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Web Gate Settings

In the target properties, you can define the following Web Gate settings by expanding the Web Server property and then clicking the ellipsis button in the Web Gate property.

When you enable Web Gate, the Data Sharing feature is automatically enabled on that target machine.



Web Gate Enabled

If selected, enables Web Gate for the target.

Initial Panel ID

Defines the panel that displays when the browser on the remote PC first connects to Web Gate.

Inactivity Time-Out (min)


Specifies the time period that a client connected to a target using Web Gate can be inactive. When the Web Gate client is inactive for the Inactivity Time-Out period, the client will be disconnected from the target. Enter a value from 1 to 1440 minutes.

This property only displays when you expand the Web Gate property in the target properties.


Defines the panels, actions, and popup windows to be accessed from the remote PC.

Download 60,45 Kb.
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Download 60,45 Kb.