Protecting Security and Privacy

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Protecting Security and Privacy

Internet Explorer 10 provides enhanced security and privacy features to keep your browsing experience safe.

Tracking Protection

Internet Explorer 10 continues the Tracking Protection feature introduced in Internet Explorer 9. Tracking Protection is an opt-in mechanism that you can use to identify and block many forms of undesired tracking. You can use a Tracking Protection List to exercise control over how third-party content sites track your browsing information. By default, the Tracking Protection List is empty, because automatically restricting content from external sites can cause some functionality to stop working and may interfere with other web mechanisms (cookies, web beacons, etc.) that may be essential to how sites operate. You can control this aspect of your browser’s behavior and add

third-party tracking protection lists.

Enhanced Protected Mode

Internet Explorer 10 includes an enhanced version of Protected Mode. Protected Mode blocks parts of your computer to limit access in case you are the victim of a virus or cybercriminal attack.

Enhanced Protected Mode in Internet Explorer 10:

Builds upon the new AppContainer technology in Windows 8

Blocks both write and read for most of the system

Protects your credentials

Isolates cookies/cache

Uses 64-bit processes

Enhanced Protected Mode is enabled by default for Internet/Restricted Zones in the Internet Explorer 10 modern experience. It’s not enabled by default for the desktop experience, but can be enabled manually or through Group Policy.


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