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    Studienkolleg Konstanz Center for International Students

    Alfred-Wachtel-Str. 8, 78462 Konstanz, www.studienkolleg.htwg-konstanz.de

    Tel. +49 7531 206-361, -362, -363, -414, -453, -519 • Fax: +49 7531 206-683
    Application for Recognition

    of foreign educational credentials for academic degree programmes

    at the Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) in the State of Baden-Württemberg
    Summer / winter term _____________ (year)
    I am applying for

    a)  Studienkolleg b)  direct access at a UAS

    c)  a study course held purely in English

    (Please tick your choice if you are sure. We will specify when evaluating your educational credentials.)

    Programme: _______________________________________________  Bachelor  Master
    University of Applied Sciences: ______________________________________________________ (town)
    _________________________________________ ___________________________________________

    surname first name

    _________________________________________ sex:  male  female

    birth name

    _________________________________________ ___________________________________________

    date of birth place of birth

    _________________________________________ ___________________________________________

    nationality e-mail (please write clearly in block letters)

    Correspondence address in Germany (if applicable)

    _________________________________________ ___________________________________________

    street address postal code and town

    _________________________________________ ___________________________________________

    staying with (c/o) telephone number

    Home address
    _________________________________________ ___________________________________________

    street address postal code, town and country

    Educational background (secondary school / university)

    University entrance qualification with place and date (e.g. GCE, Baccalaureate, Bachelor, Matura, Attestat, university entrance examination, academic transcripts - please specify in your CV/Resume)

    Have you already learned German?  yes  no

    Are you attending a German language course at the moment?  yes  no


    Where are you learning German? Which level have you attained? (please attach certificates)

    Are you living in Germany?  yes  no If yes, since when? _____________________________
    Have you attended a Studienkolleg course?  yes  no If yes, where? ___________________________
    Have you participated in the Feststellungsprüfung?  yes  no If yes, where? ______________
    Have you passed the Feststellungsprüfung?  yes  no If yes, where? _____________________
    Have you been granted political asylum / refugee status in Germany?  yes (please underline which)  no
    I confirm that the given information is complete and true. All relevant certificates are enclosed.

    ___________________________________________ ___________________________________

    place date signature

    Filled in by Studienkolleg



    Eingang des Antrags



     direkt / DSH
     direkt / FSP





     a. F.



     Grundstufe, B1

     DSH entsprechend

     TestDaF _________


    Application Procedure

    All copies must be certified by a German authority or Apostille.

    Incomplete and / or uncertified papers cannot be recognized.

    Please hand in certified copies of all your certificates, transcripts and other papers, as well as German or English translations of all enclosed documents. (Translations are not required if your documents are in English or French.)


    • Please send your documents by post, not by e-mail.

    • We will process your application as soon as possible. Please do not enquire by e-mail.

    • We do not return any application documents.

    Please include the following documents in your application:


    Application form, programme of study and university must be specified


    CV (curriculum vitae) giving complete academic background


    Secondary School Certificates (GCE-A-level, Baccalaureate, Matura, High School Diploma, etc.)


    Complete list of secondary school subjects and grades (transcripts)


    German language certificate

    B1, ZDaF, B2, ZMP, C1, or if available: C2, DSDII, DSH, Telc C1 “Hochschule”, TestDaF.

    • Applicants for the Studienkolleg admission test can hand in their German language certificates at a later date (up until three weeks before the exam). In this case applicants are asked to provide proof of participation in a German language course.

    • Applicants for study courses held entirely in English do not need a German Language certificate.


    Application for Studienkolleg: passport photo (can be sent later)


    Applicants from China, Vietnam and Mongolia need to send the original certification of the Academic Evaluation Centres (Akademischen Prüfstelle, APS) at the German Embassies in Beijing, Hanoi, or Ulan Bator.

    Please add if applicable:


    Proof of University Entrance Examination (GaoKao, Concours, ÖSYM, ICFES etc.)


    Study certificates with grades
    Degrees, complete list of subjects and grades (transcripts), etc.


    Certificate of the Feststellungsprüfung


    Certificate of change of name


    Passport copy

    Further information is available on our website: www.studienkolleg.htwg-konstanz.de

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    Studienkolleg Konstanz • Center for International Students

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