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    Internet Services

    Section Summary
    Web services infrastructure determines a network operating system’s ability to publish information using Internet standards, and ability to interoperate with other systems while using standardized Internet protocols. A solid solution should include infrastructure to support:

    • The latest Internet standards.

    • Multi-site Web hosting.

    • Strong Internet Security.

    • Easy and flexible management.

    • Comprehensive content management and log-file analysis.

    • Features for added scalability and availability.

    • Streaming media.

    Windows 2000 Server builds on the integrated Internet services in Windows NT Server 4.0. Its Wizards and MMC Task Pads make it an easy solution to configure and administer on a daily basis. It is the only solution to offer advanced flow control, error handling, process accounting, CPU throttling, and support for WebDAV, making it clearly stand out from the competition. In other areas, Windows 2000 Server generally offers a more comprehensive or better performing solution than the other two operating systems.

    Although Windows NT Server 4.0 does not offer the advanced features of Windows 2000 Server, it generally offers a good portion of the core functionality. Aside from Windows 2000 Server, IIS 4.0 on Windows NT Server 4.0 is the only solution to offer SMTP and NNTP services. Additionally, Microsoft Cluster Server and the Windows Load Balancing Service, present on both Windows NT Server 4.0 and Windows 2000 Server, provide fault-tolerance and load-balancing services.

    Internet capabilities in Solaris 7 are provided through Sun WebServer 2.1, Solstice Internet Mail Server 2.0, a native FTP Server and a native Telnet server. However, the lack of integration with the core operating system and limited feature support result in a more complex solution than offered in the Microsoft solutions. Manageability is difficult, featuring separate, non-integrated tools for Internet services management. Sun WebServer 2.1 does not truly integrate with the operating system’s security model, requiring an LDAP interface to Sun Directory Services (if it is actually being used) for security authentication. Core feature support is also not as good as that offered by Microsoft. Difficulties and limitations in configuring and managing multiple servers arise often.

    Feature Table


    Solaris 7

    Windows NT Server 4.0

    Windows 2000 Server

    Internet Standards Support

    HTTP 1.1 Compliant










    HTTP Compression

    FTP Restart

    Multi-Site Web Hosting

    Virtual Directories

    Virtual Servers

    Host Header Support

    Centralized Administration

    Unique Configuration for Each Server

    Delegated Administration

    Bandwidth Throttling

    Process Accounting

    CPU Throttling

    Multiple User Domains

    Internet Security

    Basic Authentication

    Encrypted Authentication

    X.509 Certificate Authentication

    OS Integration for User Authentication

    40-bit SSL Encryption

    128-bit Strong SSL Encryption

    TCP/IP Address Restrictions

    DNS Domain Restrictions

    Wizards and Tools for Automated Configuration

    Digest Authentication

    Internet Services Administration

    GUI-based Administration

    Browser-based Administration

    Command line-based Administration

    Integrated Management Solution

    API Set for Custom Management Scripts

    Ease-of-Use Wizards

    Content Management and Logging


    Custom Error Pages

    Custom HTTP Headers

    Custom Footers

    PICS Support

    HTTP Content Expiration

    Content Indexing

    FrontPage Server Extensions

    Internet Services Scalability and Availability

    Load Balancing Service

    Fail-over Clustering Service

    Streaming Media Services

    Streaming Media Services Solution

    Streaming Audio

    Streaming Video

    Low-bandwidth Audio Codecs

    High-bandwidth Audio Codecs

    Low-bandwidth Video Codecs

    High-bandwidth Video Codecs

    Integrated Security

    QoS Solution Available

    +Solaris 7 supports WebNFS, which is similar in some respects to WebDAV.
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    White Paper Abstract

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