must be disabled.

    The version of the Web Gate client file must match the version of Vijeo Designer that downloaded the project to the target display , exactly .
    Note: It is
    Refer to the Help menu in Vijeo Designer for the software version.
    Refer to C:\Users\login name\AppData\Roaming\Vijeo-Runtime\Versions (Win 7)
    Refer to C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Vijeo-Runtime (XP

    Download 60,45 Kb.
    1   2   3   4   5   6

    Download 60,45 Kb.