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    Contact Info

    Fareed Uddin Khaja
    Mobile : 0538287781

    Email : digitalfareed@gmail.com

    I am a Certified WSI Internet Consultant for WSI Corporate and a Consultant for WSIWAVE. I am also the co-founder of WAVEKSA. Specialized in internet marketing SEO services digital performance and social media marketing.

    Certified by WSI (Canada)

    Bachelor’s Degree in faculty of commerce (B.com)

    D.O.B : Apr 1973

    Nat : India

    Drv Lic : Valid

    My area of expertise covers everything Social Media Marketing services | Online Marketing related, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO)| Search Engine Marketing (SEM) | Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) | Social Media Optimization (SMO) | Social Media Marketing (SMM) | Online Marketing | Online Marketing Campaigns | Viral Marketing | Google Adwords | Google Analytics | Email Marketing | Digital Marketing | Social Media Strategy | Social Media Monitoring | Brand Awareness | Digital Strategic Planning | Online Performance | Event Marketing | Strategy Development | Web Analytics | Mobile Marketing | Online Reputation Management | Search Advertising | Content Marketing | Web Design | Digital Brand Platforms | Competitive Analysis | Sales force customization & management | Website Conversion | Blog Optimization | Online Consumer Behavior | Media Buying | Affiliate Marketing | Webinar/White Paper Promotion | Facebook Youtube twitter Marketing | Multimedia :- Modeling Texturing |2D&3D Animation |Dynamics Simulations |VFX Supervision | Compositing | Chroma shoot | 2D/3D Motion Graphics |Prints Media | Website Optimization | Community Management & development | Online Communications | Event Management & Crisis Situation Management | Web Developer | Flash Action Script Programmer | Industrial Photographer | Business Strategy | Business Planning | Team Leadership | Project Planning | Budgets | Business Development | Operations Management | Sales Management | Public Relations | Teamwork | Merchandising | Marketing Strategy | Inventory Management | Time Management | Sales Operations| New Business Development | Management Consulting | Developing DM Strategy | Telecommunication

    About WSI Corporate:

    WSI has been providing innovative Internet marketing solutions for clients around the world since the mid 1990s. Headquarters is located in Toronto, Canada, but in fact WSI has a global reach, with a network of digital marketing consultants dedicated to region-specific solutions in over 80 countries. Assisting small- to medium-sized businesses (or SMBs) with “taking the next step” in their Internet marketing strategy.

    Specialize in Online Marketing Solutions.

    Social Media Marketing (SMM)

    Email Marketing

    Event Marketing

    Google Analytics

    Online Marketing

    Mobile Marketing

    Media Buying

    Omniture Site catalyst

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Webinar/White Paper Promotion

    Online Consumer Behavior

    Affiliate Marketing

    Pay Per Click (PPC)

    Blog Optimization

    User Experience

    Sales force customization & management

    Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

    Social Media Strategy

    Social Media Monitoring

    Brand Awareness

    Social Media Optimization (SMO)

    Digital Marketing

    Online Reputation Management

    Strategy Development

    Viral Marketing

    Blog Marketing

    Online Communications

    Facebook Youtube twitter Marketing

    Google Adwords

    Digital Strategic Planning

    Online Performance

    Digital Brand Platforms

    Digital Marketing Manager

    WSIWAVE Marketing Communication Co.


    June -2012 to present

    Download 158.29 Kb.
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    Download 158.29 Kb.

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    Contact Info Fareed Uddin Khaja

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